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The Bella Amore Store: Company Information Essay

Table of Contents Working and Managing Roles of Founders Founders’ Compensation Investors Supporting Professional Advisors Board of directors Entire Team Conclusion Works Cited The Bella Amore will be a partnership business in order to eliminate several legal requirements and achieve the intended goals. The owners will observe all legal requirements and make important decisions to ensure the growth of the company. A partnership alternative presents several strengths to the owners. It will be simple to acquire and run because the individuals will make effective decisions within a short time. The owners will save time on several meetings and agreements noted in other forms of business. Moreover, the proprietors will have complete confidentiality over the business and monitor all business processes. A simple partnership deal will eliminate extra-legal costs incurred in other forms of business. The Bella Amore shall collaborate with more partners in the future on the basis of the prevailing needs. This approach would ensure that the company achieves its strategic expansion strategies. The business shall also monitor its profits and losses to adjust strategies for attracting and retaining customers. The main founders of the Bella Amore are three friends who double up as the directors. Their roles are summarized below. Working and Managing Roles of Founders Supply chain director: Managing the daily operation of the Bella Amore business in the department of supply chain Providing the administrative roles within the supply chain Planning the duties and responsibilities of suppliers Tracking the performance of the suppliers against the set targets Briefing the other directors of the concerns and success in the supply chain Creating and generating bi-monthly reports on supply chain Marketing director: Managing the daily marketing activities of the Bella Amore business Providing the administrative roles to the marketing team Planning the duties and responsibilities of the marketing team Tracking the performance of the marketing team against the set targets Briefing the other directors of the concerns and success of each stage of the marketing strategies Creating and generating bi-monthly marketing reports Operations Director: Managing the daily operation of the Bella Amore Providing administrative roles Planning the duties and responsibilities of the employees Tracking the performance of the employees against the set targets Briefing the other directors of the concerns and success of each stage of the business Creating and generating bi-monthly reports and other invoices of the business Managing the petty cash and Bella Amore’s invoices Founders’ Compensation Wages for this group will be strictly on the profitability of the business. However, each director is entitled to a salary of not less than $1000 per month, depending on the performance of the business. The compensation plan will be equal since the directors have more or less similar responsibilities in the business. The initial investment will also be used for promotion, hire new staff, and train current ones on products and customer service. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, this will be subject to change depending on the performance of the business after three years of active operations. The compensation plan for the business will be aligned to a supportive work environment, concrete learning processes, and personal development that reinforce competency. Investors The current investors in the Bella Amore business consist of three partners who double up as the directors. The investors have equal shares in the business and management responsibilities. These partners are friends who have agreed to start the business with the underlying aim of growing the Bella Amore into a global brand. The investors will also provide logistical support to the business. The roles of the investors are the same as those of the directors. Supporting Professional Advisors The skills required in supporting a business strategy plan, will be found in the Bella Amore operation management model, which functions as the driver of business decisions. The variables will be connected at a central point by strategic planning, which encompasses cost, flexibility, and dependability to create a smooth continuous operation tracking model, which operates like the computer from one segment to another. Through the setting of performance targets for the supporting professional advisors, the team will strive and work harder to satisfy the needs of ever-growing demands from their customers. Besides, the topological structure of the support program will consist of communication and operations management systems, which help in determining efficient performance and optimal resource use (Cheverton 19). In relation to the Bella Amore establishment, the business will rely on its employees and hired consultants to deliver the best products and services to its customers. Knowledgeable experts will guide clients and ensure that they get the best choices. The hired team will consist of a company lawyer, consultancy accountant, and an industry analyst expert. This strategy will ensure that the Bella Amore achieves its goals and attracts customers from other regions since business decisions will be based on the advice by the above experts. Besides, the company will open stores in high potential areas once it is well established within the recommendations of the industry expert. Advisors’ selection will be focused on evaluating resumes of the potential team for essential requirements, which in this case include possession of management and analytical skills. The process will be systematic, and through an aptitude test, elimination of those lacking analytical skills will be possible within minimal prejudice or biasness (Kotler and Keller 27). We will write a custom Essay on The Bella Amore Store: Company Information specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Board of directors The corporate governance structure of the Bella Amore store will have a strong system for promoting elements such as culture, structure, systems, and strategic alignment among the board of directors. The board of directors at the company will consist of the company lawyer, the directors, and the consulting accountant. The proposed board will function on the pillar of total quality management system assurance. The board will be proactive in safeguarding assets and resources, sustaining efficiency in operations, and ensuring completeness in the management strategies since the advisors will be part and parcel of every activity at the company. This strategy will support communicational culture, efficiency, and optimal resource use in its service delivery to customers. The board will incorporate a corporate disclosure and system of litigation variables that are connected at the central point by strategic planning. Besides, the risk proportions will be thoroughly verified by the board before informed decisions are made. This procedure is necessary for monitoring decision science, distribution of risk elements, and forecasting future swings in the beauty industry market (Tynan and McKechnie 34). Entire Team In the proposed Bella Amore business, there will be laid down structures to keep its staff in a healthy and stable mind in their duty of serving the company’s interests. The store will use the iCIMS software to manage its human resources. The system is significant in skill tracking, allocating monetary to employees, and managing the master payroll. The store’s human resource management team will be active in building a strong and healthy workforce. At the Bella Amore store, programs will be periodically designed in line with objectives and goals for sustained happy employee-employer relationship through the human resource department. This department will also be mandated with the duty of hiring and firing employees, promoting health organization culture, and discovering special talents at the Bella Amore (Cheverton 13). The Bella Amore store will have attractive employer-paid benefits that offer health cover, mileage, workers compensation, retirement, and disability, among others. The compensation plan for the Bella Amore inspires optimal performance through job satisfaction since the total annual compensation and different benefits are relatively attractive. Besides, the store will have a continuous 401k retirement plan for employees. Each year, employees will be given the opportunity to buy 1% of the Bella Amore stocks at a discount of 10%. The actual hourly salary for the sales associates will be $50, besides a comprehensive medical cover and annual salary increment of 5% of the previous year’s salary (Tynan and McKechnie 31). The company will also have an annual promotion plan and continuous employee training program. The promotion will be based on performance and academic qualifications. The training program will be in-house and managed by the HRM department (Cheverton, 24). Conclusion Apparently, the Bella Amore store will have strengths such as strong brand presence, expansive distribution channel, diverse product multi-branding, and strong customer base when the roles of the directors are aligned to the expertise suggestions by the advisory team. The Bella Amore establishment is likely to succeed since the proposed team comprised of experienced experts who have a proper understanding of the beauty industry. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Bella Amore Store: Company Information by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Cheverton, Philip. Key marketing skills: Strategies, tools, and techniques for marketing success, London, UK: Kogan Page, 2004. Print. Kotler, Philip, and Kevin Keller. Marketing management. 14th ed. 2012. New Jersey, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Print. Tynan, Caroline and Sandra McKechnie. “Experience Marketing: A Review and Reassessment.” Journal of Marketing Management 25.6 (2008): 501-527. Print.
Aging and Disability Worksheet.

Aging and Disability Worksheet
Part 1
Answer the following questions in 50 to 150 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.
• What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society?
• What is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)? How does the ADEA address issues for the aging population?
Part II
Answer the following questions in 50 to 150 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.
• What does the American Disabilties Act (ADA) provide for people with disabilities?
• What are some unique circumstances or issues encountered by people with disabilities?
• What additional types of legislation have been introduced to address issues faced by people with disabilities?

Aging and Disability Worksheet

News-stream Project Description and Guidelines ENGL 101 – Fall 2021 Due Date: In PDF format on Blackboard in PDF format by 11:59PM on Sunday, 12 September 2021 For this project you will create and analyze your own news-stream. You may want to revisit the TEDEd video we watched in class, “How To Choose Your News,” located on our Blackboard page in the “Media Literacy” tab. It may also help you to review the various journalistic ethics documents we’ve discussed in class. As we’re discussing in class, it is important to understand the various kinds of news media. Where did the news outlet originate historically? Every major news source has an online version, but most of the reputable U.S. news outlets began as newspapers, magazines, or on broadcast radio or television in the days before the internet. There are many exclusively online news outlets that have distinguished themselves by garnering awards and praise from organizations that monitor responsible and ethical journalism like Pulitzer and Poynter, but these outlets can sometimes be hard to distinguish from sensationalist or opinion sites without digging a little deeper into their history and intended audience. This also does not mean that the mediums of newspaper, magazine, and broadcast do not have their own versions of disreputable reporting or sensationalist opinion masquerading as news – the New York Post, tabloids, and talk radio are just a few examples. But we have to be far warier of who we trust regarding online news outlets. For this assignment, you will choose two (2) news outlets in each of these categories for a total of eight (8) outlets (they can all be the online iterations of the outlets): Newspaper, Magazine, Broadcast (Television and Radio), Online; and: #1) Write 1-2 full paragraphs describing each of the eight sources you’ve chosen – how is it organized? what is their code of ethics? what types of stories does it cover? what makes it a credible, trustworthy source (or not)? what awards or recognition have they garnered recently? You’re looking for factual confirmation here; “because Joe Smith on Facebook says so” is not an answer. You will need to spend some time on the site and find their principles/ethics/journalistic integrity statements and/or a list of awards/recognition received by the outlet and/or by their individual journalists. You may also want to look into what other media outlets the parent company of your chosen outlet owns. #2) Choose one (1) news story (not opinion or op-ed pieces or talk shows) from one of your chosen outlets to read or watch. Provide information on the piece (title, date, author/reporter, and outlet) and write 1-2 full paragraphs that discuss how the reporting in the story works – what level of scale the story is working on? what is the intention of the piece? what evidence or testimony does the piece provide as support? why do you feel you are able to trust that the piece is a presentation of factual information (besides its origination at a reputable news source)? For the third part of this assignment, in 1-2 paragraphs each find and assess one (1) example of: #3) The first “news” item that pops up in any of your social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). #4) A media outlet that represents the opposite pole of your own confirmation bias – this does not necessarily have to be a reputable or ethical source, but you will need to explain why it is or is not reputable based on the principles of journalistic integrity we’ve b

7-Eleven Inc. Company’s Image Essay

Table of Contents Introduction 7-Eleven Inc Business Options Conclusion References Introduction 7-Eleven Inc. was faced by a number of issues in its operations. Its main investors that had supported its operations for a long time were losing faith in the company, as it had failed to perform satisfactorily despite the long years of investors’ efforts. The company was facing stiff competition in the United States, considering that Japanese investors’ expertise could not compete adequately in the different culture. Consumers in the United States found it difficult to embrace Japanese consumables with respect to the cultures that differed significantly. Establishing a niche market in the United States has been generally difficult for 7-Eleven Inc. owing to the fact that consumer perception remains a big challenge. Perceptions of consumers towards 7-Eleven Inc. in the United States have been inclined towards lottery, beer, cigarettes, and gasoline, rather than fresh meals. 7-Eleven Inc Business Options The company had to undertake innovative measures to win over retail convenience store chain consumers. Extending hours of operations is a convenient innovation where customers can still access fresh food products during late hours. Licensing business strategy is also a tangible option to market penetration, where the company acquires licenses from already established companies. Other than innovative ideas such as extended hours of operations and licensing, the company must also consider the option of keeping up with consumer trends. Trends such as population migration from urban centers necessitated a shift of area of operation to satisfy the changing customer needs. With respect to stiff competition from supermarkets moving to extend hours of operation leaves the company with the option of further extending working hours even to twenty-four hours a day. Moves to create more convenience to clients are the winning options towards having a competitive edge over competitors. 7-Eleven Inc. innovation business strategy extends to leasing and franchising its operations and ownership amidst competition and investor exit threats, which would enable the company to improve profitability and free up capital. Freed up capital and increased profitability consequently facilitates the company’s financing of innovative strategies to increase competitive advantage over its competitors. More so, the company may opt to diversify its products and services to clients to cater for a wide variety of customer needs rather than just offering food products and convenience meals. Product and service diversity not only offers the company a wide customer base, but also a source of finance for the company. Advanced inventory distribution and control systems may also be hired or purchased to improve operational efficiency. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The 7-Eleven Inc., being a major convenience participant in the convenience industry, needs to remain focused on what customers want, considering that customer needs change from time to time. The concept behind the ever-changing customer needs calls for strong recommendations of the innovative aspect of the business as the only way to remain relevant and convenient to their customers. As societies grow and change, the convenience need among its members remains rather constant although what is termed as convenient to customers is dynamic, and thus calls for dynamic products and services from companies in operations (Bell and Hogan, 2004). 7-Eleven Inc. focused on providing traditional Japanese lunch boxes, which changed from time to time regarding what foods consisted the lunch boxes. This was in line changing customer needs for foods such as salads, vegetables, and sandwiches. Thereafter, customer needs for lunch boxes changed to those from inexpensive restaurant chains owing to the prevailing economic situation. Concerning providing inexpensive foods, the company may undertake cost reduction strategies such as organizing suppliers into cooperative associations where the company can benefit from economies of scale. More so, such corporations have the advantage of knowledge sharing with respect to product development and dynamics of customer needs. Such strategies may go a long way in penetrating markets such as the US market with the production of high quality products at reasonable prices, thus increasing the company’s competitive advantage. Overall, the company has the mandate of devoting a good portion of its resources and time to understand and meet customers’ changing needs and expectations, and win over new markets. The case marketing management points out to a variety of strategies that retail stores need to put into consideration to establish itself in new markets and to maintain existing markets. The bottom line of convenience stores is what customers want, irrespective of what options are put in place for solving business shortcomings. Company’s have to keep customers’ needs, which change from time to time, as the society changes while ensuring that such needs are catered for in the most convenient way. This calls for marketing strategies that would increase awareness of customers as to what convenience is offered by a particular restaurant (Bell and Hogan, 2004). We will write a custom Essay on 7-Eleven Inc. Company’s Image specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Companies need to maintain a good image to their customers to create positive perceptions towards the products and services being offered. Customer perceptions towards a business must reflect the products and services being sold in a positive manner. In addition, businesses need to put in place new conveniences, other than those being offered by competitors. This may include financial services where customers can access banking services at the retail vicinity without much waste of time. Although such marketing strategies may take long to create positive customer perception, businesses can always roll out widespread advertising campaigns to change consumer perceptions. References Bell, D.E.

Languages homework help

nursing essay writing service Languages homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the engagement of a critical criminology and political debates position. The paper also provides a list of topic questions to choose from for the assignment.,Engagement of a critical criminology and political debates position,What Does the Module Guide Say?,‘A 1,500 word position paper, where students will engage in one of the critical criminology and political debates introduced in class,  identify the positions in that debate and themes that arise’ (p.4),What debates can I choose from?, 1.    What is white collar crime?, 2.    Britain’s conflict with the Mau Mau, 3.    Tortured Justification(s)?, 4.    Corporate Social Responsibility vs Accountability  (pp. 4-5),But what do I need to do?, You must engage with at least three of the readings highlighted. You may also supplement your position paper with additional readings. Please see the module leader if you would like help selecting additional readings for this piece of assessment. Your position paper will be according to the general criteria: structure; clear argument; clarity of expression (i.e., use of language, spelling and grammar); and conformity with referencing standards.,How can I understand the debate?,All four debates have various nuanced positions within them that take time to identify and understand., We will not ‘pre-mark’ your work, but will discuss your questions or issues, so please come prepared., Themes and structure, In every debate certain themes crystallise out, e.g. in the current debate on Brexit there are three critical points: on the rights of ,EU migrants in the UK, (and vica versa); the land border between the North and South of Ireland; and the bill., Finally, and back to our starting point, there are different positions in the debate: pro-EU and anti EU, with refinements within each camp, abstainers etc., So, beyond short introduction and conclusion paragraphs, you can organise the paragraph structure of your report in any one of three ways (or a combination):, Different positions in the debate, Process of the debate, Critical themes that emerge.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Languages homework help

Ethics of Friendship

Ethics of Friendship.

This is a very short paper but I am paying you extra for it so you can buy/rent the ebook. This way you can do my next assignment too because you MUST use the concepts from it. Here are the instructions and let me know if you agree Here is a link to the textbook. You must have a google account. Make sure this link is available in your area before commiting to the assignemnt…Name of Course: Ethics of FriendshipIn this assignment, you have the opportunity to explore your own experience of friendship. In 300-500 words, please consider the ethical dimensions we have explored in the class (chapters 1-4 in the textbook) and describe your understanding of friendship. Discuss how you primarily relate to your friends and how factors such as the Internet, environment, or upbringing may influence your experience of friendships. Please share some of your hopes and/or concerns regarding the state of your current friendships. Please be sure that ethical considerations inform your response. This course uses the American Psychological Association (APA) format for scholarly writing. References and citations must adhere to the proper format for all written work presented, including essays, discussion postings, and essay exams. Your research should be documented by citing one or more credible sources, such as the textbook, a newspaper, a biographic article, book, or website. Wikipedia and any similar online reference sites where the content may be authored by anyone are not considered credible sources for scholarly writing.If you can use the links below as sources or other credible ones on top of the book you will rent.
Ethics of Friendship

MGT 6180 Purdue University Social Media Marketing Analytics Essay

MGT 6180 Purdue University Social Media Marketing Analytics Essay.

2000 words essay and courseware will upload lateruse British english and Harvard referencing styleEssay Topic: A Critical Literature Review of a chosen marketing contextThe review should include the following elements:- produces a critical literature review of a marketing context- evaluates a chosen organisation in this chosen context using secondary data- makes recommendations to the organisation based on the analysisLiterature review is a piece of academic writing which critically evaluates the current literature on a specific topic. Student should assess the already available published work on the chosen topic. This essay should provide a comprehensive review of the literature specifically focused in the topics covered in the lectures, including, Corporate Marketing, SME Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Sustainability Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sustainable Fashion Marketing and Place Marketing. The literature review should demonstrate an understanding of the field. Students should outline and review the key theoretical development in the area in a critical manner and avoid descriptive analysis.The following assessment criteria will be used:Ability to demonstrate an understanding the chosen issues / contexts and their theoretical models and conceptsAppropriateness of theoretical analysis (relevance of theoretical frameworks / concepts; effectiveness and quality of theoretical analysis; evaluation and critique of essential aspects of the work)Appropriateness of application to an organisation (Justification of company choice; effectiveness of applying theories and concepts, and making appropriate recommendations to the organisation)Essay structure and presentation (Cohesion of answer; use of academic English; Grammar)Evidence of research and standard of referencing (range and appropriateness of sources of information; correct use of academic referencing technique)
MGT 6180 Purdue University Social Media Marketing Analytics Essay

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