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The beauty and yet delicacy the following artwork conveys left me quite intrigued to such extent that it captivated the elegance of romantic, starry nights. Each detail, line, and stroke of painting all contributed to the establishment of this true work of art. (1)The piece itself is called “Van Gogh Terrace Place Du forum at Night” and was created by the talented painter, Vincent van Gogh. The painting captures the exterior space of a café this painting depits a sidewalk café in france at night. There is a doorwat to the front left of the painting that is ainted blue and is surrounded by a wall that gleams yellow from the outdoor lights. Sightly above the bulding there is a window shutters that painted green.

A server dressed in black and white and holding a tray walks between the customers, which are all gathers to the rear of the restaurant. Next to and behind the cafe, there are people walking through the night streets. The pedestrians are dressed in brighter colors and more elaborate clothes than those that are seated. There is a street next to the café that appears to be made of cobblestones and the the treet winds around the restaurant to the rear of the painting and towards a dark own in the background. Next to the café there is another building with windows that are larger compared to the café’s. In the very front of the painting, a tree is visible and the leaves are still green. Above everything in the painting there is a blue sky and large nright starts that shine yellow! (2) This artwork caught my attention as muh of its work greatly contributed to the elements and principles of art, one of which included his use of line! The lines throughout the entire piece aide in providing variety because he painted some lines straight like the buildings, while other lines are short and curved just like the cobblestone streets! The artist was successful in using lines to the maximum of his potentials because the lines of composition all manage to point to the center of the work and this allows the viewers to draw their eye along the pavement and almost like they are physically strolling the cobblestone streets! Another element that was well executed was the utilization of color in this work.

All the colors in this piece are bold and vibrant and this was powerful as it captivates the beauty of each stroke. More importantly, the artist used a lot of contrast between complimentary colors and a solid example is the starry night sky that was painted different shades of vibrant blues that greatly contrasted the building the was painted with yellows! Once again, this technique was successful because the high intensity of this painting showcases the bold strokes and bright color palette that managed to captured the attention to the viewers as the contrast can be seen as appealing, and soothing! Another element that I present in this work is the use space. Not only did the artist use space physically by filling the entire canva, but he also did it in small pieces within his artwork. For example, there is a lot of space between the café and the buildings around it and this space is only separated by a few civilians roaming the streets. Space can also be seen in

the cerebral cortex (lobes) and the deeper brain structures including the brain stem as well as the cerebellum.

the cerebral cortex (lobes) and the deeper brain structures including the brain stem as well as the cerebellum..

the cerebral cortex (lobes) and the deeper brain structures including the brain stem as well as the cerebellum. 2. Details of the anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord: sensory neurons and motor neurons and how they enter and exit the spinal cord (including reflexes) 

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