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The Basic Psycological Needs of a Child argumentative essay help online Communications

He is often torn between the love of learning and experiencing life and the love for the adult that constantly demands “don’t touch that, don’t go there, sit still and be quiet! “. A child should be loved and accepted in a way where is actions are understood and his needs are satisfied. He should feel guiltless in his urges to learn things and his curiosity and innate hunger for learning accepted. A child also has a need to feel special and unique. He needs to feel that his own innate character is acknowledged and appreciated.

It is imperative that an adult satisfy this need. When a child shows his character by his choices and actions, it should be welcomed. A child also has a need to feel successful in his endevours. Every child has unique attributes and characteristics. A child should not be pressurized to conform to a standard behavior pattern of what adults expect children to be like, but should be accepted with all the intricacies of his budding personality. A child feels the need to learn at his own pace and at a time when he feels ready.

This facilitates a feeling of success for the child. If the child is given exercises and tasks that he cannot cope with he becomes frustrated and will exert his character negatively, and reject his environment. It is therefore imperative that a child gets loads of acceptance an love and that he learns and progresses at his own pace with the freedom of his environment at his disposal. The freedom of the environment is also a vital need of the child. Dr Montessori pioneered this sort of individual syllabus.

It forms the cornerstone of the Montessori method. Dr Montessori stated that “ the child is born with the psychology of world conquest. This refers to the need of the child to experience his surroundings in a goal orientated way. His inner urge to conquer various learning objectives , his horme, cannot function optimally with a restricted environment. This curtail in freedom negatively impacts the child psyche and his learning process is generally impaired.

PSYCH 300, social psychology

The four grand theories of social psychology are evolutionary, socio-cultural, social cognition, and social learning. Of the four theories, which two are best used to explain your behavior right now? Why these two and not the other two
A major theme in social psychology is the interaction effect. What two things interact? How do these interactions help explain “why do people do that?”
How does the capacity of our working memory relate to our thinking “fast and sloppy”?
What is a self-schema? Why can’t we use all of it at once?
Show you understand self-fulfilling prophecies by explaining this example. Jordana works at a phone repair place. Most of the customers who come in are aggressive and unpleasant. A new customer comes in to have their phone fixed. Explain how Jordana’s expectations are likely to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.