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& A ; T Restructuring Of 1995 Essay, Research Paper

Wednesday, September 20, 1995, AT & A ; T Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Allen announced programs for a strategic restructuring that would divide AT & A ; T into three publically traded planetary companies. Robert E. Allen said, & # 8220 ; The company was taking this bold measure to capitalise on the chances in each concern & # 8217 ; section of the planetary information industry & # 8212 ; communications services, communications equipment, and transaction-intensive computing. & # 8221 ; Under the program, a 4th concern & # 8212 ; AT & A ; T Capital Corporation & # 8212 ; would be sold, and AT & A ; T stockholders would keep portions in each of the three staying companies. & # 8220 ; Changes in client demands, engineering and public policy are radically transforming our industry, & # 8221 ; said Robert E. Allen. & # 8220 ; We now see this restructuring as the following logical bend in AT & A ; T & # 8217 ; s journey since divestiture. It will do AT & A ; T & # 8217 ; s concerns more valuable to our stockholders, even more responsively to their clients, and better able to concentrate on the growing chances in their single markets. & # 8221 ;

A focal point of one of the new companies will be to supply the best communications and information services worldwide. The services company, runing under the familiar & # 8220 ; AT & A ; T & # 8221 ; trade name name, would dwell of AT & A ; T & # 8217 ; s current Communications Services Group, the AT & A ; T Universal card Services Corporation, the freshly established AT & A ; T Solutions consulting and systems-integration organisation, and AT & A ; T Wireless Services. The services company plans to make an AT & A ; T Laboratories unit around the nucleus of the Bell Laboratories. & # 8220 ; AT & A ; T & # 8217 ; s merchandises and systems concerns, along with the world-renowned Bell Laboratories, would represent a communications systems and engineering company that would instantly be the planetary leader in its industry, & # 8221 ; said Robert E. Allen. The communications equipment company would include AT & A ; T & # 8217 ; s Network Systems Group, Global Business Communications Systems, Consumer Products, AT & A ; T Paradyne and Microelectronics. The new company named Lucent Technologies, would be a powerful rival in the aggressive communications systems market. Henry B. Schacht was designated Lucent Technologies Chief Executive Officer. The company & # 8217 ; s computing machine unit AT & A ; T Global Information Solutions ( GIS ) , would be established as an independent company by whirling it off to AT & A ; T Shareowners. & # 8220 ; Our services and systems concerns are at the intersection of enormous alteration and chance, & # 8221 ; said Allen. & # 8220 ; This restructuring ensures that each can follow the way of greatest chance without worrying about knocking into each other along the way. & # 8221 ; Lars Nyberg was announced Chief Executive Officer for NCR, once known as GIS, the new computing machine company. Allen believes Nyberg to be the right leader to acquire the computing machine concern back on path. Nyberg is taking action to make a smaller, more focussed

and more rapid business. NCR will continue to develop, manufacture, and market computer platforms for any industry, however, it will focus on the three key industry segments where it has a leading position — financial, retail, and communications. As a major part of its turnaround, NCR will halt the manufacturing of personal computers. It will continue to support and service all its current hardware and software installations and will market its service capabilities to all industries. NCR, which currently employs 43,000 people in more than 120 countries, announced a major cost-cutting initiative that will lead to the termination of approximately 8,500 jobs. AT&T will incur a pre-tax charge of approximately 1.5 billion dollars against third quarter earnings to cover the costs of the NCR restructuring. This reduces the 1995 earnings by 1 billion dollars, or 66 cents per share. AT&T plans to sell its remaining shares of AT&T Capital Corporation to the general public or another company. It holds 80 percent of Capital Corporation’s shares, having only sold a minority of the shares to the general public in 1993. AT&T Capital Corporation is one of the largest equipment leasing and financing companies in the United States. It had revenues of approximately 1.4 billion dollars in 1994. Proceeds from the sale of AT&T Capital Corporation and from the Initial public offering of the new equipment company will be used to repay current AT&T debt and giving excess to each of the new businesses. The company plans to adjust each business’ capital structure to ensure that it has the flexibility to raise resources, as it needs them. AT&T said that each of the businesses it is establishing will have everything it needs to meet its customers’ needs. Each of the new companies already has experienced management and a productive work force. The service, equipment and computer businesses each has the sophisticated systems-integration capabilities necessary to provide complete solutions to its set of customers. And, where it makes sense to partner in serving a customer’s needs, the new businesses could establish commercial relationships with each other. AT&T, which currently has 303,000 employees, said it cannot estimate the exact employment impact of the planned restructuring. All three of the companies will need additional resources to establish themselves as freestanding independent companies; however, each company participates in a highly competitive market and will need to continue to size its operations as efficiently as possible. AT&T said that it is highly likely that the new companies combined will not have as many employees as the present AT&T. The company set up a plan that will ensure that any employees dislocated by the restructuring will have access to job opportunities across the total corporation, as well as to a full range of assistance, ranging from job counseling to retraining.

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