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The Arab-Israeli Conflict Historical Significance Research Paper

The Arab-Israeli conflict is the term to discuss the prolonged tensions between Arabs and Israelis which are based on differences in cultures, visions, values, religions, political paths, political orientations, and territory questions. From this point, the Arab-Israeli conflict can be discussed from the perspective of the conflict’s historic significance and from the perspective of its importance for Arabs and Israelis. In spite of the fact that the Arab-Israeli conflict has deep historic roots based on a range of political and military tensions, much attention should be paid to the role of cultures, ideologies, and religions in developing and resolving the conflict which divides Arabs and Israelis into two continuously conflicting camps (Landes, 2007, p. 845). That is why, the conflict can be analyzed not only through the historical lens but also from the anthropological perspective. Thus, the causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict are in the opposition of Zionism followed by Israelis and Nationalistic ideas supported by Arabs; in differences regarding the nations’ mentality; in religious differences referred to Judaism and Islam’s values; in approaches to the culture of honor and shame; and in Israel’s orientation to the West when Arab countries follow the Eastern path of development. The Historic Background of the Arab-Israeli Conflict To understand the causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is necessary to focus on the historic background or on the roots of the prolonged opposition between Arabs and Israelis. During the late part of the 19th century, the development of Zionism as the focus on the historic connection between the Jews and the lands of Palestine led to the active Arabs’ opposition because of their intentions to discuss the lands of the Jewish people as the Arabs’ historic territories (Ovendale, 2002, p. 20). Arabs and Israelis supported their declared rights to obtain the lands referring to the histories of both the nations. Following the Hebrew Bible, the Palestinian lands belonged to Israelis. While referring to the Quran, the discussed lands were the Muslims’ ones, as it was mentioned in the scripts (Scham, 2006, p. 60). As a result, Arabs stated their rights to live at the Palestinian territories and intended to oust Israelis from these lands for ever in order to contribute to the Arabs’ unity. During the early part of the 20th century, several Palestinian riots were developed to expel Israelis for the territories and to state clearly the rights of the Arabs to obtain the Palestinian lands. The riots and revolts developed in the 1920s led to the intensification of the conflict, and the Israeli War of Independence ended with the creation of the modern independent State of Israel (Scham, 2006, p. 61). This fact provoked the development of the further conflicts and wars. The Arab-Israeli conflict cannot be discussed as resolved even today, as it is found with references to the Gaza War (2008-2009) and Lebanon Wars (Bar-Tal, 2001, p. 620; Goldschmidt
OSU Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division for Communicating Diseases Essay.

Assignment instructions“Periodically states consider additions, modifications, or deletions to their list of reportable conditions. Criteria and justifications for adding a disease vary. For example, a health agency may justify the addition of a new disease to its list by its need to:take a public health action as necessary / appropriate (particularly if disease occurrence or distribution changes)establish baseline incidence data if a new intervention is on the horizonlearn more about the epidemiology of and natural history / spectrum of illness of a new disease (e.g., AIDS and E coli O157:H7)”–Public Health Surveillance in New York City – Then and Now. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology Program Office, Case Studies in Applied Epidemiology, No. 021-704Please review the list of reportable diseases in Oregon.In a letter to the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, recommend a communicable disease/condition that is currently not reportable in Oregon that you think should be on the list.In 750 words or less, discuss your rationale for this recommendation. You should use the following format to guide your recommendation:Introduction identifying yourself, the disease you are proposing to be reportable (citing the relevant Oregon regulations for reportable diseases), and discussion regarding why making the disease reportable is important.Perceived public health importancePotential for spread / outbreaks (helpful website, National Outbreak Reporting System [NORS] (Links to an external site.))Serious and severe illnesses (morbidity and mortality)Available control measuresOther state or NNDSS recommendations, even if to state there are none (helpful website: (Links to an external site.))Please frame your discussion in the context of making the case for adding the disease, not simply addressing the points above. I do not expect you to perform an exhaustive literature search for this assignment; however, I do expect you to reference material that is not your own (e.g., data on disease incidence, economic impact of disease, etc). Any references should follow AMA Manual of Style, 10th Edition( (Links to an external site.)).Include references as superscript numbers in the main text with full corresponding citation in the references section. Please let me know if you need further clarification.Submission instructionsInclude your name and Assignment #1 in the top right corner of the Word document. Note: any references cited will not count toward the word limit. Final submission should be in Word format.I also attached the rubric for grading as below.
OSU Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division for Communicating Diseases Essay

ARH 392W UofM The Queen Mother of The West and Nana by Martha L Carter Essay.

Every week you are required to submit a summary-response (ONLY as a short essay, meaning complete sentences, NO bullet-point or numbered list ) to the material assigned (btw. 200-300 words). Please check the modules/syllabus. This is an all-or-nothing kind of assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to “summarize” all the weekly material assigned, including video-documentaries, readings, websites etc. give you focus as you do the readings and watch/listen to the videos and help you prepare an opinion that you can share during the live Zoom sessions or Canvas discussions. So, you will automatically receive a full grade if you:Complete and submit your assignment on time;Refer to relevant content from the assigned weekly material.Submit the assignment as a short essay.If your assignment does not fulfill one or the other requirements, you will receive an automatic zero.For today’s readings and video’s:Two readings, see attached file. video: 1Video 2:Video 3:
ARH 392W UofM The Queen Mother of The West and Nana by Martha L Carter Essay

Need math help with geometry terms.

Which of the following is considered one of the underfined terms of geometeryanglepoint ray line segement
Need math help with geometry terms

University of The Cumberlands Sales Communication Skills Analysis Paper

University of The Cumberlands Sales Communication Skills Analysis Paper.

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In each of the following selling situations determine: What nonverbal signals is the buyer communicating?How would you respond nonverbally?What would you say?The buyer seems happy to see you. Because you have been calling on him for several years, the two of you have become business friends. In the middle of your presentation, you notice the buyer slowly lean back in his chair. As you continue to talk, a puzzled look comes over his face.As you begin the main part of your presentation, the buyer reaches for the telephone and says, “Keep going; I need to tell my secretary something.” As a salesperson with only six months’ experience, you are somewhat nervous about calling on an important buyer who has been a purchasing agent for almost 20 years. Three minutes after you have begun your presentation, he rapidly raises his arms straight up into the air and slowly clasps his hands behind his head. He leans so far back in his chair that you think he is going to fall backward on the floor. At the same time, he crosses his legs away from you and slowly closes his eyes. You keep on talking. Slowly the buyer opens his eyes, uncrosses his legs, and sits up in his chair. He leans forward, placing his elbows on the desk top, propping his head up with his hands. He seems relaxed as he says, “Let me see what you have here.” He reaches his hand out for you to give him the presentation materials you have developed.At the end of your presentation, the buyer leans forward, his arms open, and smiles as he says, “You really don’t expect me to buy that piece of junk, do you?”Guidelines:Identify the following in each scenario:What nonverbal signals is the buyer communicating?How would you respond nonverbally?What would you say?The paper should be at least 1– 1.5 pages in length.Bullet points can be used Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1inch margins. APA formatting and citation should be used.
University of The Cumberlands Sales Communication Skills Analysis Paper

BUS 302 Strayer University Week 9 Mission Statement of Google Corporation PPT

online dissertation writing BUS 302 Strayer University Week 9 Mission Statement of Google Corporation PPT.

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Developing Your TeamOverviewContinue in the same role and use the same company that you used for your assignments, Creating a Culture of Innovation and Creativity and Leadership Strategies for HR.It’s time to develop your team! You are planning a virtual meeting to ensure that your management team members are all on the same page. You will be presenting on diversity, team dynamics, ethics, and aligning new employees with your company’s mission.InstructionsCreate a 12–15 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:Provide the company’s mission statement.Be sure to integrate any relevant feedback from your Week 6 assignment.Describe two management strategies you will implement to ensure that your new team members align with your company’s mission and discuss how you plan to measure the effectiveness of each strategy. Provide a rationale for your choice of strategies.Discuss one method you will use to manage diversity and how you plan to measure its effectiveness. Explain why you chose this method.Discuss two strategies you will use to optimize team dynamics and how you plan to measure the effectiveness of each strategy. Provide a rationale for your choices.Explain the importance of ethical behavior to the organization’s culture and any ethical dilemmas created by globalization.Include presenter’s notes for each slide, as if you were actually presenting in front of your management team members.Refer to Kaltura Help [PDF] as needed.Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.
BUS 302 Strayer University Week 9 Mission Statement of Google Corporation PPT

skin tanning bed exposure?

skin tanning bed exposure?.

You should tell a client that the role of a “melanocyte” in the tanning process is: To produce and emit melanin into surrounding skin cells.  To prevent the skin from sloughing off.  To accept pigment and become tanned.  To migrate into the dermis to protect the skin.
skin tanning bed exposure?

Psy 2010 discussion 3

Psy 2010 discussion 3. I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

Marianne and Joe were discussing what they are most afraid of; Joe explained that he was really afraid of spiders and dark places. He said that when he was a child, he had been playing hide-and-seek with his friends. Joe hid in the corner of his basement. It was dark, and he didn’t notice that he had stepped into a large spider web. When he felt something crawling on his neck, he screamed and ran out of the basement. Marianne asked Joe if he ever goes into basements now. He replied that he does, but he always makes sure a light is on and that he brings a broom in case he needs to knock down any spider webs.
In a given situation, when an individual is faced with a potentially harmful situation, they may react by confronting the threat, escaping from it, or freezing in place (fight-flight-freeze response). Fear is actually part of our normal response to certain life stressors. It subsides when the cause is no longer present. We often adapt improving our coping skills.

Based on Joe’s explanation of his fears, do they meet the criteria for a phobia? Explain your rationale for your decision based on the diagnostic criteria for phobias.
Describe the difference between common fears and a phobia.
Explain the difference between fear and the symptoms related to an anxiety disorder.

Psy 2010 discussion 3