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Choose either a Bible story or one of Ovid’s myths and explain the nature and function of the story and how it has been adapted and appropriated in at least one other text. (Word count) In Ovid’s story of Midas, we are told that Midas returned Silenus, a lost old man, to the Satyrs, and he was rewarded with his choice of gift. With no forward thinking he choose for everything his body touched to turn to gold. In this essay I will look at the unctions and meanings of Ovid’s ‘Midas’ and how the story has been appropriated by other literary texts.

Ovid’s Metamorphoses was completed by 8CE. It is a collection of fifteen books containing many myths of metamorphosis and transfigurations of humans by the Gods either as a punishment or to save them from a worse fate. Many of the stories also have aetiological functions, the explanation of partridges flightless nature in ‘Perdix’, for example. (Ovid, 1987, ppl 78-9) The function of myth in sociological terms s to and maintain a certain sociological system. ” (Campbell, 2012. The myth of Midas is written with two functions, firstly to explain why the River Pactolus ran with gold and, secondly, as a warning against the baseness of greed. Therefore it fulfils both aetiological and pedagogical functions. Ovid firmly grounds his Metamorphoses in literary terms by writing in dactylic hexameter, in the style of ancient epics such as Homers Iliad and Odyssey, and also the contemporary Aeneid y Vergil, thus making it more acceptable to his audience.

So Ovid’s Metamorphoses is in the epic form however it inverts the accepted order of righteousness by mocking the God’s desires and documenting their humiliations. Many of the myths are shockingly horrific however in the story of Midas the audience is treated to some light-hearted entertainment. What happens to Midas is amazing but it is not awful, for in the end he is forgiven by Bacchus and returned to his normal state. (Klein, 2000. ) In Metamorphoses Midas is described

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