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The Analysis of “That’s It for the Other One” Research Paper

When music is combined with lyrics to provide a definite song a person has the opportunity to feel a great range of emotions which are evoked with the help of music, and the song can touch the heart with the help of words. Nevertheless, the lyrics for songs can differ greatly from the usual pieces of poetry, especially when it is an example of the psychedelic lyrics. “That’s It for the Other One” was written by Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir and first performed in 1968. It was the period of the development of the psychedelic culture and hippie movement when the authors concentrated on their personal and specific vision of life and reality. That is why the content of “That’s It for the Other One” is rather difficult to present in the form of a certain plot. It is more significant to accentuate the vivid imagery and the philosophical meaning of the poem characteristic for the psychedelic songs. “That’s It for the Other One” is divided into four parts which are titled as “Cryptical Envelopment”, “Quadlibet For Tender Feet”, “The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get”, and “We Leave the Castle”. In spite of the strict division of the poem in parts and providing definite titles for each part, it is possible to say that the titles do not reflect the meaning of the parts, but only accentuate the other points which are interesting for the authors. They are the hooks which can attract the readers’ attention because of their independent idea, but they do not explain the content of the poem. The main title of the poem also does not explain the theme of the poem, but gives the certain message with determining the audience for the poem. Thus, it can be “the other one” or everybody. The division of the poem into parts and the fact that it is the song influence the form of “That’s It for the Other One”. Thus, the form depends on the rhythm of the music according to which the lines and rhymes in them are organized. The rhythmic structure of the poem also bases on the repetitions of definite words which provide the assonance effects. Therefore, the rhythm of the first part is based on the repetition of the phrase “he had to die” and the combination of such words as “learnin’”, “burnin’”, and “turnin’” (“That’s It for the Other One”). The rhythm of the second and third parts is organized with the help of the word “round” and its combination with the other words, “Comin’, comin’, comin’ around, comin’ around, in a circle” (“That’s It for the Other One”). To analyze the meaning of “That’s It for the Other One”, it is necessary to pay more attention to the word choice in the poem. Thus, the first part draws the readers’ attention with the repetition of the phrase “he had to die”. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this case the word “die” has a symbolic meaning and can emphasize the death of something old and its transformation in something newer and better. The lines “All the children learnin’, from books that they were burnin’, / Every leaf was turnin’, to watch him die, you know he had to die” accentuate the necessity and significance of such metamorphosis (“That’s It for the Other One”). It is important to let the personality die in order to become clearer and more spiritually developed in the future. The psychedelic visions of the 1960-1970s depend on the religious aspects and concentrate on the notion of the universal unity. Every person can have a strong connection with the Universe that is why even “The summer sun looked down on him” (“That’s It for the Other One”). The elements of the nature are given in the poem symbolically and allegorically, as living creatures. Thus, it is the sun and the sky which “was dark and faded” in the first part and the rose with “rainbow spirals round and round” in the third part (“That’s It for the Other One”). The symbol of a rainbow with its light nature and vivid colors is opposite to the images of the dark sky and “a cloudy day” (“That’s It for the Other One”). This opposition has the spiritual character and meaningful for every individual. The feelings of hopes in this poem are controversial to the feelings of the personal failure. Thus, the rose as the symbol of life “left a smoking crater of my mind” and “I like to blow away” (“That’s It for the Other One”). Moreover, “escapin’ through the lily fields”, the narrator wants to use the bus to the “never-ever land” (“That’s It for the Other One”). The forth part of the poem is organized in three lines where the readers has the opportunity to concentrate on the basic symbols of the poem which are the rainbow, the personal mind with its metamorphoses, and the necessity to “die”. The last line repeats the idea of the first part with emphasizing its metaphorical significance for the authors, “He had to die, oh, you know he had to die” (“That’s It for the Other One”). “That’s It for the Other One” by Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir is the symbolic picture of the authors’ vision of life and its meaning with references to such important ideas as the light and darkness, the escape, the power of mind, and the opportunity of “dying” and “coming around”. Works Cited That’s It for the Other One (The Annotated)1998. Web. We will write a custom Research Paper on The Analysis of “That’s It for the Other One” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More
Austin Community College Psychology as a Science & Sleep Videos Discussions.

Instructor information below:Write 2 summaries of the two videos that include specific facts and information you learned in the videos. You must state these facts in your own words in an essay format (complete, grammatically correct sentences, correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling). Re-writing sections of the videos word by word is NOT acceptable and will result in a score of 0 for the assignment. The summary must be based only on the videos and must be factually correct (as is stated in the videos). Each one of the two summaries must be at least 200 words long.Below are the videos links that you have to write summaries of. 200 words for each video.Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks in advance.
Austin Community College Psychology as a Science & Sleep Videos Discussions

The Importance of Accurate Recording Keeping NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards.. I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

Record Keeping [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read The Importance of Accurate Record Keeping (Links to an external site.) and Standard #6 in the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards (Links to an external site.) document.
Your lead teacher is so impressed with how you are working with the students, she is now going to introduce you to a few of the administrative duties that are also a part of the teacher’s job.
While your lead teacher is an incredible educator, her record keeping skills are less than ideal. She has a table full of stacks of papers: portfolios, checklists, check-in and check-out daily records, anecdotal records, daily logs of each child’s behavior, and art work. Although she has a good sense of where everything is, you remind her that she will be out for the next month and therefore it would be best if the stacks were better organized. During your discussion, your director comes in and tells you that you have four meetings to prepare for this week.
Meeting #1: Licensing will be here to review our records to ensure that are check-in and check-out records are accurate.
Meeting #2: Liam’s parents will be in to discuss his behavior. They have been noticing that he has become quite angry at home and they are sure that something is happening at school to warrant this behavior.
Meeting #3: Licensing will also be verifying any child injuries that have taken place in your learning environment. They have had a report from a parent stating that their child was hurt at school and they were not notified.
Meeting #4: The lead teacher that your students will transition to in the fall will be meeting with you to review your students. She wants to be prepared for these students. Please complete the interactivity to show what documents need to be pulled to prepare for this meeting. Explain why you chose the documents you did.
Review the following list to determine which documents need to be pulled for each meeting and then write your discussion response.
PortfoliosCheck-In Check-Out RecordsCheck-ListsDaily RecordsAnecdotal NotesDaily Behavior LogsParent Monthly Satisfaction SurveysIncident Report (Injury)Doctor’s NotesInsurance RecordsFinancial RecordsEmployment ApplicationsLearning Center LicenseCurrent RostersDaily Activity Schedule
In your discussion,

Explain your rationale behind your selections and discuss any documents that weren’t as easy to file. Instructor Tip: Explain your selection and what about the process made it difficult to file the documents?
Share two methods of record keeping that you would utilize in your own classroom. There is no need to re-invent the wheel – resources like Pinterest and Google are a great place for inspiration. Discuss the two methods, how these will help keep your documents organized, and why you selected them. Instructor Tip: What methods will you use and how will you make sure these methods are secure, private, and organized? You have to protect confidential information (i.e., IEP, 504 plan) as well so be mindful of the place you put these documents.
Feel free to include a link to the resources that explain the method in more detail. Instructor Tip: Make this easy for your peer by providing a link or even a picture of the resource you will use.

Resources that can help
The Importance of Accurate Recording Keeping NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards.

Grand Canyon University Doctoral Programm Research Paper

Grand Canyon University Doctoral Programm Research Paper.

Assignment 4 – This assignment contain 2 partsA ) Evidence-Based Writing for Doctoral ResearchPrepare a 5 page reflective essay that focuses on your mastery of evidence-based writing. In this reflective essay, you will continue the discussion of your knowledge and understanding of evidence-based writing by addressing the following:Reflect on the additional resources and support that you will need throughout your doctoral program to continue to elevate your scholarly writing to the doctoral level and to master evidence-based writing on your doctoral research.Provide at least 3 references from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources to support your writing.Cite all references using the APA format.B) Ethics in Doctoral ResearchPrepare 5 pages Using the course readings and other scholarly sources that you have found, respond to the following questions:What is ethics in research, and why is it important?In what ways did the scholarly sources change your prior understanding of ethics (if at all)? In other words, what ideas in the sources made you think, “I never thought of that before” or “Wow, there is something I hadn’t considered?”What are your beliefs about ethics in research?Is APA citation a part of research ethics? Why or why not?How is plagiarism defined in research ethics?What is self-plagiarism, and how would you avoid it? Thank you
Grand Canyon University Doctoral Programm Research Paper

Education homework help

best essay writers Education homework help. For this assignment, you will be required to listen to a podcast relevant to the history of film or television – the podcast episode can discuss a contemporary film or an older film, from any country, and in any language.,Listen to a podcast relevant to the history of film or television,For this assignment, you will be required to listen to a podcast relevant to the history of film or television – the podcast episode can discuss a contemporary film or an older film, from any country, and in any language.,After listening to your podcast episode, watch a film (or television show episode) that is discussed in the course of the podcast episode. It must be a film that you have not already viewed.,Here are FOUR SUBJECT AREAS for you to consider, as you write your Podcast Culture Rept. Please do write about each of these subjects, though you do not need to answer every single question. Your report shall be at least three full pages of text, double-spaced, with 12-point text. Use MLA format, please.,THE PODCAST,Tell me about the podcast you have chosen. Who created the podcast, and how long has it been producing episodes? Who are the hosts? Does it produce episodes on the same subject, or does it vary from week to week? How often is a new episode created? Season (if relevant)?  What made you choose this podcast?,How did you listen to the podcast episode? Did you listen to it while doing other activities, or did you give it your undivided attention? Did it make you want to listen to more podcasts? Or do you already listen to them? Which ones interest you, aside from this one?,With what impression did the podcast leave you? How would you describe it? What, if any, points did you find particularly intriguing or thought-provoking? Did it have a particular structure to it?,Please note: Include the podcast episode on your Works Cited page.,THE MOVIE/TV SHOW/PLAY,Engage with the film/television show. Which elements made a special impression on you? How did the director use film techniques to create a meaningful work? How did it affect your emotions? If the film was successful for you, describe why—if the film did not succeed for you, describe why. Did the director challenge your beliefs, or reinforce them? What does the film offer to the viewer? Was there anything in the visual style you found innovative or exciting?,Consider the film from one of the theories we discuss in this class: formalism, psychoanalysis, ideology, representational analysis, feminism, queer theory, the gaze, or phenomenology. Briefly engage with the film/television show from one of these approaches. Did the podcast episode also delve into any of these approaches?, Please note: Include the film/television show on your Works Cited page., AFTER THE MOVIE, Did you do any research about the film/TV show after watching it? If so, what did you read? Did you agree with the reviews? Also, did you talk about the film/TV show with friends (roommates in person, or friends online/texting/calling)? Did anyone alter your impression of the film/TV show?, Please note: Make sure to cite any outside text, if you reference it.,CONCLUSION, How did listening to this podcast and then watching this film/TV show alter your experience of the film? Would you repeat this exercise? Why or why not?,Overall, how did this event deepen your knowledge of film, television, or culture?,GRADING:, Written in proper MLA format, with Works Cited page                        05 points, Meets minimum length requirement of 3 full pages of writing                    05 points, Includes detailed observations on podcast, movie/tv show, and applies theory,Important!!!!!!,ideology critique, representational analysis, formalism, auteur theory psychoanalytic approach, ,phenomenology,, feminism, and/or queer theory., You should pick 1 in that essay.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Education homework help

ready my insurance police and answer the question attached

ready my insurance police and answer the question attached. I’m trying to learn for my Health & Medical class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

you should read the insurance policy of mine in the file so you can answer all the questions
Obtain a copy of the materials pertaining to your own health insurance coverage. You will need a summary of benefits so that you can adequately answer the following questions.
I have uploaded 2 files, one of them is the reading file which you read it and you will find the answer which need for the other file. please be specific and detailed on the answer. and please ask me if you have any questions.
ready my insurance police and answer the question attached

Assignment (just paraphrase )

Assignment (just paraphrase ). Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Why does business need to be concerned whit he quality of this data?
Why would a company care about the timeliness of this data?
What are the five characteristics common to high-quality information?
What is data governance and why it is important to a company?
What are the four primary traits that help determine the value of information?
What is the difference between an entry and attribute?
What are the advantages of a relational database?
What are the advantages of a data-driven website?

Chapter 7

What is data warehouse and why would a business want to implement one?
How does ETL help Transfer data in and out of data warehouse?
What is the purpose of information cleaning (or scrubbing)?
What is the cause of dirty data?
What is business intelligence and how can help a company achieve success?
What is the difference between business intelligence and data?
Why would a marketing department want a data mart instead of just accessing the entire data warehouse?
Why would a business be data rich but information poor?

Chapter 8

What is big data?
What are the four common characteristics of big data?
What is distributed computing and how has it helped drive the big data era?
What is virtualization and how has it helped drive the bid data era?
What are the six steps in the data-mining process and why is each important?
What are the four data-mining techniques? provide example of haw yow you would use each one in business?
What is data-drive decision management?
What are the four data-mining techniques for predictions and why are they important to a business?

Assignment (just paraphrase )