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The American Government’s Use of Media to Influence People devry tutorcom essay help English Literature homework help

A paper which shows how the federal government has used the media to sway public opinion and influence choices.

A paper which shows that, by calling it propaganda in the form of patriotism, the American government has been successful in influencing its people on many matters, both politically and socially, with the use of media. The paper uses America’s change in its isolationist policy during WWI as an example. It also shows how the movie industry was used to influence the public.
`But the films were even more effective. It wasn’t necessarily that movies like America’s Answer a documentary in 1918 about the sending of the first 500,000 American troops to France were great art. The were professionally made, certainly, but their power to persuade Americans in the importance of U.S. engagement in Europe relied not on artistry per se but on each film’s possessing a simple, clear message. The force of this repeated, focused message (a hallmark of effective propaganda in all media) combined with the immediacy of film won over many Americans who ` had they simply been reading about the war in the newspaper ` might well have remained convinced that isolationism was the best policy.`

Sales Question

Please read the four sales articles that I have made available to you under the “contents” section on the homepage of the course. In at least 200 words, please answer the following questions:
1. In your own words, describe at least five benefits of a career in sales.
2. In your own words, describe at least five items sales recruiters take notice of on the resumes of college students they are looking to hire.
3. Describe several non-financial rewards of a career in sales.
4. Although many college students do not plan to have careers in sales, more students would pursue sales careers if they were better informed about the benefits and rewards Describe five reasons more college students should consider going into sales.
5. What have you discovered from reading the articles that makes a sales career appealing to you?
Please read the four articles that are provided for you before responding to the questions.