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The Alchemist “A Fable About Following Your Dreams. ” By Paulo Coelho l. Life of the Author Paulo Coelho was born on 1947, Brazilian writer, best known for mystical fables told in simple yet symbolic language. He has received wide popular acclaim both in Brazil and internationally for his work about spiritual quests of self-discovery. Written in Portuguese, Coelho’s books have been translated into many languages. Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Concerned with his teenage rebelliousness and desire to be a writer, his parents sent him to a mental institution, where he received electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). In 1970 Coelho dropped out of law school and traveled around South America, North America, and Europe. He returned to Brazil in 1972 and wrote lyrics for several songs that became popular in that country. Two years later he was arrested by the military for alleged antigovernment activity. Following his release Coelho became a recording executive for CBS Records in Brazil, but after losing his Job in 1980 he resumed his nomadic lifestyle.

During this period Coelho explored different religions and renewed his interest in writing. In 1986 he took a pilgrimage on foot along the Road to Santiago, a grueling Journey over n ancient highway in northwestern Spain. During his 56-day pilgrimage Coelho had a spiritual awakening that formed the basis for much of his ensuing work. Shortly afterward he wrote O di¤rio de um mago (1986; The Diary of a Magus, 1992; re- released as The Pilgrimage, 1995), a philosophical narrative of his experiences on the trip.

In 1988 he published O Alquimista (1988; The Alchemist, 1993), a short novel about a Spanish shepherd boy whose search for material treasure leads him instead to the riches of his own heart. The book became a publishing phenomenon, topping the bestseller lists in over 35 countries. A recurring concept in Coelho’s books is the personal legend, in which his characters follow their dreams and pursue paths of self-discovery. Though they meet hardships along the way, only by staying true to their dreams can they achieve spiritual fulfillment. Coelho uses simple, clear language to blend religious and philosophical concepts in his work.

Other fictional works by Coelho include the 1994 novel Na margem do exploration of physical and divine love and the feminine side of God; La quinta montana (The Fifth Mountain, 1998), a book of historical fiction about the biblical rophet Elijah; Veronika decide morrer (1998; Veronika Decides to Die, 1999), a novel loosely based on Coelho’s experiences in mental institutions; and the novel O dem¶nio e a Srta. Prym (The Devil and Miss Prym, 2000), about good and evil in a fictional small town. Coelho has also written the nonfiction work As Valkirias (1992; The Valkyries, 1995), about a desert quest made by himself and his wife.

II. Vocabulary Words a. Levanter – a strong easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean area, especially in the late summer. b. Daggers- a short pointed knife used as a weapon. c. Omens- a prophetic sign. d. Cobbler- a shoemaker. . Hookah- a water pipe for smoking. Ill. Overview of the Novel The Alchemist is a very exciting novel, through the adventures that the main character has surpassed; we can say that it shows excitement. It also shows optimism, that we can do all the things that we’ve wanted if we really desire of it. It teaches us that everything we need to know, we learned it through our own Journey.

The novel is all about a boy named Santiago who desire to interpret his dreams about the Egyptian Pyramids. He wanted to know what does really a Personal Legend means. Through his Journey of finding the treasure he was able to meet, a gypsy oman who interpreted his dream, an old man who claim to be the King of Salem, the merchant who used to be a Muslim, Fatima who became his inspiration, an Englishman who help him find the alchemist, and the alchemist who have shown to him how to turn lead into gold, and the one who accompanied him in finding the treasures.

This novel helps us to know that we can achieve the true happiness in life if we are able to follow our Personal Legend. A person who doesn’t want to pursue his dreams or his personal calling is also a person who disobeys the will of God. By reading it also, we can feel some romance between the main character and his twin oul. It says that love is the foundation of existence and of all creations. a big sacrifice and leave some things that we usually do. This novel inspires many people to achieve their dreams in life and to follow their own Personal Legend.

The road may seem so hard and endless but after all we can achieve the real happiness that will satisfy our hearts. IV. Reading of the Novel A. Setting – First the story took place in an abandoned church at Andalusia, but after the boys dream was interpreted, the story now took place at Tangier, A1-Fayoum oasis and the Egyptian Pyramids where he had his adventures in finding his treasures. B. Characters Major Characters Minor Characters C. Plot D. Conflict A. Man Vs Man – When Santiago was robbed out by a boy at Tangier. He gave his money to a boy to be used to buy camels, but the buy suddenly disappeared. When Santiago was in the pyramids then he was robbed again by the thieves that brought him to a near death experience. E. Climax – The climax is when Santiago saw a beetle at one spot of the pyramid, and start digging up to find the buried treasure. F. Resolution – For me the resolution is that when Santiago realized that the real treasure is where his heart is. Also through his Journey he met some people who changed his ife and that they may also be considered as Santiagds treasure. V. Interpretation of a Line “Usually the threat of death makes people a lot more aware of their lives. As I interpret this line, it says that people Just realized how life is really important for them if there death is already coming. Nowadays some people Just waste their life without thinking their future. They don’t give importance to life. Life is serious that it must be given a lot of attention. It should not be wasted, because it’s one of God’s gifts to us. It’s true that sometimes we Just find out the real essence of life if we have a near death experience. During this time we are Just going to feel how much we’ve wasted our time here on Earth.

For example we have a relative who was suffering from a cancer, during this time, we give all the things that will make her happy, but before having that disease do we make her happy? That is the best way to interpret this line. VI. Illustration “My Favorite Best Scene” -When Santiago was still in the abandoned Church at Andalusia taking care of the flock of sheep. -l chose that scene because I find it very simple. Santiago is taking up his sheep and playing with them. Also the story ended that the real treasure was at the bandoned Church.

It simply says that where our heart is there is our treasure also. VI’. Valuing The value that I learned from the novel is that we need to fulfill our personal legend in life or simply God’s calling to us. Also through our own Journeys we gain knowledge and meet some people who will become parts of our own life. I realized that we should really strive for our dreams, and by doing it we may become successful in the path that we chose to pursue. To follow our dreams means that we are looking for the real happiness in life. The novel says the where our hearts is, there is our treasure also.

Whatever we want to become in life, we can do it, through the help of our own self, by others and especially through the grace of God. We should not find the meaning of our own life, but instead we should give meaning to it. Perseverance is all we need to fulfill our dreams. We need to persevere in order to face the challenges that are waiting in front of us. Following our dreams, may seem so hard, but we should always remember that from all the sufferings that we surpass at the end we can find the real happiness that we are looking for.

Like what Santiago has done, he met a lot of challenges in finding the treasure, ut he don’t realized that the real treasure was his Journey and that he can find it where his heart is. As we explore our life, sometime we did not notice the marvels of the world, we Just focus to the things that we wanted. And to conclude this, our real purpose in life is to fulfill God’s will for us, and by doing this we find the real happiness. We should always remember that we are all here on Earth BY HIS and FOR HIS purpose. THE END… “O Alquimista” Submitted by: Jeselle R.

Bautista Submitted to: Ms. Annabelle Rabulas September 14, 2009 Santiago He is the main character in the story. Had a prophetic dream in finding a treasure. Tried to follow his personal legend and persevere even it is hard. Melchizedek Told Santiago to pursue his personal legend. The King of Salem. He is the one who gave Santiago the Urim and the Thummim. The Crystal Merchant He hired Santiago to work in his business. He is a muslim. He was fare to Santiago, and he gave him an acceptable pay. The Englishman He met Santiago at the desert.

He is trying to learn alchemy. They became good friends with Santiago. Fatima She will wait for the comeback of Santiago from hid Journey. She fell in love with Santiago. She lives at the Oasis. He taught Santiago to change himself into wind. He performed alchemy in front of Santiago. He helped Santiago fulfill his personal legend. He is the one who bought the wool from the sheep of Santiago. He has a daughter whom Santiago talks too. The Daughter of the Wool Merchant She has a long talk to Santiago. Santiago told her a lot of stories. . Santiago wants to stay at the Oasis Just to be with Fatima, but the Alchemist find Santiago and asked him that he will lead him in finding those treasures. From then on Santiago continued his Journey with the alchemist and promised Fatima that he will return to her. 5. After a year, Santiago decided to continue for the search of his treasure. He Joined a caravan including an Englishman who searches for the alchemist. During their search they stopped at A1-Fayoum oasis and Santiago met Fatima, where he fell in love with.

He had a vision of an upcoming battle and he directly told it to the elders, because of this he was appointed to be their counselor. 4. Santiago sold the flock of sheep and then continues to his Journey of finding the treasure in Africa. But unfortunate events happen to him while having his Journey one of this is when a boy robbed him and left him with nothing. Because of this he ecided to work in a crystal merchant to save some money in order to go home. He is one of the thief on the pyramid who stroked Santiago. He reveals one of his dreams to Santiago.

The real treasure is in the Church. The Thief on the Pyramid Santiago and the Alchemist were released by the tribesmen. The Alchemist left Santiago before they can get to the pyramids. But again Santiago was attacked by some robbers. He was near death when one of the robbers told him, that he was a fool to cross the deserts Just to follow his dream. He said that he also have a dream that he can find a treasure in an abandon Church in Spain. Santiago realized, and he laughed because the real treasure was on his home, where his heart is. He returned to Spain and found those treasures.

But the real treasure is his Journey especially when he met FATIMA. 1 . Santiago a shepherd boy, who lives in an abandoned church in Andalusia. He daughter’s merchant and told a lot of story to her. He said that he also entered the seminary because of his father. 2. The daughter’s merchant asked him a lot of questions. After that Santiago consulted a gypsy woman in order to interpret his dreams. She said that Santiago needs to go to the Egyptian pyramids in order to find the treasures. Santiago started his adventure in finding the treasures.

But still he has a doubt if he will really continue his Journey or Just stay as a shepherd boy. 3. First he met Melchizedek at Tarifa, who was the king of Salem. He gave Santiago the two omens namely the Urim and the Thumim. He was the one who convinced Santiago to fulfill his personal legend in life. He also told a story to Santiago that will inspire the boy to pursue his dreams in life. 7. As Santiago continued his search for the treasure, he witnesses a lot of battles and wars. The Alchemist told him that he should always listen to his heart.

The Alchemist also showed to Santiago how to turn the lead into copper. Before they can get to the pyramids they were imprisoned. In order to free them the Alchemist told the tribesman that Santiago can turn himself into wind, the tribesmen were all amazed of it, but they said to them that if Santiago cannot perform he they will take their lives away. Santiago have no knowledge about it, but after a long time of meditating, he asked the desert, wind, sun and the soul of the world to help him. After that he was able to perform it. He turns himself into a wind and appears on the other side of the camp.

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