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The Alamo Essay, Research Paper

The Alamo

The Alamo was originally a Franciscan mission in San Antonio, Texas. It was erected about the twelvemonth 1722. The Alamo was non a really successful mission and became deserted. However, the Alamo would acquire its portion of action in old ages to come when a little Texas fort moved into the mission instead than follow orders which were given to William Barrett Travis from Sam Houston to abandon it. Alternatively, the 155 work forces began to fix the roofless mission for a conflict.

Texas had been galling under the Mexican authorities which legislated against bondage, allowed the military to irrupt upon civil personal businesss, and was inveterate unstable. Because of the steady promotion of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, general and dictator of Mexico, Sam Houston, the commanding officer of Texas s ground forcess, ordered San Antonio abandoned. However, General William B. Travis, who had become foremost in bid after Jim Bowie fell badly, decided to remain in the Alamo.

They were joined by others, notably the & # 8220 ; Tennessee Boys & # 8221 ; led by Davy Crockett. Before Crockett s reaching, the 155 work forces in the Alamo were lazy, undisciplined, and worst of all, had no hope or belief. However, when Davy Crockett and his 32 work forces showed up, things began to alter. Even though he was merely at that place for six yearss, the squad of Crockett and Bowie gave life to every adult male inside the old mission walls. Work forces were filled with high liquors and hope, and when the first twenty-four hours of the besieging began, they showed it.

Santa Anna had positioned his about 5000 military personnels wholly encircling the Alamo, and when his heavy weapon arrived he began an intensive besieging that would last for 13 yearss. Several times the fort fought back the a

ttacking droves of Mexicans. However, on March 6, 1836, the 1000s of Mexicans broke through the defence and swarmed into the courtyard of the Alamo.

Travis, his main Plutos ( including the American backwoodsmans Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, laminitis of the Bowie knife ) and the balance of the fort perished in the barbarous hand-to-hand combat that followed.

General William B. Travis died when he was shot seeking to place the cannon. It has been said that the shooting did non kill him, but that he killed himself before the besieging. Jim Bowie, sick in his room, fought to his last breath of life. In 1995 excavators started delving for gold that he purportedly threw down one of the Alamo s Wellss before the besieging. Davy Crockett, the woodman and politician from Tennessee fought to the really terminal. His heroic last stand rapidly became a image of history. There besides have been rumours that he surrendered when he was evidently one of few still alive, but at that place has been no facts to turn out that. No 1 is said to hold survived in the Alamo except the households and civilians and a slave. The Texans had fought hard, and the Mexicans lost someplace between 600 to 1000 work forces.

At the subsequent Battle of San Jacinto, when Santa Anna was defeated, the calls of & # 8220 ; Remember the Alamo & # 8221 ; inspired and motivated the Texans to take over the Mexican s garrison six hebdomads after the besieging of the Alamo. The Alamo was a really of import portion of Texas and American history. It gave us memorable heroes, and an inspiring new chapter in history, even though the whole narrative of the Alamo has been clothed in folklore and love affair so that the really truth is difficult to happen. Most of all it gave the state a new significance and illustration of national pride, hope, and belief.

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