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In many ways, the Benfold was actually an extreme example of the same problems facing many organizations today. As the new head of his own command Michael only became more determined. The idea was to establish a system of beliefs that Michael calls GrassRoots Leadership a process of replacing command and control with commitment and cohesion by engaging the hearts, minds, and loyalties of workers. GrassRoots Leadership is a philosophy that empowers every individual to share the responsibility of achieving excellence.

These views each are essential in become a proper leader in any type of commanding role with peruse to enquire. GrassRoots Leadership has as its core tenets: o Lead by Example – o Listen Aggressively o Communicate Purpose and Meaning – o Create a Climate of Trust – o Look for Results, Not Salutes – o Take Calculated Risks – o Go Beyond Standard Operating Procedure – o Strengthen Others/Build Up Your People – o Generate Unity – o Cultivate Quality of Life – Don’t just take command – communicate purpose.

Every commander should have a decent relationship with there fellow associates. When you are assigning work to your fellow associate you need to prepare to speak to them as equal. In no way shape or form it should come out as a sense of power. Your company or association will only be as strong as its weakest link. As a whole they need to work together on a regular day basis and be able to feel as a complete division. Practice discipline without formalism. One the toughest responsibilities are to be a disciplinarian to other people.

No education level with ever is able to prepare you to discipline your associates. Each member must be treated different, because each individual is different. They will react to different ways you try to discipline them. Each commander would need to realize that there responsibilities as a disciplinarian need to be handled with caution, or else there company may be capable and tempted to over turn on you if you make enough enemies by being a script disciplinarian. The best captains hand out responsibility – not orders

Being associated with various teams and companies I realized the best leaders come in various shapes or forms. However what makes a great leader is one who treats his associates as equals. A leader dose not play authority figure to be able to get things done from other. He believes in treating every colleague with the same respect he aspect to be treated with. Associates will not be as eager to work for you in they feel you are obligating them to finish certain task. Successful crews perform with devotion.

Members of any organization need a leader to give them the importation to want to go to work on a daily basic. Things need to continue to stay interesting so you could be able to get the most out of colleagues. As mentioned before your company or association will only be as strong as its weakest link. As a whole they need to work together on a regular day basis and be able to feel as a complete division. The capability to make your company the best possible is in the hands of the leader and what he makes on it.

Business Report Topic Proposal

Filling out the Business Report Topic Proposal Template (See the attachment)
The information that should be included in the proposal:
1/ Select a company you are familiar with (how the company structured and how it operates)
2/ Describe a problem or a need that the company is facing
3/ Recommend a product / service (current available in the market)
4/ Justify (sell the product / service; provide 3 reasons why the product/service is better than others)