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The Advantages of Reading Newspapers ccusa autobiographical essay help Algebra online class help

The newspaper is the most powerful of all the organs of expression of the news and views about men and the things. Newspapers are regarded by economists as a necessity of modern life. With the growth of literacy and the development of the means of communication they are playing a very important part in society. There are many advantages of reading the newspapers. Firstly the newspapers keep us in touch with the current world affairs. Without them we cannot know the important news even of our own town or village.

It extends the bounds of our knowledge and makes us feel that we are a part of a living world. The leading newspapers are in touch with the different part of the world through certain press agencies. They supply them news from every part of the world. Secondly a great deal of information is supplied to us by the newspapers. Important decisions of law courts are published for the benefit of his own liking. Commercial news are published for the businessmen.

Lovers of Radio and the Cinema can look up in them the daily programs of these entertainments. The advertisements help the people to buy things. The unemployed can look up the wanted columns for vacant job. Thirdly newspapers ventilate the grievances of the public and form the public opinion. They keep the public and the government in close contact. The subject matters of the leading articles in the newspapers. The rules come to know of the desire of the people through newspapers.

The people get aware of the policies and schemes of the government through this agency. Lastly newspapers have their educative value also. Readers of a good newspaper are more intelligent alert and better informed than scholars. Newspapers help us in disseminating good ideas. In newspapers we find reviews on newly published books. We read accounts of discoveries and scientific research. There are useful articles on every topic. In short newspaper play vital role in our life.

Similarities and differences of transactional and transformational leadership.

Similarities and differences of transactional and transformational leadership..

In Chapter 11, we discussed contemporary theories of leadership. For this paper, you need to build a compare / contrast paper that examines the similarities and differences of transactional and transformational leadership. Discuss the appropriateness of each style in the modern healthcare environment. List the positive and negative outcomes that can arise from each leadership approach. Take into account the current healthcare environment and the factors that are influencing healthcare providers, such as, changing regulation, globalization, technology, patient engagement, and/or empowerment. Possible Deliverables for Option 2: – What does the healthcare environment look like currently? Which leadership style do you believe is appropriate for organizational success in today’s market? Justify your response with facts and figures. – In what context is each leadership style appropriate? – What benefits arise with each leadership style? – What are the cons that arise with each leadership style? – Identify strategies justify the chosen leadership role(s) – using established theories – Address the case inquiries in full, being absolutely certain to do so not as a layperson, but as a healthcare organizational behavior expert, making sure to reference theory, findings in scholarly articles, etc. to justify your positions. Merely providing personal opinions which are unsupported is insufficient and will be grounds for failing this assignment. You must use the tools offered in your readings, coupled with those acquired by additional research, to address the case professionally. In presenting your work, identify the title, your name, student ID number, and submission date in the title slide of your work. It is recommended that you include the following sections in your paper: – Title (Name, Id Number, Date, Title) – Abstract (200 word synopsis/summary of your paper…think of it as a paper movie trailer) – Introduction (one-two paragraphs) – Case Inquiries Addressed Introduction (body of paper; use sub-sections as you deem necessary) – Review and Application of Theory (body of paper; use sub-sections as you deem necessary) o You need to demonstrate a significant degree of knowledge regarding the theory you choose. o Support with theories that are appropriate for each case o Recommend you review the existing literature to further explore that theory and how it has been applied – Discussion (Tie the theory back to the case problem) – Conclusion (one – three paragraphs) – References (APA style)

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