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The Adoration of Jenna Fox easy essay help Academic

In order to have your very own family, you have to be married. Jenna may not have that option, due to her new body. She has a relationship with Ethan, and they are in love with each other. So there is a chance where she could find someone who can love her. When Jenna and Ethan kiss, “everything that is curious and odd and funny and wrong about me disappears” (105). She has a love interest, and Ethan loves her for her. Even if he doesn’t know who she really is, he will still love her. Which is important because if Jenna ever wanted to have a family, eventually she would want to have a child.

However, during the accident, only 10% of her brain was saved as well as the rest of her body was destroyed, even the reproductive parts. So when Jenna’s parents told her that when she has a child, she’d understand the sacrifices needed. Jenna got mad because she “can never have a child” (137). In the moment, Jenna get’s angry because she can’t naturally give birth, but she does not even know if she wants to have a baby in her future, never mind finding a proper husband/father to start a family with. If she even wants a family, she has to be able to deal with the one she has now.

Jenna and Lily are talking about when Jenna and Ethan kissed and Jenna wants to just “pound on her chest and say, Please love me” (107). She wants Lily to love her, but she naturally should, because that’s what family should always to: love each other. Lily does not love Jenna because the Jenna she knew died, and does not really care about the new Jenna. She thinks because of the new body, Lily does not love her anymore and wonders if anyone else actually loves her, even in this new body. Jenna’s accident makes her question if she can have a stable social life.

Jenna meets Mr. Bender and looks at some of his art, and he treats her like he would treat any other person. Jenna realizes that, “He may not be the normal sort of friend for a seventeen-year-old, but I am not normal either” (25). Jenna walks different, acts different, and sometimes even talks different, and yet after her accident, she manages to find a friend in the world who will treat her like a normal human being. Even if Mr. Bender is older than Jenna, he can see the normal side of Jenna, instead of the abnormalities.

In school, when Jenna and Rae go through Jenna’s questionnaire, She is asked about her weaknesses, and a lot of thoughts run through her head, like “I’m afraid. I’m lost. I have no friends. It keeps coming back to that. Why does it bother me so? ”(71). Besides Mr. Bender, Jenna has no friends at this point. She knows people, like Ethan, Allys, Gabriel, and Dane, but aren’t completely friends with them. However, later in the book, Jenna starts to grow a stronger bond between Allys and Ethan. As lunch starts, Jenna learns how things work and how everyone splits up.

As she prepares for lunch, she sees Ethan and the others start to get ready to go to a cafe and hears an unexpected question: “Want to come? ” (73). Although Jenna was still new and barely knew Ethan And Allys, they still invited Jenna anyway. No one asks someone to join unless they want to become closer to each other and bond better. Jenna’s accident makes her question whether she can be like everyone else instead of an illegal lab experiment.. Jenna always goes to her room when she is told to. However, she is told that she used to never go to her room whereas pre-accident, she would just storm out of the house.

When Claire told Jenna to go to her room after knocking over plates on purpose, instead she stood in place and repeated to herself “Don’t go Jenna. Don’t go. Don’t go” (152). The fact that Jenna stopped herself from obeying is interesting, because her biochips gave her subliminal messages that told her to go to her room. If she could overpower that, then she still has free will. Free will is a strong characteristic for any living being, and if Jenna can do that, then she can behave like a normal human. Another strong characteristic is curiosity. It has a few definitions, which are to be inquisitive and to be odd.

When Jenna is first asked if she was curious, so she responded in an interesting way. “I’ve been in a coma for over a year. I guess that makes me highly unusual; odd; strange. Yes, Lily. I am curious” (11). Even though she just woke up from a coma, she still has some of her personality. She questions and critically thinks about troubles in her life, and most people act the same way. Not only that, but people need their independence as well. After battling herself to decide what she needs in life, she finally comes to a decision: “I need to own my life” (254).

A person can not always be controlled by something else, or else they do not develop their own personality. Controlling your own life gives you the power to do what you want, to find what makes you happy. Jenna, although mostly make up of Bio Gel and lab skin, is a completely normal girl. She walks, talks, thinks, and breathes like everybody else. Everybody has a social life, and enjoy them too. People make friends, talk to each other, and hang out together. Jenna has a family, and other people have families as well.

Also, they think about their future family as well, like who to marry, how many kids they want, etc.. Jenna has her own personality that she eventually develops, and has her own way of doing things. She is not the only one. Everyone has a personality, need it be unique or very bland. Jenna used to be 100% human, and used to have a different personality, a different life. Even after the accident, she still has a personality, even though it’s different from her old one. She still has a social life, a family, and is a normal person all around. Jenna may not be normal, but she still has a normal life.

MHS 7006: Intelligence report:country study

Students will write a 1-2 page intel report on a specific country of your choosing(Mine is the U.K. ); this is your intel collection assignment. Using various websites such as the State Department, FBI, CIA, news media, and other open sources, collect and gather intelligence about the country that you chose in the forum. This first week will be a mini country study. What is the history, geography, demographics and economics of your chosen country? Write a 1-2 page summary of these topics and any additional topics that you feel capture a good baseline of your country. You will report on the same country every week and no two students will have the same country.
Each week, through Week 6, you will be reporting on the following topics to ultimately come up with the current trends that are currently affecting your country:
Research and Development
Other Conflicts/War
**The country I chose is the U.K . We had to submit the country of our choice so everyone can see so as to avoid having the same country with each other.** I need this on Saturday 10pmET