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Retained Earnings – Cumulative earnings/profits of the firm that haven’t been paid out as dividends 1)Retained Earnings Net accumulation of earnings of the firm since its beginning •Increased by net income and reduced by losses, and by the payment of dividends to the shareholders or owners •For any accounting period: REEB = REBB + NI – D 2)Recording Transactions •General Rules: Debits increase the balance in Asset and Expense accounts and credits increase the balance in Liability, Contributed Capital, and Revenue accounts •Super T-account : II. The Income Statement How profitable is the firm? – Measured over a period of time.Net Income (Earnings): benefices net III. The Statement of Cash Flows Is the firm generating sufficient cash flows from its customers to finance operations and to acquire buildings and equipment? Must it seek new funds from lenders or owners? – measured over a period of time. 3 types of cash flows: •Operating Cash Flows : cash from customers less cash paid in carrying out the firm’s operating activities •Investing Cash Flows : cash paid to acquire noncurrent assets less amounts from any sale of noncurrent assets •Financing Cash Flows : cash from issues of long-term debt or new capital less dividends

Demonstration of use of data visualization software

Demonstration of use of data visualization software.

Download a free version of Tableau Desktop for Students (available for Windows PC and MAC OS) at: View the links listed in the Assignment Resources listed below to learn about Tableau. Choose a health-related data set from one of the links in the Assignment Resources below. Follow all eight of the Tableau tutorial steps at the following link to create a meaningful data story from your inputted data set. Share your final work in Tableau Public and submit the link along with the link to the data set you used. send all files, they are needed for submission

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