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Modern advancements have made human lives much easier. The hypothesis is that technology is one of the most important creations in the history of humanity. Computers and machine operators have allowed for the streamlining of both menial tasks, and exceedingly important jobs . Personal computers are capable of operations and calculations that are overly difficult if not impossible tasks for humans. Likewise, machines have been constructed to handle operations that impossible for human beings.

Technology makes certain operations possible, and reduces the difficulty of others. One example is the Ultra Deep Feel imagery from the Hubble telescope, which has allowed for a rough estimation of how much time has passed since the first collision. Also, a large portion of the people alive today would never have survived birth-sans the aid of medical technology . Changes in medical education and technology in the 21st century will aid in discovering new medications for unsolved diseases in the 19th century.

The advance in medical technology brings better medical care and treatment, and people’s life expectancy is longer. Let us take genetics as an example of the changes in the 21st century. There are pharmaceutical products that come from the massive genetic research occurring around the world today. In ten years, we will have new ways to treat many of our illnesses – from allergies to AIDS. We might see the discovery of new methods of treatment for various types of cancer, for multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Lou Gehrig’s and Alzheimer’s disease, to name just a few.

The biotechnology frontier, especially developments in the field of genetics, have already achieved revolution in agriculture and human health care, by developing plant species that are more tolerant of disease, resistant of drought, and able to grow during extended periods of adverse conditions. These technologies will very likely provide future increase in agricultural productivity. So far, these techniques have not added much to world food production; recent growth has come primarily from increasing acreage in production, in response to higher grain prices .

However, further expansion of productive land is limited, and the increased application of fertilizer appears to be reaching a point of diminishing returns. Therefore, increased agricultural productivity from this new field could be essential to feed the growing population. For humans, this will deal with diseases that have genetic origins or result from man’s effective communication of genetic material in the body. These diseases include potentially: cancer, cystic fibrosis, Gautier’s Disease, hemophilia, rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS, hypercholesterolemia, and many other diseases.

Furthermore, genome analysis of an individual can indicate propensity to diseases whose symptoms have not yet been manifested. Scientists believe that many psychological and behavior attributes can be genetically controlled and therefore subject to diagnosis and eventually, for aberrant conditions, corrected. Hence, biotechnology could eventually eliminate food shortages, improve health, and extend life expectancy. Living in the 21st century brings many changes in our personal and social lives as well, in the way we work, in our daily activity and in how we do business.

These changes tend to predict a higher standard of living for us. Nowadays many people have more money and work less hard. People get higher salary than before and get better social welfare and insurance especially in developed country. The modern conveniences such as TV, internet, and smartphones are in the home. These devices will be able to send and receive wireless data. They will recognize your voice and follow your voice commands. They will include a variety of security and service tools that will make them fit your own individual needs.

When we turn on our TV it might automatically show us high-lights and stories from last night’s football game. It could display the current stock reports on your own portfolio. It could give us a traffic report for our normal shuttle to work and suggest an alternate route, if necessary. Finally, it may let us know what the lunch specials are at our favorite restaurants and ask if we would like to make reservations. Living in the 21st century will bring many changes in our lives, in the way we work, in our daily activities, and in how take care of our business, and because of this? t will offer us a higher standard of living. Technology also has massive impact in our action. In our home we can set on the couch and turn off the light by voice command. In addition, you can know what the lunch specials at your favorite restaurant on your TV. Health care and medical education is changing for a better life for human. There are researches going on to discover new ways to treat major diseases. Moreover, scientist is forcing more in biotechnology in order to accomplish to solve food shortage problem and improve healthcare system.

Create a Cash Flow Diagram

You are the program manager for a large transportation district, and you must ensure that you have the funds available to pay your contractors in a timely manner.
Your largest contract is a road reconstruction project bid at $35,000,000. The contract schedule is for 7 months. The contractor will bill for 20% of the contract in month 1, which will cover mobilization and a large material purchase. The remaining balance will be paid in equal monthly payments.
Prepare a cash flow diagram for this project.
Calculate how much you would need to pay each month.