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Texas Constitution

There is brief article and a short video (3 mi) within the article that talks about the same. Two paragraphs required, at least 4 sentences each paragraph.

Ancient art history (BC)

Ancient art history (BC).

Address following (consult additional images in ppt): 1.Why artists choose naturalist approach for crafting human figures. (30,000 BC) 2. Why human figures tend to be females. 3. How does naturalist methods set the foundations for geometric methods. 4. How does geometric figures influence architecture and vases etc

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Rhetorical Analysis: People can learn a great deal about public speaking from listening to others deliver their messages. F

Texas Constitution Rhetorical Analysis: People can learn a great deal about public speaking from listening to others deliver their messages. F.

Rhetorical Analysis People can learn a great deal about public speaking from listening to others deliver their messages. For this rhetorical analysis, students will watch a historically important speech from American Rhetoric’s website ( or the History Channel’s website ( A rhetorical analysis allows one to examine parts of a presentation to explain how these work to either inform, persuade, or entertain. For this assignment, please do the following: • Choose a video (audio only clips are not allowed) from or – other websites are not allowed.

• Choose one speaker to focus on, consider the context of the speech, and determine whether their goal during the presentation was to inform, persuade, or entertain. • Write a 2-3 page (typed, double-spaced, Calibri font – size 11) essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion • The thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph must reveal the name of the speaker and what they aimed to either inform, persuade, or entertain on. Also, reflect in the thesis if the speaker was successful or unsuccessful. • At least three main ideas should be provided to support your thesis statement. Explain how the speaker’s words and body language helped to express a point or idea in relation to the context of the situation. Each main idea must have at least one quote or specific example to prove your point. • Add a Works Cited (MLA format) page. See the link on Blackboard if you need help creating an entry for a speech.

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Analysis of Uber

InstructionsA Case Analysis of UberUber is a ride-sharing service started in 2009. If you are not familiar with Uber, you can learn more about the services it provides at
Construct an eight-page analysis of Uber using the following criteria.
Analyze the market before Uber’s entry. Describe the inefficiency Uber exploited.
Explain Uber’s surge pricing in the context of shifts in supply and demand.
Evaluate Uber’s surge pricing in the context of price discrimination.
Apply the concepts of economies of scale and economies of scope to Uber’s business model.
Apply the concepts of game theory to Uber’s market.
Assess Uber’s potential for international expansion and potential trade policy issues.
Explain the incentive pay model Uber uses and how it affects the principal-agent problem.
Discuss any asymmetric information issues with Uber’s business model.
Your essay must be at least eight pages in length (not counting the title and references pages) and include at least five peer-reviewed resources. Adhere to APA Style when writing your analysis, including citations and references for sources used. Be sure to include an introduction. Please note that no abstract is needed.
If you wish to include a supply and demand graph in your paper, view the video How to Graph in Word for some guidance. Also, not that any graphs you include in your paper should be placed in the Appendix of your paper.

Impact of Gender in Schools

Impact of Gender in Schools.

Impact of Gender in Schools

You will submit a 10-12 page (double spaced, 12-point font) research paper. I provided the proposal document which you will base the paper off of. Include at least 10-15citations of scholarly sources from the course readings and outside research (i.e., journal articles, book chapters, or books) and a Reference section for each source. This paper should be in a format that is publishable when it is submitted.

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Tesla Motor Case Analisis Questions

Tesla Motor Case Analisis Questions.

Hi please just follow the instruction on the files, and I will send the book the case is case number 7 start on page number 333. thank

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POL Unit 7: Establishing a local government, judicial system, law enforcement and other services on an Island

InstructionsA privately owned island off the coast of Florida has been left to you by the eccentric owner who recently died. The island is large enough for several small communities to be developed. Create a name for your island. You want to start on the right foot by establishing a local government, a judicial system, law enforcement system, and other services typically provided by local and state governments. When setting up a local government, please limit your selection to those styles found in the United States, and avoid dictator, monarchy, or communist systems.
For the Unit VII Project, describe the following points:
the type of local government you would establish (e.g., county, city);
the form of that government (e.g., township, municipal charter);
the management system (e.g., commission, mayor, council);
how leadership positions would be instated (e.g., appointment, election);
the type of law enforcement and judicial system (how judges are selected) you would put into place; and
other services typically provided for by local and state governments. Be sure to explain the role of bureaucracies in these services, including how taxes support these services and how those taxes will be collected.
You can mix and match your government, judicial, and law enforcement decisions, but you must fully explain the reasons why you chose the types of systems. You must also address how your government would work with other governments/agencies and in what ways. You can pull concepts from previous readings in this course (not just those assigned in this unit) in order to develop this project.
The video tutorial Library Research: An Overview will help you research various aspects of this project.
Your project must be at least three full pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. Remember to have an introduction and conclusion to your paper. Library and outside sources are a requirement, and you must use at least three resources to support ideas in your analysis. Avoid conversational tone, and remember that this is an academic assignment, so you must use proper APA Style, grammar, and punctuation.

Colorado history

Colorado history.

Describe, analyze, and contextualize some important ideas relevant to your research topic. This essay probably will build on your bio paper and your place/event paper, although that is not required. Your paper should be written as if you were presenting it at a conference, such as the October 2019 meeting of the Western History Association in Las Vegas. With that in mind, you should craft a catchy title to attract a big audience to your session. The most effective titles also relate directly to the thesis ofthe paper.A strong paper must have a clear thesis statement, in which you clearly explain your argument in one powerful sentence, near the beginning of your essay in your intro. You should then prove your thesis with evidence from a variety of sources, properly cited. Your thesis should be provocative, perhaps even controversial, but also defensible.Each essay should briefly connect its specific topic to the broad context of Colorado history, perhaps by considering other examples during the same time or in another part of the state, using properly cited information from Abbott, etal., Colorado: A History of the Centennial State. For example, if your topic is farming in the San Luis Valley, you might compare and contrast it with farming in another area such as the Western Slope, using information from Abbott.Finish your essay strong, with a hard-hitting conclusion in which you drive home your key points regarding your topic’s significance, and restate your thesis.

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Identify the issues, concerns and challenges of existing national government policy in Canada as it relates to human trafficking.

Identify the issues, concerns and challenges of existing national government policy in Canada as it relates to human trafficking..

Description The annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance to your thesis or work, along with the accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. Identify the issues, concerns and challenges of existing national government policy in Canada as it relates to human trafficking.Identify the areas in which you believe that change is needed.Detail the changes that you would recommend and why

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Why do writers such as Cowie and Boehm’s interpret “Born in the U.S.A.” as telling the story “of the transformation of white, male working-class identity”?

Why do writers such as Cowie and Boehm’s interpret “Born in the U.S.A.” as telling the story “of the transformation of white, male working-class identity”?.

 The essay should about the article of “the transformation of white, male working-class identity” ‘plus THREE (3) other sources. Part of the evaluation will be the quality of the material you find, ie. its relevance, whether it is sufficiently scholarly, etc. Your essay will also be judged on how effectively you build and argument by taking a position and supporting it with the material from your research. You may bring American examples and scholars into your essay, if and when appropriate.

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