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testosterone Boosters, article writing assignment help

testosterone Boosters, article writing assignment help.

Title: Product: BioForge,
Manufacturer: Biotivia, Category: Testosterone Boosters
Word count : 3000

Before you start reading my requirements, I would ask you to understand that
they are very important to us. Please pay attention to the requirements and
accept the article order ONLY if you really do understand what is required.
Please don’t take this offer if you don’t think to follow the instructions.
That way you will save your time and ours as well. We reply to personal
messages rarely as we believe that the instructions are very detailed and clear
enough. If you think you cannot do the article, it is a challenge for you,
kindly pass it to someone else. This job is only for writers having substantial


a) Our site is reviewing supplements mainly for bodybuilding, fitness and
sports performance purposes. The idea is of the independent professional
reviews is to build authority to the site and trust in the eyes of the reader.
The goal is to make the reader to purchase the right product for him while
making an educated choice. Our content shouldn’t look like an advertorial one,
so don’t use such language.

b) We are targeting males who want to build more muscles, achieve better
fitness and bodybuilding results and improve their sports performance. We do
not target people with health issues or sex issues, so speaking of medical
conditions and sex, sexual performance, sexual stamina, sperm production,
libido, viagra, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction and more serious health
conditions like cancers, HIV, AIDS or any references to them, is strictly
forbidden. Even if there are see such topics on the official sites of the
products or the way they were advertised, the writer shouldn’t write about
them. The writer should review all the products from a bodybuilding and fitness
stand point of view – increasing muscle mass, achieving a lean muscular body,
improving stamina, performance, endurance, better self-esteem etc.

c) In each title there is a product category. The writer should focus on the
exact product category and avoid all general language regarding other type of
dietary supplements. Failing to focus on the specific product category and
using general facts about dietary supplements in general is something which we
won’t permit for these articles. This is why the writer should be familiar or
understand facts about the product category before starting to write about the


a) The writer should use exactly the same subheadings as the ones below without
adding, changing or tweaking any of them, including their capitalization.
“[Product]” should be replaced with the name of the product reviewed.
The symbol “*” shouldn’t be used in the articles. The subheadings
should be identical to the following ones:

What Is [Product]?
Manufacturer *1
How [Product] Works?
Ingredients of [Product]
Testimonials *2
Awards & Media Coverage *3
Money-back Guarantee
Customer Support
Safe & Secure Checkout *4
Pricing *5

*1 The format syntax is showing that the writer shouldn’t put the name of the
manufacturer in the title. The writer should know the name of the manufacturer
for the text in the section. This information is often put online and can be
found by using Google, it can be mentioned in the footer or in some of the
terms, policy or contact pages. In most cases, if the product is providing a
free trial program and if there is no information who the manufacturer is, it
means that the company making the product is using the same name as the

*2 The writer can create such.

*3 Many times the logos of other companies or media are clear indication the
product was featured somewhere. If there is no information available anywhere
and there are no such logos on the merchant’s website, the writer can explain
the situation by adding some generic content suitable for there, without
fabricating facts.

*4 Always explain that the checkout is safe and secure. Check for SSL
certificates, encryptions, safety logos etc.

*5 Use the title “Pricing & Free Trial” if there are is a free
trial available. For some of the free trial offers the prices are not available
on the homepage. This information can be obtained by the the Terms of Use or
other policy pages for the free trial offers or after entering random
information on the order form and clicking on the action button. If the product
is featured at, the author needs to get the prices from there
without mentioning the website.

b) The writer should place related text under each of the subheadings, our team
will specifically look for that and it will check if some text is not belonging
to its subheading.

c) One sections shouldn’t be artificially expanded at the expense of some
other. There should be a minimum of 9 sentences for each section without doing
anything tricky like using short sentences.


a) Use information to write the articles from the official website/s, forums,
other reviews, videos etc. Do not rewrite or copy other people’s content. Some
of the product websites are only available for US citizens. If you are not, you
can use this free Chrome extension to browse trough a US VPN –

b) The article is a professional review, not a personal review or a customer
review. The text shouldn’t be a first-person narrative and shouldn’t present me
or the team as customers.

c) Reviews should not look biased or like a commercial, which means you can
mention some cons based on factual information. The reviews should look real,
neutral and trustworthy. As we do have more than several hundred reviews, we
are not seeking any of them to be “the best”.

d) Mentioning the place where the products can be purchased is STRICTLY
FORBIDDEN! It means no URLs in the article or mentioning of places like Amazon,
GNC or their official websites. Sometimes, the support email addresses can
reveal the official website URLs too, so they shouldn’t be mentioned.

e) The writer shouldn’t insert any generic information in these articles. The
writer should focus on the particular product only as we don’t need any general
information there, it is useless for us in these reviews.

f) We don’t need introductions with generic information. We don’t need any
introductions about the topics in these articles. The writer should start the
text by reviewing the product and shouldn’t place any introductions.

g) We don’t need shorter articles, by applying for these articles, you agree to
the conditions, including their length.

h) Dietary, food and sports nutrition supplements containing natural
ingredients are legal by default and because they are not drugs and
medications, they do not require any approval from the FDA.


a) Each paragraph should contain between 3 and 5 sentences. Please, make sure
that all paragraphs appear proportionate to one another.

b) If appropriate, use bullet points and lists. Use them at a reasonable
amount, the way they are used in an ordinary news website or magazine without
stuffing them excessively. Don’t do anything that will make the article look
like a data sheet.

c) Every brand name and ingredient should start each of its words with a
capital letter, example – “Tribulus Terrestris”.

d) The writers should use the brand name naturally trough all the article
without excessive repetition. The product name should be mentioned around 20

e) The words “bodybuilding” and “bodybuilder” should be
written without any spaces. This is one very common mistake.

f) The writer shouldn’t change or tweak the product’s name or the name of the
manufacturer by adding or removing spaces, changing capitalization or
shortening or extending the names. The names of the products and the
manufacturer should be 100% identical to the ones provided in the titles. If an
abbreviation was used in the title, the writer could mention what it means in
the article, but the variant from the title should be used in general.

g) Adding comments or filler content in the articles is strictly forbidden. The
article should look like it is ready for publishing or print.


a) After finishing the article, we need three paragraphs that will be used
outside the article so they should summarize and be completely useful to the
reader without the article itself. They are “SUMMARY”,
“PROS”, “CONS”. They should be treated like the article is
not existing. The writer should write them like they are not part of the
article, they will be used on another place, without the article.

b) The writer should not put any exclusive information in them, because the
reader will not see these three paragraphs when reading the article and
vice-versa. These paragraphs should summarize what is in the article.

c) The writer should use the paragraph names “SUMMARY”,
“PROS”, “CONS” as subheadings, so our team can more easily
see them and divide them from the submitted text after that.

d) “SUMMARY” should be a paragraph of 3-5 sentences.

e) “PROS” & “CONS” should contain 3-4 full sentences
each. Every sentence should starting with a bullet point symbol and should not
contain information regarding the pricing.


Here is how we know if you did not pay attention to our instructions. Start the
article with the word “TIGER” in the beginning. You shouldn’t create
any sentence with it. This is how we know that you’ve read them all.

Good luck!
Report Briefing

testosterone Boosters, article writing assignment help

1400 critical thinking paper.

“Critical thinking: Systematic, educated, rational analysis which makes use of experiences and knowledge in a rigorous, skeptical, consideration of perspectives to arrive at a rational conclusion.Another definition:  method of analysis of multiple perspectives, that is clear, rational, open-minded and informed by evidence and contextEssay Two: Incorporating Critical ThinkingAssignment:After a thorough critical analysis and written discussion of several perspectives (sources) surrounding an issue, you are going to be arguing to convince your readers of YOUR perspective on that issue. The first step is to find a chapter from 11-17 (except 14) that interests you. Next, you need to choose two different perspectives (essays) on that topic, and look outside the text for additional perspectives (we will do some of this in class). finally, you are going to put all of these sources in dialogue with each other and with your viewpoint on the subject.Purpose: To further build your skills in argument, summary, and analysis while incorporating multiple sources/perspectives into your argument.Target Audience: Your classmates and myself (your professor)Context: to be determined, especially by the chapter you choose, and discussed in the course of your essayTarget length–it will be tough to do this assignment well in less than 1400 wordsThis is how you’ll be assessed (at 2 points each except where noted):Do you explore the context of the issue?Do you foreground your own position, and support it throughout (4 points)?Do you explore multiple viewpoints, including ones which might not mesh with your own? Do you adequately summarize each  of the other viewpoints (essays)?Does you assess assumptions and/or implications, moving toward a workable solution or resolution of the different viewpoints? In other words, do you put all of these perspectives in dialogue with each other?Do you assess evidence presented? For example, do you explore how well or how poorly each source uses logic, data, and/or qualitative experiences?Have you followed a writing process, and revised and edited for grammar mistakes and clarity and fluency?”—————————————————————————————-The book it’s referring to for the chapters is “Dialogues An Argument Rhetoric and Reader – Eighth Edition” by Gary Goshgarian and Kathleen Krueger. I have already told the professor that I’m using Chapter 11 – “Gender Matters”. If having to use this book is a problem, here are all of the articles from that chapter: Saplings in the Storm – Mary Pipher – Body Image Lures Boys into Gym, and Obsession – Douglas Quenqua - the Combat Zone – Leslie Marmon Silko – Child-Man in the Promised Land – Kay S. Hymowitz – Enough – Wendy Shanker – End of Men? – Hanna Rosin – a Man’s World – Philip N. Cohen –
1400 critical thinking paper

Requirements 1. GENERAL • American Psychological Association (APA) is the standard format for the entire paper. • No less

Requirements 1. GENERAL • American Psychological Association (APA) is the standard format for the entire paper. • No less than 1300 words and not more than 2000 words (not including the title page, reference page, and appendices. ) • Minimum of 3 Level One Headings (conclusion will not count as a level one heading.) • Minimum of 3 references must be used to support the paper. 2. TITLE PAGE • Title of Paper (upper and lower case letters). • Student Name. • Sergeants Major Academy • Class number. • Instructors Name. • Date. CONTEXT • The purpose of this paper is to expand the student’s understanding as it relates to ethical issues and their impact on the Profession of Arms and the Army. 4. BODY (at minimum 3 level one headings: Ethical Problem, Solutions, Ethical Lenses) • Identify an ethical issue facing the Army, identify the root cause, and discuss its impact on the force. Using the ethical lenses, recommend a solution to correct the root cause. 5. REFERENCES • In-text citations will be used • List all references used (books, articles, specific documents). • All references will be cited correctly in accordance with APA standards. 6. APPENDICES (Examples of possible attachments/inclusions) • Maps/battle graphics. (unclassified) • Organization chart/MTOE. (no numbers) • Calendar.

Glendale Community College O Pioneers Characters Evaluation Paper

essay writing service free Glendale Community College O Pioneers Characters Evaluation Paper.

Comment on two characters in O Pioneers! using any information you learned from reading Chapter 3 “Writing About Characters” in WAL. For example you might develop a post that discusses how Cather introduces her characters in the novel, or you might discuss character traits. You could post about the dialog of the characters and how it helps develop your understanding of them. You might discuss them as round or flat characters. Whatever you choose, please read the guidelines given at the end of the syllabus to be sure your post is thoughtful and complete.
Glendale Community College O Pioneers Characters Evaluation Paper

Consolidated Products Managers’ Leadership Styles Case Study

Table of Contents Style of Ben Samuels Style of Phil Jones Comparison of Leadership Styles Phil’s Performance Conclusion References It is worth noting that a leader and their effectiveness affect the organizational success of a company significantly. The leader determines the focus of the work of the entire team, interacts with personnel, affects the psychological climate and other aspects of the work environment (Forsyth, 2018). In addition, management can influence individuals as well as groups of employees, encouraging them to work towards the goals of the organization. The purpose of this paper is to discuss leadership styles exhibited in the “Consolidated Products” case study. Style of Ben Samuels Ben Samuels, a plant manager of Consolidated Products, employed a democratic style of leadership, which was evident from his relationship with the workforce. This type of leader relies on such aspects as trust, information exchange, initiative, creativity, self-discipline, conscientiousness, responsibility, and positive encouragement. Moreover, they focus not only on results but also on ways to achieve organizational goals (Forsyth, 2018). In general, the democratic leadership style is characterized by reliance on the employees and their potential since the company’s workforce is involved actively in the management of the organization. In the company discussed in the case study, communication occurred not only in vertical directions but also horizontally, and management tended to interact constructively with the employees. In terms of his leadership behavior and actions, Ben Samuels established an environment in which employees could grow both professionally and personally. This was beneficial for employees so that they could evolve and feel valued (Forsyth, 2018). Such a behavior implied the establishment of a people-oriented work environment. His approach allowed building good relationships with workers, operators, and supervisors (Daft, 2015). In addition, Ben Samuels ensured the workforce could have an adequate work-life balance. In particular, he initiated building a fitness center for the workers, made sure they had an opportunity to take training programs, and organized corporate events (Daft, 2015). Moreover, he has built an organization consisting of loyal subordinates, which allowed reaching low turnover rates. The leadership style of Ben Samuels had particular advantages and disadvantages. The establishment of an employee-oriented work environment implied that people could come up with creative ways of completing their work. On the one hand, workers were in power to change things inside the company (Forsyth, 2018). On the other hand, this implied that the subordinates required constant encouragement from the side of Ben Samuels. The leader affected employee satisfaction through corporate events and other benefits while ignoring the need to set clear organizational objectives. Low turnover rates were the direct result of democratic leadership; nevertheless, it led to poor production quality (Daft, 2015). Ben Samuels was also a participative leader, who addressed the concerns of employees (as in the example of the disabled worker). However, such a focus on employee encouragement and empowerment resulted in the fact that leadership was unable to set standards in terms of productivity. Style of Phil Jones Phil Jones, the next plant manager of Consolidated Products, employed a contrasting leadership style, which was mainly autocratic. This approach to managing people is characterized by rigor, the prevalence of power functions, and strict control and discipline. Autocratic leaders are result-oriented and ignore or attach little importance to socio-psychological factors (Forsyth, 2018). Often enough, leaders like Phil Jones do not trust their subordinates, rarely involve them in decision-making, and prefer to form tasks independently. The main incentive to increase productivity is fear and the threat of punishment, while engagement between the leader and the employees is based on mutual distrust. As an autocratic leader, Phil Jones was action-oriented and exhibited rational personality traits (Li

Which equation represents the graph

Which equation represents the graph.

Which equation represents the graph?… A.y = |x – 4|B.y = |x| + 4C.y = |x + 4|D.y = |x| – 4 3.There
are 2 leaves along 3 in. of an ivy vine. There are 14 leaves along 15
in. of the same vine. Which equation models the number of leaves y along x in. of vine?  A.y=x+1B.y=x-1C.y=-x+1D.y=-x-1

Which equation represents the graph