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Term Paper in APA format 3-5 pages for intro to Gerontology

Term Paper in APA format 3-5 pages for intro to Gerontology.

Answer this question and make the paper about it as well: “What is the association between learning a second language and Alzheimer’s Disease prevalence?” Main Objective of Term Paper: 1) Explore in-depth your personal interest in Gerontology 2) Demonstrate expertise in that specific area in Gerontology.
Ask a question that pertains to Gerontology, then provide “an answer” using empirical results
from professional publications. Peer-reviewed literature from other scientific domains may be
used (e.g., developmental psychology, personality/social psychology, health, community,
medicine & nursing (palliative care), public policy). Length: 3-5 pages · Three articles from professional journals that report research studies (not popular
magazines or webpages) · APA Format: Introduction: Explain why you chose your research question and why it is an important one. Provide a basic
overview of the topic (i.e., definitions, where might you encounter topic in life, frequency of
topic, general research done on topic). Provide a hypothesis of what you expect to find. Method: State the type of experiments/studies that were conducted in each of the publications used.
What questions were asked? What was being measured? How was it being measured? How will
the methods provide answers to your question? Who did they sample? For instance, 200
undergraduate students from a liberal arts college were surveyed. Likert scales surveys were
used to measure well-being, a higher score meant more positive sense of well-being; the
participants were judged by three independent observers for anxious behaviors, the higher the
rating meant that they were exhibiting greater anxious behaviors according to the judges. Results and Discussion: Explain the results and discuss them. What is your interpretation of the results? How does
everything fit together? What did you learn? What did you gather from results? Where there
any surprises? The results and discussion should be “the bulk” of your paper. Add whatever you
think is appropriate to support how you formulated your conclusions. Limitations and Future Suggestions: Discuss any limitations encountered by the studies you reviewed in your paper. Provide
suggestions about the possible future implications of the research and what can be improved
upon. Suggest a more “ideal” future study that would fill in some hole in knowledge. Conclusion: Short synopsis of what you learned (about a paragraph). References and APA Format: Cite all references used (APA format).
Term Paper in APA format 3-5 pages for intro to Gerontology

250 word discussion. I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

Tactical Communications and De-Escalation De-Esclation Video

Define the term “Tactical Communication”. After watching the video in the module explaining the POST training class for law enforcement explain your thoughts on the class, do you think this training is beneficial for the police?

What does De-Escalation mean, what specific skills does a police officer need to de-escalate a situation with a hostile or uncooperative person.
250 word discussion

Need help wit a Finances question about loan payments.

Manage My Loans, available through your Student Portal, provides you with the ability to estimate your student loan repayment. How will you use that information to ensure you ONLY borrow what you need?If you do not have loans, how can the information and concepts in the Resources tab of Manage My Loans help you with your personal finances?
Need help wit a Finances question about loan payments

Blowpipe And The Poison Darts History Essay

Introduction: On the lecture’s time, Mr. Zamri had let us see five tribes that acted by the Bruce Parry. There are ANUTA tribe, PENAN tribe, ADI tribe, BABONGO tribe and others. After watching all of the tribe, I would like to make a review of one tribe is the PENAN tribe. Before I start my review, I will briefly introduce about the character of Bruce Parry. He is an activist that venture into most remote area of Sarawak state in Malaysian Borneo. He joins them in their daily life for few months to learn from them about their culture and find out changing in their society. He also believes that the only ways to knows more about the culture of anthropology and knowledge for a tribe is to have a participant observation in his fieldwork. Participant observations mean that living within a given culture for an extended period of time, and take part in its cultural daily life in all its richness and diversity. According to Bruce Parry, tribe is about looking at the way other people live and asking questions about the way they live. It is also about the global environmental and cultural threats that we know exist but that we don’t know what best to do about. “Tribe is also about how indigenous communities round the world are under threat from disease, human rights abuse, water and land rights and marginalisation from nation states and corporations.” The Penan is a nomadic aborigine that roamed on the land of Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang and some other parts on Brunei Seri Begawan. In their society, the natives are highly developed in an egalitarian society and little gender division. It means that there are no social classes or hierarchies, no wealth or poverty, and all food is shared. For instance, the man and women will share the chores among them. Such as, gathering the forest product and extracted sago from the sago palms. But they still got some part of chores that dominated by male, for example, hunting in the forest. The Penan is a group of native that practiced the ritual of “Molong” which means “never take more than necessary.” The Penan natives mostly are work as nomadic hunter-gatherers. The present of Penans are consisted with settled, semi-nomadic and total nomadic communities that fully reliant to the forest products. Nowadays, the number of Penan had officially stated approximate to 10,000 people and around 350-500 of them are nomadic that scattered over Ulu Baram, Limbang, Tutoh and Lawas of Sarawak. The nomadic of Penan usually moves in group that consisted approximately 40 people included children and old people. They do not stayed for a long time in a particular place. Once the resources at the place that they stayed became fewer, they will choose other suitable places and moved again. (Figures retrieved from: For the nomadic people who lived in the forest rely much on their traditional diet-Sago. This traditional diet-Sago is starch from the Sago palm and while only males go for hunting, men, women, and children all will help in the production of sago. The sago palm is a fast growing tree whose pithy trunk is loaded with starch. (Nomads of the Dawn: The Penan of the Borneo Rainforest, Wade Davis, Ian Mackenzie, Shane Kennedy, pomegranate Artbooks, 1995) Once the sago palm become matured and fully grown, they will harvest the largest of trunks, carefully preserving the smaller shoots for the future harvests. After that, the leader will make sure an amount of sago starched is enough for each family and kept adequately for their supply. When there are no more sago palm can be harvest until they are ran out of food, they will also preys on wild animals to balanced their dietary protein by hunting and fishing. The nomadic Penan will hunt and eat wide variety of wild animals, such as birds, monkeys, lizards, and barking deer. But the most prized game animal is the bearded pig. Sometimes they will hunt these animals with weighing more than a hundred kilos and these animals can supply enough meat to feed a nomadic group for several days. Blowpipe and the poison darts: The traditional hunting weapon of the Penan is the blowpipe or keleput. A marvel of indigenous technology made with bilian wood and carved out with a bone drill. A blowpipe is lighter and more accurate than a shotgun. It is because the darts can kill wild animals silently, it also allowing a hunter in certain instances to drop several animals, to take a second shot when the first miss. The darts that they used are dipped in a poison called tajem, prepared from the latex of a certain tree. This poison of tajem will interferes with the functioning of the heart and it may cause lethal arrhythmias. While small creatures such as birds die almost instantly from the effect of the poison, large animals like pig may live for many minutes before finally succumbing. During this time, the hunters can quietly to tracks the dying animal. (Nomads of the Dawn: The Penan of the Borneo Rainforest, Wade Davis, Ian Mackenzie, Shane Kennedy, pomegranate Artbooks, 1995) Penan’s culture: Besides that, I would to discuss about the culture change of the nomadic Penan. According to Bilton T, Bonnet K and the scholars, culture is learned behavior in any particular society includes those ideas, techniques and habits which are passed on by one generation to another generation in a sense. The nomadic Penan move in groups and they have their own clan territories. The groups are consisted of a family of five or six members and some family even consisted of 30 people. When their sago supplies are exhausted, they will leave their old selap (huts) and move to another patch of forest where a fresh camp that is established. (Introductory Sociology: 2nd edition, Bilton T, Bonnet K, Jones P, Stanworth M, Sheard K and Webster A. 1987. Mackays of Chatham PLC, Kent) The Penan natives’ possessions are few and everything is carried in simple with a strong backpacks made from rattan. Even small children have packs to carry. Selap are made from thick poles tied together with rattan strips. Every family has one hut for living and a smaller one for sleeping. The majority of the roofs are tarpaulins and there are seldom roof made by giant palm leaves. The floors are four feet off the ground and above a hearth of mud are two wooden racks for storing cooking equipment and drying fire wood. Social change: According to Barbara Marliene S.

University of Phoenix Data Analysis Regression Discussion

essay helper free University of Phoenix Data Analysis Regression Discussion.

Time series are particularly useful to track variables such as revenues, costs, and profits over time. Time series models help evaluate performance and make predictions. Consider the following and respond in a minimum of 175 words:Time series decomposition seeks to separate the time series (Y) into 4 components: trend (T), cycle (C), seasonal (S), and irregular (I). What is the difference between these components?The model can be additive or multiplicative.When we do use an additive model? When do we use a multiplicative model?The following list gives the gross federal debt(in millions of dollars) for the U.S. every 5 years from 1945 to 2000:Year Gross Federal Debt ($millions)1945 260,1231950 256,8531955 274,3661960 290,5251965 322,3181970 380,9211975 541,9251980 909,0501985 1,817,5211990 3,206,5641995 4,921,0052000 5,686,338Construct a scatter plot with this data. Do you observe a trend? If so, what type of trend do you observe?Use Excel to fit a linear trend and an exponential trend to the data. Display the models and their respective r^2.Interpret both models. Which model seems to be more appropriate? Why?No plagarism, please include references if used
University of Phoenix Data Analysis Regression Discussion

Savannah State University America Fight Against Terror Discussion

Savannah State University America Fight Against Terror Discussion.

Explain in a well written academic style paragraph of at minimum 250 words, free of grammatical errors, an answer for the following question (answer all questions within):Apparently, according to political pundits, we live now in a post-911 world, where we are ever more vigilant in thwarting terror and also more active fighting terror. But are we really? Yes, sure America was hit with a deadly terror attack that killed thousands but what happened after, was it really something new? Something that we get to label as “post?” After 911 we attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq and the Libya and now Syria. We fight “new” enemies such as Al Qaeda and ISIS or ISIL or Daesh or whatever you want to call them. Who are these folk we are fighting? Are they new? Has really much changed from our policies that began with the Age of Imperialism? Were we doing similar committing similar military actions during the Spanish/American War? Guantanamo Bay, built the year of the Spanish/American War, remains in Cuba. Those we term “terrorists” are still locked up there. Why or why not do we “live in a post-911 world.”
Savannah State University America Fight Against Terror Discussion

“What is morality in any given time and place?

“What is morality in any given time and place?.

Alfred North Whitehead’s statement: “What is morality in any given time and place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like and immorality is what they dislike” is a very controversial statement. Think about this statement as you consider the following questions as a guide to help your formulate a thesis statement. Select 1 of the following questions to answer and develop your thesis statement:Businesses can have ethical standards, but businesses are not moral agents. Do you agree or disagree? Is it true that the “bottom line” of business is profit and profit alone? In business, are there other less tangible goals that are intrinsic to and just as important as making money? In a business environment, why should people be moral as individuals? Why should a corporation or organization be moral? Could you apply the first formulation of Kant’s categorical imperative to a business environment? Part 2: Developing the EssayIdentify your thesis statement (argument claim) within the introduction of your paper. Conduct research using library resources. Outline your essay, considering deontological ethics, teleological ethics, moral objectivism, and ethical relativism in your argument. Provide at least 3 valid reasons to support your argument. Also, be sure to include the following in your APA formatted essay: Use of explanations of philosophical concepts such as utilitarianism, categorical imperatives, process philosophy, moral relativism, moral absolutism, ethical relativism, moral objectivism, deontological ethics, or teleological ethics to structure your essay and provide evidence to support your claims. Your argument and reasons (claims) should be defended by philosophical concepts supported by evidence, which is based on your research. Please use the APA library to begin your research.Part 3: ConclusionConsider morality and ethics from the perspective of Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy and Immanuel Kant’s universal categorical imperative. After conducting your research and writing your essay, could you conclude that businesses can have ethical standards, despite the fact that businesses are not moral agents? Why or why not? Please explain summing up your argument.Part 4: Review Checklist before submitting essayYour essay should be checked for proper use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may find that you change your mind on the issue as you are writing your paper. That is fine, but be sure to present your ultimate decision at the beginning of the paper, and stick to it consistently throughout. This may require that you go back and change paragraphs to support your changed thesis statement. Your argument should be clear, concise, and supported with logically valid claims and evidence followed by APA in-text citations. A reference page documenting your sources should be included.
“What is morality in any given time and place?

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