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This course will cover the concepts of alular and structural anatomy and physiology of the nervous system; the neurotransmitter systems and psychopathology; the functional anatomy of sensory systems, including vision, audition, olfactory, gestation and segmentations; and the motor system. Prerequisites: General Psychology (SAYS 012) is a required prerequisite. In addition, it is highly recommended that students complete an introductory biology course previous to this class (BBS 1 010 Biological Principles or BBS 2085 Anatomy & Physiology l).This course is built on the foundation of basic properties of cell biology.

If students are unsure of whether their requisites provide enough background for this course, they should check with the professor. Textbooks 1. Physiology of Behavior by Neil Carlson. 1 lath edition. Allan & Bacon, 201 1 (De 8-10 are suitable for Bio Bases and are a cost effective alternative. 2. Lecture notes will be uploaded to Blackboard.

Http://blackboard. FAA. Due. It you do not have an active blackboard account or need assistance with Blackboard, please contact RIM services. 3.Additional reading materials from journal articles and other textbooks may be used to supplement the textbook, and will be posted on Blackboard or students to print out and read. Course Expectations.

1. 1. This is an upper level undergraduate course required for psychology and psychobiology majors. This course is intended as an introductory course in behavioral neuroscience. All students must have completed the prerequisite PSYCHES General Psychology course. It is also strongly recommended that all students have completed an introductory college level biology course, as the principles of cell biology are required for this course. .

Please be respectful to your instructor and other students during the lecture. This means showing up to class promptly, and being respectful to others making every effort to not disturb the class. This includes but is not limited to talking with your classmates in a way that interferes with my lectures or other students surrounding you, and turning off/silencing all cellular phones, pagers, and other personal communication devices. I suggest taking your notes by hand or the use of a tape recorder.This gives you a chance to review the notes by hand, and typing them up later, giving you an additional opportunity to clarify and review material while studying the course. However, if you must use a laptop to take notes in class, it MUST be used for note taking only! DO NOT use your laptops to surf the internet, check the news, Google, instant message, backbone, tweet, etc..

Asked to leave the lecture if you do so. You will be 3. Please take notes and be an active participant in the lectures. If there is something you are not sure of, raise your hand and ask.Chances are you are not the only person in the classroom with the question. 4. Do not cheat.

Any person found cheating will receive a zero on the exam or assignment given and academic irregularities will be reported to the allege. Cheating not only includes quizzes and exams, but also includes plagiarism. If students turn in review sheets which are identical in wording to one another, it will be considered plagiarism and will be reported. If you have any questions on academic irregularities or the FAA Honor code, please review your student handbook.Exams There will be three multiple choice exams, each of which will be given during one class period. Exam 1: Chapters 2 and 3 Exam 2: Chapters 4 and 8; readings from Chapters 15, 16, and 18 Exam 3: Chapters 6 and 7 You are required to bring a blue Cantors sheet and a No. Pencil to each exam.

You are also required to bring your Owl Card or State/Government issued identification which will be shown when you turn in you exam. On exam days, if you choose to bring your notes or book to class, they must be stored in a CLOSED booking or purse.Books and notes are not to be placed underneath your seats or on the seat next to you. They must be concealed. Grading Extra Credit: During the semester, there will be five unannounced possesses, which can take place at either the beginning or the end Of a lecture. These quizzes will be on material covered in the previous lecture(s). Each opaque is worth a total of 2 points added on to your final grade, which can add up to a total of 10 points (a letter grade! ) to your final grade.

Tests and ANOVA in Clinical Practice

Tests and ANOVA in Clinical Practice.

Inferential statistics enable researchers to apply the data they gather and the conclusions they draw from a particular sample to a larger population. As the name implies, inferential statistics focus on inferring whether there is a relationship between two or more variables. These statistical analyses include t tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA). t Tests are part of a group of statistical tests that test hypotheses; in fact, it is necessary to formulate a hypothesis in order to use a t test, because the results of the test can only be interpreted in the context of a scientific hypothesis. Inferential statistics such as t tests work well for comparing two groups. Although mathematically equivalent to the t test, ANOVA allows for the comparison of more than two groups. Therefore, when three or more groups are involved, the ANOVA should be used. In this week’s Discussion, you are asked to locate a current research article that utilizes either a ttest or ANOVA analysis. You provide a summary of the research study and of the study’s application to evidence-based practice. You also examine the article’s use of a t test or ANOVA and how either of those statistical analysis tools helped to inform the article’s conclusions and recommendations.

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