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Term Paper Assignment Energy Company Analysis

Term Paper Assignment Energy Company Analysis.

Energy Company Analysis is (Plug Power Inc. (PLUG))Research the company and prepare a report about it for investors. Using financial ratios as you did for the financial analysis assignment will be one part of your analysis. Making assumptions about revenues and margins, one can estimate how income and the financial ratios will change. What may change revenues and margins does not only depend on the company’s actions, but also on the general economic, environmental and social conditions and the demand and price of their product. The conclusion of your analysis does not have to be a “buy” or a “sell” for the company. I am attaching a recent analysis about Occidental Petroleum (OXY). It is very thin in terms of numbers (it does not even mention any financial ratios) and gets into things about refinancing the debt, oil prices, etc. What is of interest also, is that there is a case made to buy OXY and a case not to buy it. If you watch a show on CNSB or Bloomberg television, it is very common to see two guests one of which argues for something and the other against it. This is how the world of financial analysis and advising operates. There are no clear-cut answers. As they say, “nobody rings a bell when it is time to buy (or sell)”. So, prepare your paper accordingly. You do not have to be absolute in your overall conclusion, but also do not play all sides either.Obviously, you should start with the company’s financial statements from the annual report or other sources. In addition, you should search for news items about the company’s operations, finances, market position, prospects, etc. Your report should have a substantial quantitative portion. You could create a spreadsheet that recalculates the company’s income statement and financial ratios under various assumptions. In addition to the numbers, you should consider how the overall economy, market trends, politics, etc. would have an impact on your company. Based on that, you can make arguments on whether one should invest in the company or not and under what circumstances. You may include other people’s opinions in what you write. There are analysts whose jobs are to comment on the companies they follow. You may read their recent writings and use them to shape your argument and opinion. It should be done in a term paper format. How you structure it exactly is up to you, but it could have the following sections:Introduction and description of the companyThe company’s financial positionNumerical analysis of the finances.External factors that may influence performance (market, politics, environment, etc.)Recommendations about the company as an investment.Any other information or knowledge you wish you had so that you could have done a better job.
Term Paper Assignment Energy Company Analysis

cybercrimes laws and policy. I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

Align your assignment to the following questions:

Provide a full and correct bibliographic citation of the article using APA format.
Identify and summarize the author’s argument or viewpoint.
Discuss the most important primary sources used in the article. What are the primary sources used? If applied what type of analysis did the author use inconjunction with the primary sources? Did the author look closely at a small number or primary source evidence? Or did the author take examples from a wide range of sources? or something in between? Explain.
Discuss the secondary sources used by the author. Did the author include only sources that supported the argument? or did the article also bring up secondary sources that the author wanted to challenge or refute? Did the author try to resolve disagreement between secondary sources? How recent are the sources relative to the article’s publication date?
Judge the article: Has the article been citied, has the author written other articles or reviews?
Write a short paragraph (5 sentences or more) indicating the scholastic value. rate the article as if you expect someone with an IT background would read your rating. (Do not make this paragraph about your background or interests)

cybercrimes laws and policy

A number of authorities have expressed the view that spiritual, religious and emotional health has little place in a health care system which is organised by managers and informed by science. (viz. Lynn 2001) The move towards evidence based practice and hard technologically based health interventions are arguably eclipsing the need that many patients have to acknowledge and explore their own spirituality. This is probably particularly so in aspects of healthcare such as palliative care or when patients are facing major surgery, when they are more forcibly confronted by their own mortality. (Malin and Wilmot et al. 2002) Many have suggested that the two concepts of scientific endeavour and spiritual beliefs and mutually incompatible, but one can be reminded of the words of Albert Einstein who was said to have replied to a reporter who asked him if he could prove that God existed scientifically “Sir, I will prove that God exists scientifically the moment that you can prove to me that an atom exists theologically”. (cited in Kuhse
Leon is five years old and slated to enter kindergarten in 5 months. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and has moderate developmental delays. He has an IEP for DD (Developmentally Delayed), Language and Speech services. Leon’s speech is comparable to a two-year old, and he has difficulty with fine motor tasks. Leon gets frustrated easily, and throws tantrums when he is frustrated or doesn’t get something he wants. Leon currently receives speech and language therapy while he attends an ESE preschool program. He gets weekly OT (Occupational Therapy) through the ELKS program. His parents and teacher are very worried that he will not do well in kindergarten.You are in charge of exceptional education services at your school. What are the first steps you would take in order to ensure that Leon receives the most appropriate and beneficial support possible as he begins kindergarten?In your answer, be sure to include information about teaming, person-centered planning, and identifying goals and target behaviors. Include a rationale that supports your decisions in each part of your answer. Use the information from Leon’s case as needed to illustrate specific points (e.g., team members, steps within the person-centered planning process, goals and target behaviors).

FLVS Spanish Grammar Sentences Construction Questions

FLVS Spanish Grammar Sentences Construction Questions.

Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 LC) Lee y escoge la opción con el verbo en la voz pasiva con se para completar la frase. Read and choose the option with the verb in the passive voice with se to complete the sentence. Los molinos de la Mancha son un símbolo nacional de España mundialmente. ________ que es el resultado de la popularidad de la novela por Cervantes. Se dice Se dicen Se digo Se digaQuestion 2(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 MC) Lee y escoge la opción que contesta la pregunta. Read and choose the option that answers the question. La literatura de este tiempo se define por lo siguiente:Autor anónimo: El autor no firma su obra porque sabe que esta pertenece a una colectividad. No busca diferenciarse de los demás.Obra oral: Eran obras orales, ya que la gente no sabía leer. Esto explica que sean pocas las obras que se han conservado.Obra en verso: En el siglo doce se consideraba que el verso era lo que hacía literaria a una obra.Source: literary age or movement is being described in the selection?undefined Edad Media Siglo de Oro ModernismoQuestion 3(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 LC) Lee la frase y escoge la respuesta correcta para completar la frase. Read the sentence and choose the best response to complete the sentence.Los testimonios de Bartolomé de las Casas, donde él escribió un testimonio contra los abusos de los indios caribeños, fueron ________ por pocas personas en su tiempo. leído leída leídos leídasQuestion 4(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 LC) Lee y escoge la opción con la forma correcta del participio pasado para completar la frase. Read and choose the option with the correct form of the past participleto complete the sentence. Un tema que propuso la educación para mujeres fue ________ por Sor Juana de la Cruz. escrita escribido escribida escritoQuestion 5(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 MC) Escucha el audio y escoge la mejor respuesta para contestar la pregunta basado en lo que escuchas. Listen to the audio and select the best response to the question based on what you hear.undefinedundefinedbestundefinedundefined The audio is an example of a literary work with a strong Spanish Modernism influence in Latin America. The audio is an example of an adventure story with imaginary characters from the Romantic period. The audio is an example of a modern Latin American novel with themes from Spain from the Golden Age.Question 6(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 LC) Lee la frase y escoge la respuesta correcta para completar la frase. Read the sentence and choose the best response to complete the sentence.El poema Cantar el Mío Cid fue ________ como la primera obra del lenguaje puro castellano, que hoy en día se llama el español. vista visto vistos vistasQuestion 7(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 MC) Lee la lectura y escoge la respuesta correcta. Read the excerpt and choose the best response.Hay un intercambio constante entre las Américas y Europa. Por ejemplo, cuando el Romanticismo llegó a América Latina, se transformó en una versión claramente latina. Este movimiento mantuvo ciertos elementos de la literatura romántica, pero luego fue aún más lejos. Esto es cuando el nacionalismo de la era Romántica se convirtió en el retorno a las raíces indígenas, y así nació el indigenismo. Aves sin nido por Turner y Hombre de Maíz por Asturias sirven de ejemplo y fueron unos catalizadores de las obras que siguieron. El resultado de la influencia europea alentó una nueva identidad para los escritores latinos.Según el artículo, ¿cuál es la definición del indigenismo? El indigenismo es como el nacionalismo; es el desarrollo de una identificación con el país y su cultura natal. El indigenismo habla de la conexión entre los dos continentes que resulta en estilos de literatura muy similares. El movimiento literario del indigenismo es el valor de las culturas nativas en los países reflejado en la literatura. Es un movimiento con un estilo completamente diferente del estilo en Europa que no refleja ideas europeas.Question 8(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 LC) Lee la frase y escoge la respuesta correcta para completar la frase. Read the sentence and choose the best option to complete the sentence.Muchas veces los escritores del Renacimiento usan la poesía para plasmar ________. el estatus social la soledad el códice la transferenciaQuestion 9(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 HC) Lee la lectura y escoge la palabra correcta para completar la frase. Read the excerpt and select the correct words to complete the sentence.Hay un argumento válido para afirmar que el verdadero comienzo del boom latino comenzó con Cervantes y nunca terminó completamente. Los defensores de esta teoría afirman que desde el siglo XVI, los escritores hispanos han contribuido con obras importantes a todos los movimientos literarios en la historia hasta el presente. Señalan a grandes escritores transformadores más allá de Cervantes como Sor Juana, posiblemente la primera feminista, o Bartolomé de las Casas, uno de los primeros escritores que escribió en la defensa de los pueblos indígenas en el Nuevo Mundo.El autor piensa que, en esencia, la edad de oro nunca terminó, y el boom, también con otros movimientos contemporáneos como ________ es solo otra manifestación de esto. la Edad Media el Modernismo el Renacimiento el RealismoQuestion 10(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)(05.06 MC) Lee y escoge la opción con la palabra o palabras correctas para completar la frase. Read, and choose the option with the correct word or words to complete the sentence. Los críticos han reconocido al Barroco como una imposición imperial sobre las colonias españolas subyugadas y como una expresión localizada de resistencia a conciencia; fueron las intervenciones artísticas de marginados africanos, indios, mestizos y, sobre todo, criollos. El Barroco del Nuevo Mundo es, pues, el resultado de la colonización transatlántica, la esclavitud y la transculturación, y se le atribuye a menudo como el movimiento literario fundacional de América Latina.Source:…Según la lectura, El Barroco en el Nuevo Mundo sucedió cuando los esclavos, indios y mestizos empezaron a ________ sus resistencias al colonialismo a través de la literatura. transferir plasmar introducir editar
FLVS Spanish Grammar Sentences Construction Questions

The Vision of Reconstruction Issues in US Essay

programming assignment help The Vision of Reconstruction Issues in US Essay. Was Reconstruction the opportunity for building a new social order according to which the North and the South of the USA could develop in a mutual agreement after the years of the cruel Civil War? What were the ways to achieve the goals pointed out as the results of the Civil War? The American historians and researchers made the attempt to answer these controversial questions in their movie Reconstruction – the Second Civil War. According to the title of the movie, it is possible to state that it is rather difficult to consider the period of Reconstruction as the beginning of the peaceful living of the nation after the war, but it is the start for the development of long and problematic processes which involve all the sides of the nation’s everyday life. The authors of the movie present a wide retrospective of the events which took place during Reconstruction and gave their detailed analysis with references to the evidences presented in a number of historical documents and memoirs. The authors also discuss the period of Reconstruction basing on the material given in the book by Eric Foner which is Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution. Thus, the movie is divided into two parts which present the through examination of such fields of issues as the civil rights and the effects of Civil War and Reconstruction on the people’s lives. Therefore, was it possible to create a new social order in the situation of the almost absolute decline of the nation and social confusion of the majority of the people who did not know how to live under new conditions? The war did not solve the problem of racial prejudice. If slavery is forbidden, it does not mean that ‘black’ people become the part of the ‘white’ society immediately and without any difficulties (“Reconstruction”). The movie offers the evidences that this problem was not only solved but also acquired new features. To depict the peculiarities of Reconstruction, the authors of the movie accentuate the figures of the most important historical leaders and focus on their role in creating the revolution in the social and political life. However, political leaders tried to control the situation on the governmental level, but what processes were in progress in society? The stories about the ordinary Americans help to create the full picture of the issue of Reconstruction and determine its main aspects. It was the personal story of every individual in the USA behind Reconstruction. There were not such people who could avoid its negative effects. The situation was rather challengeable for both ‘blacks’ and ‘whites’ who tried to adapt to the new social structure. Reconstruction has the decisive impacts on the history of the American nation. The pictures from the movie illustrate the development of the aspects of such significant notions as freedom and citizenship (“Reconstruction”). The issues of Reconstruction were also important for the development of the basics for building the principles of the modern American nation and society. In their movie, the authors of Reconstruction – the Second Civil War draw the audience’s attention to the fact that it is absolutely necessary to concentrate on both positive and negative effects of Reconstruction as the one of the most controversial period in the American history and not ignore them because this period has the significant historical meaning. Reconstruction’s results are quite helpful for understanding the processes in the modern society and history. Works Cited “Reconstruction – the Second Civil War”. PBS American Experience. 19 Dec. 2003. Video. The Vision of Reconstruction Issues in US Essay

HC 490 Herzing University Online Week 7 Journal of Activities Thesis Paper

HC 490 Herzing University Online Week 7 Journal of Activities Thesis Paper.

Unit 7 AssignmentSubmit AssignmentDue Sunday by 11:59pm Points 20 Submitting a text entry box or a file uploadInstructionsSubmit the journal of activities that you performed during Unit 7 of your internship. There should be an entry for each day you were at your internship site. Each entry must document the following information:Date of activityActivities performedApproximate length of time spent performing each activityDiscuss what you learned by performing these activitiesDiscuss any surprises. For example, how did the activity you performed differ from what you learned in class?This assignment should be at least 2 pages in APA format with two scholarly references. Assignment is due Sunday.RubricHC490 Unit 7 AssignmentHC490 Unit 7 AssignmentCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent10.0 ptsLevel 5Demonstrates the ability to construct a clear and insightful problem statement/thesis statement/topic statement with evidence of all relevant contextual factors.9.0 ptsLevel 4Demonstrates the ability to construct a problem statement, thesis statement/topic statement with evidence of most relevant contextual factors, and problem statement is adequately detailed.8.0 ptsLevel 3Begins to demonstrate the ability to construct a problem statement/thesis statement/topic statement with evidence of most relevant contextual factors, but problem statement is superficial.7.0 ptsLevel 2Demonstrates a limited ability in identifying a problem statement/thesis statement/topic statement or related contextual factors.6.0 ptsLevel 1Demonstrates the ability to explain contextual factors but does not provide a defined statement.0.0 ptsLevel 0There is no evidence of a defined statement.10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysisPRICE-P5.0 ptsLevel 5Organizes and compares evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities related to focus.4.5 ptsLevel 4Organizes and interprets evidence to reveal patterns, differences, or similarities related to focus.4.0 ptsLevel 3Organizes and describes evidence according to patterns, differences, or similarities related to focus.3.5 ptsLevel 2Organizes evidence, but the organization is not effective in revealing patterns, differences, or similarities.3.0 ptsLevel 1Describes evidence, but it is not organized and/or is unrelated to focus.0.0 ptsLevel 0Lists evidence, but it is not organized and/or is unrelated to focus.5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting3.0 ptsLevel 5The paper exhibits an excellent command of written English language conventions. The paper has no errors in mechanics, grammar, or spelling.2.7 ptsLevel 4The paper exhibits a good command of written English language conventions. The paper has no errors in mechanics or spelling with minor grammatical errors that impair the flow of communication.2.4 ptsLevel 3The paper exhibits a basic command of written English language conventions. The paper has minor errors in mechanics, grammar, or spelling that impact the flow of communication.2.1 ptsLevel 2The paper exhibits a limited command of written English language conventions. The paper has frequent errors in mechanics, grammar, or spelling that impede the flow of communication.1.8 ptsLevel 1The paper exhibits little command of written English language conventions. The paper has errors in mechanics, grammar, or spelling that cause the reader to stop and reread parts of the writing to discern meaning.0.0 ptsLevel 0The paper does not demonstrate command of written English language conventions. The paper has multiple errors in mechanics, grammar, or spelling that cause the reader difficulty in discerning the meaning.3.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPAPRICE-I2.0 ptsLevel 5The required APA elements are all included with correct formatting, including in-text citations and references.1.8 ptsLevel 4The required APA elements are all included with minor formatting errors, including in-text citations and references.1.6 ptsLevel 3The required APA elements are all included with multiple formatting errors, including in-text citations and references.1.4 ptsLevel 2The required APA elements are not all included and/or there are major formatting errors, including in-text citations and references.1.2 ptsLevel 1Several APA elements are missing. The errors in formatting demonstrate a limited understanding of APA guidelines, in-text-citations, and references.0.0 ptsLevel 0There is little to no evidence of APA formatting and/or there are no in-text citations and/or references.2.0 ptsTotal Points: 20.0PreviousNext
HC 490 Herzing University Online Week 7 Journal of Activities Thesis Paper

The Movie Batman Returns and Its Hero Essay

Table of Contents Introduction The hero in Batman begins Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The movie Batman Returns is a typical example of how Christopher Vogler’s structures rings true in storytelling. Nonetheless, the director and production team took liberties with the sequences of these occurrences as well as the nature of characters that belong to those categories. In certain circumstances, one may be fooled into thinking that a character is an ally only to realize that he is an adversary. It was these twists and turns that make the movie breathtaking. The hero in Batman begins Batman begins has all the twelve elements of the Hero’s journey. The story is intertwined by a series of distant and close flashbacks which help to provide a background to the goings in the story. These flashbacks are what reveal the first component of the Hero’s journey; the ordinary world. Audiences can get a glimpse of Bruce’s earlier life. He seemed happy and fulfilled as a child with both parents until their death. Thereafter, the young man develops a great degree of animosity and hatred towards his parents’ murderer – Joe Chill. One also gets a glimpse of the influential people in his life, such as Alfred Pennyworth and Rachel. The call to adventure occurs at an early point in the film. During the trial of his parent’s killer, Bruce decides to carry a gun with him into trial. His intention is to shoot the perpetrator if he is acquitted. However, another assassin learns of the wrong and prevents him from this great misdeed. It is at this point that the call to adventure occurs. Rachel tells him that Joe Chill had critical information about Gotham City’s worst drug baron – Carmine Falcone. He, alongside other hardcore drug lords, was terrorizing the city. They were the real problem, and if Bruce only killed Chill then he would be exerting revenge. Rachel asserted that true justice occurred when hardcore criminal elements like Falcone were captured. Bruce thus realized that Falcone was responsible for the city’s decay. He needed to deal with this man and others like him in order to restore sanity in Gotham (IMBD 18). In most films, the refusal to call occurs shortly after the call, and Batman Begins is not an exception (Vogler 7). Bruce confronts Falcone at his underground bar and gets beaten by his employees. At this point, he escapes into China where he steals and infiltrates into the criminal underworld. It seems as though the last place one would fight Gotham’s ills would be in China, which was miles away from his home place. Furthermore, he appeared lost and confused when he made this escape. Bruce then enters the fourth phase of the hero’s journey by meeting with his mentor. This happens when he goes back home and gets introduced to Lucius Fox. The latter individual gives him insights about the goings-on of Wayne Enterprises, and is the one who introduces him to a series of special weapons. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Fox’s ideas lead to formation of the Batman persona since it is his technological inventions that facilitate this transition. It should be noted that at the beginning of the movie, Henri Ducard appears to be the mentor since he teaches Bruce valuable fighting and life lessons. However, later on in the film, one realizes that he was an evil man bent on destroying Gotham city. The fifth phase of Vogler’s hero’s journey is crossing the threshold. This occurs when Bruce modifies the battle suit, ski mask and other devices from Wayne Enterprises to create a disguise. However, when he first confronts Sergeant Jim Gordon, the story begins to take off from there. Shortly after this phase, Mr. Wayne then enters into the tests and allies stage of the hero’s journey. This occurs when he does his first heroic deed. Falcone is unloading his drug shipments from a cargo ship; Bruce causes his allies to disappear, ties up Falcone, and disarms the thugs (IMBD 23). At this point, one learns that the hero’s key enemies are the drug dealers, with Falcone as the key suspect. Corrupt police officers such as Arnold Flass are also his adversaries. Conversely, Officer Gordon is his key ally in law enforcement as he is a just officer. Batman Begins’ sixth phase of the hero’s journey takes place much earlier than one would anticipate (Vogler 20). Batman’s biggest fear is that of bats. It reminds him of his parents’ death and the depression that followed thereafter. When he is back in the League of Shadows, Bruce inhales smoke that causes him to have delusions about bats. It was at this point that the individual overcomes the phobia, fights Ducard. and wins the sword fight. When he gets back home, he chooses the bat symbol in order to reflect this inner fear. He wanted his enemies to experience the same terror that the bats elicited in him. The Supreme Ordeal occurs when Ra’s plans on destroying the city using the microwave transmitter. Batman tries to stop him by engaging with him in the train. There are four League of Shadows members who seem to outnumber and beat Bruce. However, he manages to overcome them but has to deal with the paranoid residents of the city. As Batman enters into the train where Ra’s is located, one gets the sense that things are only going downhill from there. Ra’s even despises Batman by calling him an ‘ordinary man in a cape’ (IMBD 35). We will write a custom Essay on The Movie Batman Returns and Its Hero specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the hero proves the audience wrong when he uses a clever tactic to cut off one section of the train. Since the microwave emitter was the prime problem, its destruction through a train explosion marks the emergence of the hero from the near-death experience. This explosion also got rid of Ra’s who had become a source of turmoil in the film. Batman’s ability to come out of this situation proved that he was a hero worth his salt. The ninth phase of the journey, which is seizing the sword, occurs shortly after beating Ra’s. Bruce talks to Rachel and reconciles with her. She has now learnt that Bruce and Batman are one and the same. Furthermore, she realizes that she had misjudged Bruce’s character on the basis of his drunken escapades (IMBD 41). This scene ends with the promise of a reunion that could occur when Batman seizes to exist. Vogler explains that a kiss and some wise words are typical in this case. This was true for Batman Begins because she stresses how Batman’s cowl is Bruce’s real identity. When some evil forces pursue the hero after the seizing-the-sword phase, then this becomes the road back. One may argue that no such phase took place in the film. After Bruce destroyed his adversaries, he only meets with members of Wayne Enterprises as well as Alfred and Sergeant Gordon. No high-octane action scene follows after his victory (Vogler 26). However, one may also argue that the road-back phase occurs in a mild form through the person of William Earle. He shows up at the Enterprise ready to take on leadership of the corporation. Nonetheless, this chase ends as soon as it begins when William Earle learns that Bruce bought most of the stocks on offer and he has majority control over the enterprise. The eleventh phase of the hero’s journey is the transformation, which Vogler called the resurrection phase. At this point, Bruce realizes that he is pertinent to the success of Gotham City. He has also learnt about staying true to himself as well as the need to believe in himself. At the beginning of his adventure, Bruce was not sure he could take down such a powerful force as the drug underworld, but through cooperation with his friends, he proved that he could. In Batman Begins, the last part of the film, which is the return phase, occurs when Bruce uses the experiences he encountered with Ra’s and Falcone to become a better superhero. He knows that criminals are not to be underestimated as they can use as much technology as he does. Gordon highlights this aspect, but Batman seems unfettered by it. He knows that restoring safety in Gotham is an achievable endeavor. Conclusion The production team of Batman Begins played cleverly with the twelve steps of the hero’s journey. Some steps like the ‘road back’ were almost nonexistent while others were intermingled. For instance, approach to the inmost cave occurs before meeting with the mentor or crossing the threshold. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Movie Batman Returns and Its Hero by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Perhaps more importantly, the most critical phase of the hero’s journey fulfills all expectations of a Supreme Ordeal; it is tension-filled, spirited and full of action. This film has all the phases of the hero’s journey without drawing attention to the structure. The production team had thus perfected their skill. Works Cited IMBD. Batman Begins (2005) synopsis. 2005. Web. Vogler, Christopher. A practical guide to Joseph Campbell’s the hero with a thousand faces. 1985. Web.

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