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Satan has made it his intent in life to seek retaliation on God for ostracizing him from Eden. The extract of The Temptation of Eve when Satan speaks to Eve is grounds of this. Throughout these lines Satan fast ones Eve into disobeying God. attempts to turn Eve against God. and efforts to demo Eve that cognizing good and evil will do her more like God.

The Tree of Knowledge is a really powerful tree that God has created. Line 243-247 explain how God made this tree so powerful that it non merely can’t be eating off of. but touched either. Satan lures Eve into eating the fruit from the tree by stating her that he has eaten the fruit one time earlier and it made him hold the ability to speak and believe. So she is believing at this point that if she eats from the tree as good possibly she will derive more cognition merely like the snake did. Eve is incognizant of the difference between right and incorrect so she begins to believe Satan. but still inquiries him about God. Besides Eve doesn’t realize that the snake is truly Satan so she easy becomes more funny to what he has to state. Since Satan is seeking retaliation on God. he is seeking to destructing his most perfect creative activity which is Adam and Eve.

At this point Satan is seeking to carry Eve that she won’t dice from eating the fruit of the tree. In the narrative Satan claims he has already eaten the fruit of this tree and when he did eat it. he purportedly gained the ability to believe and speak. He besides brings up a point to her that none of the other animate beings can believe and speak and they didn’t eat from the tree. but he did. so that draws her in more into believing his prevarications. Satan says in line 270 from the reading that you can’t decease from the tree because it gives you life. Which he is mentioning to when he ate of the fruit and it gave him more cognition. So now Eve is get downing to tilt more toward what Satan has to state because she thinks. good if he ate the fruit and now thinks and negotiations. so I wonder what I will derive from eating the fruit. Eve is taken in by Satan’s false premises because she is nescient of common sense and doesn’t realize that she is being hoodwinked. She hasn’t developed the cognition of good and evil yet so she has no hint that her and Adam’s lives are in danger within her appreciation.

In line 271. Satan refers God as a “threatener” . He is seeking to flim-flam Eve into believing that God has no power over anyone else and that she could be merely every bit good as God. He is seeking to convert her that God is no more powerful than any other animal. Once once more she doesn’t have adequate cognition to cognize what evil is so she is stealing into what he is throwing at her. Some techniques that he uses on her are kindness by stating sweet things to her and remaining composure with her. he gives her regards and calls her a goddess. Eve is falling for his hocus-pocus because he is feigning to be a gentleman and because she is a fleeceable and vulnerable miss. She is fleeceable because she is so guiltless toward bad and evil. that anything anyone tells her she believes. She doesn’t even know evil exists or what it is because God didn’t set it into the universe and by her being defenseless with no aid. Satan can easy acquire into her head. Adam is a large portion in Eve’s life and since he isn’t at that place when Old nick shows up. she is incapacitated and exposed for Satan’s evil program to come into action. Possibly if Adam was with Eve at the clip of Satan’s reaching. Satan likely wouldn’t of tested flim-flaming Eve because she had Adam at that place to protect her.

Satan is seeking to peruse Eve that he has eaten from this tree and when he did he gained cognition and the ability to talk. He claims that life is more perfect now that he has eaten from this tree and that he has touched and tasted from the tree and lived. In lines 272-276. he explained how destiny has given him a better opportunity to populate now that he has eaten off this tree. Besides he explains to Eve in those lines that God has must of set that tree at that place for a ground because when he ate from it nil happened. He besides was stating that if merely good comes from eating off the tree. so why would God state you non to eat from it? It besides says in those lines that if its shut for worlds. so why non for beats? Satan tells Eve that God didn’t acquire huffy at me for eating from the tree. so why would he be angry at you? By stating all these prevarications to Eve. she begins to oppugn God’s authorization and inquire why nil has happened to the snake when he has eaten from it. Eve besides one time once more doesn’t cognize what evil is so that draws her in more into Satan’s program. At this point into Satan’s strategy. Adam still isn’t at that place for Eve to protect her and do certain she isn’t eating from the tree. Now that Eve knows that the snake didn’t acquire punished for eating the bad fruit. she has 2nd conjectures about whether or non God will see her eat the fruit and penalize her.

In lines 273 and 274 Satan says. “And life more perfect have attained than Fate/Meant me. by embarking higher than my batch. ” I believe Satan was seeking to state that he has a more perfect life now than destiny has intended and volunteering higher than he could travel. He was explicating to Eve that he transcend and went beyond the degree of his outlook and it turns out that when he took the hazard he got something positive out of it. Satan tried to state Eve that he took the hazard of traveling against destiny and he found something good out of it. so this is demoing her that if she does the same. possibly destiny will allow her something good every bit good as the snake. His “new knowledge” has brought Eve to believe that her destiny could convey her something positive for her life and she could derive the apprehension and power of God. Eve merely continues to listen to what the snake has to state and she is so incognizant and naive that everything she hears from him is right to her. No animal like the snake has of all time came up to Eve and started congratulating her. bowed to her and done the things the snake has done. so her experience of this evil and trickery doesn’t apply to her well-being.

Satan has non giving up on seeking to entice Eve into eating the fruit. He now begins to state her in lines 277 and 278. that “For such a junior-grade trespass and non praise/Rather your dauntless virtuousness. ” In Satan’s words. “petty trespass” . is mentioning to Eve’s undistinguished invasion of the garden. He is seeking to state. why God would be angry at Eve if she is merely harmlessly walking through the garden. incognizant and unarmed. He’s seeking to acquire her to understand that she isn’t making any injury by walking near the tree. Harmonizing to Satan. “dauntless virtue” . agencies Eve is unafraid and has goodness. At this point Satan is seeking to butter up Eve some more and get down to give her regards. so she will go more comfy with him. The more nice things he says to her. the more she is traveling to believe what he is stating is the truth. He is still seeking to acquire Eve to be more on his side. than God’s side so he can set his program into action. Eve is taken in by these words because she realizes that he is congratulating her and stating things to her that make her feel better about herself. In this manner she is falling for Satan’s fast ones and is acquiring more comfy with him and acquiring closer to him. so she will experience safe with Satan and go friends with him. Eve as being a miss besides has a disadvantage because to Satan misss are more weaker than male childs because they are easy fooled with by regards.

Satan attempts to acquire Eve to understand that she could be a “better topic of God’s” . He says this because if Eve eats from the tree she will hold a happier life cognizing the difference from good and evil. He explains this in lines 280-283 and continues to state that if evil is known. and so won’t it be good for you to cognize what evil is so you can avoid it and be a better retainer of God. So if she knows what immorality is. it will be easier to avoid and non make so God will be happy that she didn’t choose to make the incorrect thing. Satan is stating by eating from this tree you will so cognize what good and evil is so non merely you will hold a better life. but God every bit good. Now Eve is being taken in by this point by what Satan is stating is doing complete sense to her and cognizing that eating the fruit will be O.K. because she will cognize the difference between making good and evil. Yet once more Adam still is non with Eve. so it makes it easier for Satan to go on with his program to acquire retaliation on God for kicking him out of Eden. By Satan stating Eve that she will populate a better life for herself and God. takes a batch of force per unit area off her if she eats it.

Eve is certain by Satan stating that God “ can non ache ye. and be just” . Satan is seeking to state Eve that God can’t hurt one of them and believe it’s O.K. to make it. Besides he is stating that your fright of decease takes off the fright of God. Satan is seeking to acquire Eve to understand that she shouldn’t be afraid of God even if she eats from the tree. He is acquiring acrossed Eve’s attending by converting her non to fear God because if he were to penalize you. why would he make you to be nescient and low? In lines 284-293. Satan is explicating to Eve that she shouldn’t unrecorded in fright of God and the twenty-four hours you eat the fruit God will open his eyes and recognize that her and Adam are Gods. Satan at this point is good at perusing Eve because he is now speaking to her about God and how if she eats from the tree God will recognize that they are Gods. Besides he is doing Eve experience good about herself and stating her if she eats from the tree she will so derive the cognition of good and evil. Satan is seeking to acquire Eve to grok that God won’t acquire disquieted if she eats from the tree and she won’t acquire killed. Eve is being drawn by Satan at this portion of the narrative because he continues to give her positive feedback and he tells her she won’t demand to worry about God killing her for eating off the tree. Eve besides doesn’t have Adam at that place once more to assist her through Satan’s hocus-pocus. The ground Satan goes for Eve in the first topographic point because he knows that misss are easier to entice in and they can be influenced really rapidly and easy.

Toward the terminal of this narrative. Satan begins to inquire Eve a figure of inquiries such as: “if they all things who enclosed cognition of good and evil in this tree. that who so eats thereof Forth with attains wisdom without their leave? ”

Throughout this whole choice Satan has used many techniques and ways to flim-flam Eve into eating the fruit from the tree. These techniques besides had a large consequence as good. Some ways Satan used to flim-flam Eve is blandishing her and giving her regards. He uses these because for adult females it’s easier to acquire what you want from them. merely by being sort and allowing them hear what they want. In the narrative he besides kissed her pess and licked the grounded she walked on. To Eve this is a large consequence because he is demoing her regard and demoing how of import he is to her. Satan utilizations regards by naming her beautiful. pretty. and a goddess. Satan besides affects her self-esteem by doing her feel good about herself and by giving her the pleasance of experiencing like a queen. The effects of his techniques are acquiring Eve to believe all the prevarications he told her and how she fell for his fast ones. when in the terminal she did fain the cognition of good and evil. but her life got worse alternatively of better. It besides affected her by now she fears life even more because how will she cognize who to swear.

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