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Temple University COVID 19 & US Elections Discussion Replies

Temple University COVID 19 & US Elections Discussion Replies.

Each answer has to be 250 words. Please answer like you are talking to someone, you have to say if you agree or disagree and also use citations and referencesFirst Discussion post:The recent election results are expected to impact the marketing industry as the democrats have a stronghold from the presidency to Congress. The democratic agenda related to data privacy differs significantly from the republican agenda we have been accustomed to over the past four years. Democrats are likely to take a more active role in the government related to the economy and societal issues. Successful campaigns by the democratic party placed the US Senate with a 50 – 50 split. Congress has control of the house, and the newly elected president is a democrat. Conditions are perfect to push the policies and agendas of the democratic party.A key area expected to draw national attention is data privacy regulation. In 2009, the White House Office of Cybersecurity was created, and with the election of President Trump, it was eliminated (Boggs, 2020). Vice-President Kamala Harris was involved in privacy-related issues while serving as Attorney General for the state of California. The expectation that President Biden will reinstitute the office of Cybersecurity and press onwards towards privacy legislation. Currently, the Republicans and Democrats are not aligned when it comes to the privacy of data. The impact on marketers will likely see a constraint on the ability to individualize digital advertising. Currently, marketers utilize individual’s search data and interest on social media to market their products. As customers use their cell phones and computers, pop-up ads appear in hopes that the consumer will take the bait and click on the link. Marketers are moving away from the annoying pop-up ads that often irritate the consumer. The movement has transitioned to hover advertisements that allow them to click and view the content. This style of marketing is used when marketers are running promotions. The customer has a similar experience when using free services like Pandora and XM radio. The music service Pandoras interrupts listening to your favorite band with paid advertisements. Pandora then attempts to up-sale the customer by offering ad-free music for a paid subscription.The Biden Presidency will likely emphasize passage in some form of federal data privacy legislation. The passage of data privacy laws is intended to protect the consumer, specifically when it comes to cyber privacy. The challenge for marketers is how they will reach the potential customers who utilize the internet as the primary source of research before purchase. The online shopping experience is easier than ever for the consumer, and the marketer has taken advantage of this opportunity to promote their products and goods. The question remains will the Biden administration change how marketers market going forward with new regulations, or will we continue to see pop-up ads and hover ads? Second discussion post:Since the global coronavirus pandemic, many companies and business were extremely affected alongside the economy (Abrams, 2021). Numerous stores worldwide were hit hard with all the lockdowns, restrictions and governmental laws (Abrams, 2021). It is important to highlight that not all stores and businesses closed, but many took alternative routes to avoid closure remain financially afloat through the various lockdowns (Abrams, 2021). As a result of this global event, numerous companies and organizations have been forced to make difficult decisions in light of the industry, market shift and consumer trends (Marshall & Johnston, 2015). Many organization’s financial statuses took a plummet following the unforeseen change in economy and industry, subsequently, besides going out of business organizations decided to either temporary close, permanently reduce stores in various locations or claim for bankruptcy (Abrams, 2021). Temporary closure allowed organizations to reduce expenses, shift focus to online efforts and eventually consider reopening (Abrams, 2021). Other organizations foreclosed certain stores permanently to place the centre of attention to locations that guarantee higher levels of income, revenue, consumers (Abrams, 2021). In addition to this, due to financial problems and a collection of debt, organizations may file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which stipulates that retailers have to reduce services, liquidate assets or close locations to cover debt costs (Abrams, 2021). Companies that extremely became affected are, 24-Hour Fitness, Abercrombie & Fitch, AT&T, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Clarks, Gap and many more (Abrams, 2021), as a result, the marketing team within each organization had to quickly adapt and evolve according to the current crisis and change in consumer (Marshall & Johnston, 2015). There have been many changes towards advertisement and marketing since the sudden closure of the business. Changes have varied per company, industry and market. The main common adaptations marketers considered and continue to believe will impact the near future are the increasing complexity in consumer purchasing decision and shift (Turpin, 2016). Consumers always utilize media to assist shopping decisions, however, this has increased dramatically since the shift from store to online shopping has become the norm (Turpin, 2016). According to the market, consumers have become accustomed to lockdown protocols thus the online market rising substantially due to online and media activity (Turpin, 2016). Also, marketers have noticed a need and desire for increased personalization’s in product design, and with the current shift in the market, this has proven to be correct (Turpin, 2016). Additionally, focus on communication, content, website functionality and operations between companies and consumer is more important now than ever with the limitation of direct customer service which is an essential aspect of many retail companies (Turpin, 2016).
Temple University COVID 19 & US Elections Discussion Replies

San Diego State University 5 Steps to Make Your Own Political Art Video Discussion.

Please post your initial response (at least 250 words) to the following prompt:Watch the 5 Steps to Make Your Own Political Art video.Observe visual art in the previous pages in this module.Then, consider and write a paragraph describing a piece of visual art you might create and which of the previous artworks in this module influenced you.What issue would you want to address?What would your artwork look like? Where would you display it?What elements would you include in your artivism piece to create your formula for the most impact? Why would you select those elements?Post your initial response.
San Diego State University 5 Steps to Make Your Own Political Art Video Discussion

Biophysical Information: Biophysical Strengths and Hazards The case study on Kim gives a clear information on the effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development. The case study shows that the use of Methamphetamines (Meth) by mothers during the prenatal stage may have serious physical effects during the process of giving birth. Although there is no clear indication that the use of Meth may affect fetus, the intracranial bleeding that Kim suffered during birth could be attributed to this. The mother used this drug during the prenatal period, and Kim’s blood even tested positive for this drug. Two of the common symptoms of usage of this drug include increased blood pressure and muscle breakdown. These two factors have adverse effects during the delivery process. Most of the problems that Kim had been suffering from could be attributed to the intracranial bleeding she suffered during birth. It is not clear what could have caused this hemorrhage, but it is possible that the blood pressure and the breakdown of the muscles at this important stage could have resulted in this bleeding. This had forced Kim to lead an abnormal life, especially following the severe development delays. Even if it may not be conclusive to state that Meth used by the mother could be responsible for this, it is very likely that the hemorrhage had a lasting negative impact on this child. This is a clear indication that the use of Meth during prenatal care may have serious negative consequences during postnatal developments. Psychological Information: Psychological Strengths and Hazards Kim’s case presents a number of psychological information on prenatal and postnatal care, in relation to bonding and attachment issues. It is clear from the case that Kim should be taken to foster care. However, the mother has strong attachment with the child. The attachment is so strong that the mother ignores the benefits that she could get from this professional care. Child Protective Service (CPS) would help ensure that the child’s condition is not worsened by any form of neglect from the two parents who are addicted to drugs. The ability of the mother to offer care to this delicate child can be demonstrated by the way the other two children are cared for in this family. However, leaving this child entirely under the mother’s care poses some hazards. For instance, some of the effects of Meth abuse include hallucination and depression. When such symptoms come, the mother may lack the capacity to take care of the child appropriately despite the strong bonding. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Social Information: Social Strengths and Hazards This case also raises some social issues regarding postnatal care for children who have delicate conditions like Kim. The case brings out the importance of having children like Kim taken to foster care, especially when the parents prove to be completely irresponsible. It is important to understand factors that practitioners should consider in making assessments for foster care placements. As Chor (2013) observes, foster care is appropriate when it is confirmed that parents are irresponsible, and the environment at home is not appropriate for postnatal care. Practitioners should consider factors such as availability of the mother and her ability to care for the child, the level of hygiene in the house and its environment, and any possibility of violence from any member of the family towards the child. At Kim’s family, the environment is generally safe, except for the possible threat that may be posed by the young brothers who may need to play with their younger sibling. The parents took the two boys away from the family as a way of protecting Kim from their playful activities, but they returned after three days. This is an indication that although the mother is insisting that she is committed to protecting Kim it is possible that she will forget to follow some of the procedures, and this may jeopardize the condition of this child. The inability of Kim to experience normal development could partly be attributed to the interruption in care giving. Therefore, it is important to understand some of the potential consequences of interruptions in care giving. Upon delivery, Kim experienced intracranial bleeding which could have affected delicate organs in the brain. She also tested positive for Crystal Meth at this delicate stage. This means that the child needed professional prenatal care for the normal growth. The health practitioners realized this, and assigned a nurse for this activity. This would have been done effectively if the mother had given her for foster care. The nurse was forced to trust the parents who insisted that they would stop drug abuse, and this would be confirmed by a regular urine drop test. However, both of the parents failed to pass the tests. As a result, this could have contributed to the severe developmental failure in Kim even after eleven months. We will write a custom Critical Writing on The effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Position Paper Form: Thoughts on Position and Literature Support This case demonstrates that prenatal care is as important as postnatal care, and any negligence at any of the stages may result in serious negative consequences for a child. Kim’s developmental problems can directly be attributed to the intracranial bleeding and premature birth the mother had. She was born prematurely, and experienced hemorrhage in the process. This can be attributed to the parents’ abuse of drugs, especially the use of Meth by the mother. It is an indication that there was lack of prenatal care for the pregnancy. This is supported by the fact that the child tested positive for crystal Meth. As Anderson (1998) observes, it is important for a mother to avoid any hard drugs during prenatal care as a way of protecting fetus. Some of these drugs, Crystal Meth included, always find their way to the fetus through the placenta, and this may affect their development (Buckner, Heimberg, Ecker
ENC 3250 USF Claim Adjustment and Sale Professional Letters.

There are three parts to this assignment. The main focus will be on correspondence in letter format. Note – letters, not a memo. Despite the sharp increase in use of electronic means of communication, letters are still a very important means of communication. People take letters more seriously and are more likely to respond to them than emails. In addition, letters are the preferred form for many contracts and many legal mattersTo be clear, please write three separate letters; each is explained below:Claim denial letter. This will reject some claim made by a customer or client. Tone is very important, and the difficulty of the communication is being firm about denying the claim and still retaining the relationship with the customer or client. It’s actually rather difficult to do.Adjustment letter. This letter will accommodate some or all of a customer complaint. It is less difficult than denying a claim, but care is required in keeping the letter focused on the case at hand, without admitting a more general responsibility.Sales letter to a former customer or client, attempting to recover their business. This is apt to be more fruitful than “cold calls” on people who have never done business with you.This module emphasizes the importance of tone. Denying a claim requires firmness but must be done with care, since you wish to retain the customer. Attempting to win back a former client requires a special tone, since the client must have some specific reason for not having returned—which can be important information itself.
ENC 3250 USF Claim Adjustment and Sale Professional Letters

Temple College Investing in Your Team Members Discussion

Temple College Investing in Your Team Members Discussion.

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Discussion 1Based on what you’ve learned this week about investing in your team members, share a real-life example of a company that invests in their employees (you can use one of your past employers or you can use an example you find online). How does this company motivate its employees by investing in them? What are the benefits of investing in employee development?Discussion 2Do you search the Internet effectively?IMPORTANT NOTE – Prepare for your discussion forum response:Review the Discussion Forum Overview. <<<CLICK THE LINK<<<Complete your weekly Webtext reading because the discussion question draws on concepts presented in the Webtext.Tech issues with the above video? Use this link instead: the details of your search strategies to effectively find the information you need.EXPECTATIONSGREETING: Include a welcome that greets Team Bonner and your fellow classmates (For example: Hello Everyone!).PARAGRAPH 1: What is your search strategy?What is one item that you search for frequently?How do you like to search currently? Describe your main way of searching.Do you find it easy to find what you are looking for in your searches?Do you get a lot of relevant search results with your current search strategy?What do you find is the main benefit to how you currently search?What is the main drawback to how you currently search?PARAGRAPH 2: Do you effectively find the information you need using your search strategy?Do you think making changes to how you search for information would yield better search results? Why or why not?Do you think making changes to how you search for information would help you improve on the time it takes to search? Why or why not?Which specific keywords could you use to get better search results in the future?Do you have a list of synonyms you could try to get better quality results?Have you tried using quotation marks in your search? If so, what happened?Have you tried saving good search results for future use? Why or why not?Do you feel that discussing how you search has provided you new insights into creating a better search process? Why or why not?
Temple College Investing in Your Team Members Discussion

The Concept of Patent Law Essay

professional essay writers How the Patent Law Advances Society Patent law advances society since it prevents duplication of other people’s ideas thus stimulating innovation and invention. This leads to the creation of more advanced solutions to the problems faced in society. Furthermore, the availability of patent law protects the ideas and inventions of smaller businesses from being stolen and implemented by large and already established enterprises. This is important since it encourages economic growth and creates job opportunities in society. Effectiveness of the Patent Law The law has gained a lot of prominence during the latter years since many people have been applying for patents lately. For instance, in the United States alone, there are more than ten thousand pending patents that are still awaiting approval. This significant figure shows that many individuals in society have discovered the importance of patents as a means to secure their original ideas. The law is effective since it enables us to enjoy the different, unique brands, such as Coca-Cola, Apple’s iPhone, and the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Thus, this law has brought sanity to the business and intellect world which is always full of counterfeits and plagiarism respectively. Improving the Patent Law The law can be improved by limiting the amount of government red tape involved in acquiring a patent. This will ensure that low-income earners are able to acquire patents for their ideas and innovations without being bought out by the big companies that have surplus finances at their disposal. Another improvement that can be suggested is the availing of all patents on a digital platform, thus making it easier to access and compare ideas. The availability of such information will reduce the number of cases that are fought in the corridors of justice involving violated patents.

ENGL 101 Cuyamaca College Complexities of Public Health Issues Discussion

ENGL 101 Cuyamaca College Complexities of Public Health Issues Discussion.

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What do you think?“Long overdue”: Lawmakers declare racism a public health emergencyBlack and Brown Americans are susceptible to higher rates of infant mortality, heart disease and even an advanced aging process…and now Covid 19.Read in The Guardian: (Links to an external site.)Should we view social structures that promote poor health as a public health issues?ie does race or socioeconomic status in itself impact health? (2 pts)Give an example of a health outcome that occurs more in minority populations and support your answer.(3pts)Reference (3pts)Clarity and analysis (2pts)
ENGL 101 Cuyamaca College Complexities of Public Health Issues Discussion

The History of California: Native Americans and Chumash Beliefs Essay

Table of Contents Secondary sources Major Problems in California History “The Three Worlds of the Chumash” Discussion Works Cited Primary sources of information are pieces of study that were created during the time of study. They may be documents or physical objects that have stored information or informational value that explains events and phenomena of the time under study (Hamilton 20). Moe often than not, primary sources are present during a time period or during an experience. They offer critical inside view of events or experiences. Examples of primary sources include original documents like excerpts and translations. They may also include speeches, diary recordings, letters, manuscripts, films, footages and official records. Creative works like works of poetry and music can also make up primary sources of information. Additionally, artifacts and/or relics can be classified as primary sources of information (Hamilton 25). Real time examples of primary sources of information include the constitution of the US, weaving and pottery of ancient tribes and journal articles that have new and original research findings. Secondary sources When information in primary sources is analyzed and published it becomes a secondary source of information. They may have images quotes and other graphics stemming out of the evaluation (Hamilton 28). Secondary sources are primarily publications that include textbooks, magazines, and commentaries. Textbooks used in schools and colleges and magazines produced for entertainment and academic purposes are some examples of secondary sources (Klarer 5). Major Problems in California History The book is a compilation of documents and essays that seek to provide light on some of the most important events and controversies that characterize the history of California during the period dating back to the pre-contact period. The book uses documents that can be classified as primary sources of information. This is because they provide the original information about the period under study. Though some of the documents were not originally from that period, the fact that they covered the period and they were later used as the prime sources of information qualifies them to be primary sources of information. The documents have stored information that has made it easier for scholars to study the period covered in the history of California. There are artifacts also that comprise of primary sources of information. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The essays on the other hand are secondary sources of information. They were written through the help of the documents and other artifacts that were collected over time. They offer a description of the history but they are just an account of compiled from already existing sources. From the map it is easy to conclude that California was inhabited by large groups of Native Americans mainly the Indians. According to the artifacts, the native Californians were hunters. This is evidenced by the arrows that they kept. “The Three Worlds of the Chumash” The three worlds of the Chumash is a belief by the Chumash where they believed the world was divided into three layers. They believed these layers existed in “space.” These three worlds represented to what geographically can be referred to as spheres namely, the land, sea and sky (Olin and Chan 33). The Chumash believed that the Great Eagle ruled the skies while the serpent ruled the land. The water world was inhabited by frogs that urinated and produced the water that characterizes it. More importantly, the Chumash believed in the Sun God who carried the torch that lights the world. The torch was carried in a tightly rolled bark. By whipping the sparks, the Sun God created the night sky through the sparks from the touch (Olin and Chan 35). The Chumash’s believed in a Supreme Being whom Christians refer to as God. They believed he was responsible for their existence and that he was responsible for all the events that took place especially in the sky world. Though there are parallel beliefs when the religious beliefs of the Chumash and Christians are compared, there are a few similarities that come to play. They believed in the Supreme Being the Sun God whom Christians refer to as God. The sun God was the spirit that created the three worlds. This is comparable to Christians’ belief that the universe was created by God, whose different elements create the holly spirit. The differences between these groups may come in on the origin and composition of the different world and how they came to be. They may also have differences on the position of the sun and the moon as well as the cause of the night sky. Christians believe it is all the work of God whiles the Chumash some how don’t. Primary and secondary sources used in this study have their weaknesses and strengths. Primary sources offer authenticity of the phenomena that is being describes. On the other hand, secondary sources are subjected to peer reviews that make them more accurate and easy to understand. We will write a custom Essay on The History of California: Native Americans and Chumash Beliefs specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Discussion Before this reading, the picture that American Indians presented included that of tribal people living in huts and solely dependent on hunting and gathering. From a third grader point of view, Native Americans roamed the land in groups and their culture showed little civilization. They exhibited violent and primitive characteristics and sometimes they were deceptive. They were people speaking different languages and grouped together in tribal groups that were led by chiefs. They also represented a picture of people with no or little religious beliefs far from what Christians and other among religions believed. Additionally they appeared as people who lived in forested areas and wore nothing on their bodies. After the reading the American Indians strike one as people with concrete religious believes as evidenced by the Three Worlds Story. They also had an organized life where with hierarchical structure that defined roles for members of the community. They were civilized I their own ways running a self sufficient community. Works Cited Chan, Sucheng and Olin, Spencer. Major problems in California history documents and essays. New York: Houghton Miffin, 1997. Print. Hamilton, John. Primary and Secondary Sources. Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Group, 2005.Print Klarer, Mario. An introduction to literary studies. New York: Routledge, 1998. Print.

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