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Temple College Management Personal Management Personality Style Reflection Paper

Temple College Management Personal Management Personality Style Reflection Paper.

Instructions: Use your Everything DiSC Management Profile Assessment results to identify your DiSC management style and answer the questions below. Remember, this is a reflection of your personality and strengths, so there are no “right” answers. Just be sure to answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully. DiSC STYLE: ___________(insert style above ex: D, i, S, C, etc.)
Give a brief summary of what your style says about your management personality style. (Page 4 of your report.)

Did your results surprise you? Explain why or why not.
Go to Page 5 of your report. Identify your “priorities,” and write them in the space below. (These are the areas where you focus most of your energy.)

Describe two (2) situations where one or more of your “priorities” have helped you accomplish a task and/or helped you to be effective when working with others.
Locate the list of motivators and stressors on Page 6 of your report. Choose three (3) of motivators and three (3) of stressors that you most identify with. In the space below, write down why you chose these motivators and stressors and explain how you’ve experienced them before.
Locate the list of your strengths and challenges as they relate to directing and delegating. (Page 7 of your report.) Identify the three (3) strengths and three (3) challenges that you identify with the most. Explain why you chose those strengths and challenges below.
After watching the Strayer Story: Discovering Your Purpose: Strengths and Personality and reading more about your DiSC management style, identify three (3) jobs/careers that you believe would align well with your personality. Use the list of occupations in this week’s “Coach’s Huddle” to help you narrow down your choices. Briefly explain why you feel as though your personality would be a good match for these jobs/careers.

Temple College Management Personal Management Personality Style Reflection Paper

Business discussions includes the 6 comments

Business discussions includes the 6 comments. I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

(((for each one you should write 8 full lines minimum))))
M03 Discussion #1
What role do demographics and psychographics play in audience analysis during the planning of a persuasive message? Please use examples.

M03 Discussion #2
Why is it important to have an organized approach to finding a new job? Do you have a present (or historical) strategy that you have found to be successful?

M03 Discussion #3
Why is it important to identify all the paths that users are likely to take at a website before creating new content for a new website? Can you think of a website that is well planned?

M03 Discussion #4
If you were submitting a solicited proposal to build a small shopping center, would you include as references the names and addresses of other clients for whom you recently built similar facilities? Where in the proposal would you include these references? Why?

Discussion Directions:
After you type your initial posting and replies by Saturday at 11:59 PM. When you reply, ALWAYS type the name of the classmate you are responding to, and your name at the bottom of the message. Make sure to use professional grammar and punctuation in this college level course in all correspondence. Please avoid “text” or “twitter speak” when corresponding.

Business discussions includes the 6 comments

FNU Nursing Organizations Policimakers Discussion

essay helper free FNU Nursing Organizations Policimakers Discussion.

Examine how might nurses and nursing organizations improve policies to encourage the judicious use of antibiotics in humans?The healthcare system is made up of various stakeholders, including nurses and their nursing organizations, among others. When it comes to policy formation regarding the use of any medication, the nurses and their organizations have to be involved in this policymaking. They are always at the forefront of the making of such policies (Patton, Zalon, & Ludwick, 2018). Such involvement will give them an upper hand in the organizational operations. As such, if a policy is suggested to judiciously use antibiotics to humans, nurses have to be heavily involved. Also, one should note that nurses are always in constant contact with the patients to whom they regularly administer antibiotics. Such a move end up enhancing giving the right information on the use of antibiotics and the patients’ possible responses to the antibiotics. Such information will be very critical on the policy to encourage the judicious use of antibiotics on humans.Identify the correlation between global disease surveillance and domestic disease surveillance and the significant role the family nurse practitioner plays. Both the global surveillance and the domestic surveillance of diseases are closely related to some point. Usually, the global surveillance for diseases draws much of its data from national disease surveillance. However, it does this from a neutral point of view, something that nations might find it hard to and might be tempted to alter their national disease surveillance data. The two surveillances are close together, but in some cases might be different depending on several factors.Family nurse practitioners are very important in ensuring that they provide care to the family member they are assigned to. On top of this, these practitioners are critical in acting as a link between patients and their families and ensuring that each family member understands the condition the family member is exposed to (Mueller, 2020).ReferencesMueller, R. C. (2020). Exploring Family Nurse Practitioners’ Practices in Recommending mHealth Apps to Patients. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 38(2), 71-79.Patton, R. M., Zalon, M. L., & Ludwick, R. (Eds.). (2018). Nurses making policy: From bedside to boardroom. Springer Publishing Company.150 words
FNU Nursing Organizations Policimakers Discussion

HCA 340 Colorado University Global Breakeven Analysis Executive Summary

HCA 340 Colorado University Global Breakeven Analysis Executive Summary.

I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me study.

Prompt – DUE SATURDAY- APA format – 2 pages- 2 references Breakeven Executive SummaryYour submission should be an executive memo addressing problem 5.8 on page 152 of our text.The organization’s vice president has asked you to determine the breakeven point of a new walk-in clinic that they are proposing. In your memo you should:Explain the importance of the breakeven point.Explain how to determine breakeven point numbers.Explain the breakeven point for this problem and explain.Explain the breakeven point to make a profit one hundred thousand dollars.Recommend whether you should accept the project.Provide actual calculations of three questions for this problem.Requirements:Summary of at least 2 pages (excluding title and reference slides).Include a minimum of two (2) credible, academic references. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these references.Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research.
HCA 340 Colorado University Global Breakeven Analysis Executive Summary

Grand Canyon University A Christian Perspective in Mission and Vision Essay

Grand Canyon University A Christian Perspective in Mission and Vision Essay.

Instructions: In 750-1,000 words, create an analysis of how a Christian worldview could impact Amazon’s Mission and Vision statements and its business practices. Include the following:Review the Amazon’s Mission and Vision statements.Describe elements of Amazon’s Mission and Vision statements that reflect the organization’s commitment to the greater social goodExplain how the Amazon’s commitment to the greater social good relates to elements of a Christian worldview.Are the company’s practices consistent with a Christian worldview? Explain.Be sure to cite three to five relevant and credible sources in support of your content. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Benchmark InformationThis Benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:Master of Business Administration4.1: Articulate an organization’s responsibilities to the greater social good from a Christian perspective.
Grand Canyon University A Christian Perspective in Mission and Vision Essay

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