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Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the UAE Dissertation

Abstract The general objective of this paper was to understand the relationship between the smart government transformation index for the whole government on the one side and the factors of planning, infrastructure and support, and training on the other. To understand these issues, the study deployed a theoretical framework by reviewing the past and present studies related to the subject matter. Data was collected using questionnaires and was analysed by statistical tools. Regression and correlation analyses evaluated the relationship among the variables. The results pointed out that planning, training, and infrastructure and support were all vital for the success of the transformation index. As of now been said, one of the real difficulties confronting m-Government execution in numerous nations is the absence of considerable laws managing utilization of portable advancements, especially the exchange of information and data. In the United Arab Emirates, the current legitimate structure rests on the Federal Electronic Business and Transaction Act of 2006. In its present frame, the ICT law is not sufficiently capable to clarify the new improvements in m-Government change, for example, portable instalments. For example, the present law directs that every single versatile exchange must be led using nearby monetary forms. This law requires review so it does not turn into an impediment. Thus, TRA is working intently with different partners in order to concoct a comprehensive computerized law that would make a good domain for the improvement of m-Government. The proposed law ought not only to be limited to information security and protection, but should also give a lawful base for portable based exchanges and business exercises. Introduction Overview This chapter covers the background to the study, problem statement, research objectives, hypotheses and the significance of the study. Background to the study The United Arab Emirates is one of the quickest developing economies in the Gulf Region. M-Government in UAE is an across the country program that was started by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. As indicated by his Excellency, UAE as of now has one of the best ICT foundations in the globe with more than 14 million cell phone supporters, which means two cellular telephones for each individual. The nation has truly endeavoured to cross over any barrier in the middle of itself and their Western partner. At present, the UAE government is working on exceptional vision in order to give essential administrations to financial development through upgraded access to government information and data. The UAE government trusts these progressions will change administration conveyance in the general population division. The progressions include changing its e-administrations from e-government to Smart Government (m-Government). As been specified, the UAE as of now have a hearty ICT foundation because of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has made a useful domain for all state offices amid the move period through shared ICT foundation (application programming interfaces and information sharing stage structural engineering) and administrations, as well as giving legitimate rules and directions. This has served to evaluate inefficiencies and duplications in different regions. Besides, shared base has prompted a key organization and participation among the key partners, which has made an exhaustive situation. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has additionally guaranteed that the versatile Public Key Infrastructure binds together among every one of the partners, particularly the portable system administrators in order to present an institutionalized security framework. The versatile Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a framework that ensures an abnormal state of information and data security inside of the M-Systems. There is scrutiny of any data or information sent through the cell phone systems in a scrambled shape. TRA has likewise revealed an arrangement to incorporate portable instalment frameworks with other open and private administrations. In addition, TRA dependably conveys our general examination on the innovation required for different operations. M-Government partners in the UAE are willing to grasp new changes and actualizing new thoughts. For the UAE and its offices to be productive in the implantation of m-Government and ensuring m-Government maintainability, suitable systems are required (Younus, 2014). At the present, the UAE government is not just mulling over on the best way to improve m-Services, but they are also endeavouring to adjust its status on electronic government. The methodology imagines that m-Services will be accessible in every single cell phone, including cell phones and PDAs. Available versatile advancements and m-Services construct suitable and satisfactory methodologies for m-Government execution. M-Government accessibility and availability relies on upon the current systems and strategies. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, the current methodologies and arrangements can be corrected taking into account the likely conditions, both locally and globally (Sheng
University of Moncton Solve the C++ Question Computer Coding Task.

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The class Student represents a student’s record having a B00 number and 3 marks stored in a float vector. Complete the implementation of the class Student by writing the prototypes and the definitions of the methods of the class. Do not modify the main program.Declaration of Class/* File: student .hA class representing a student’s record having a B00 number and 3 marksstored in a float vector called marks, with the following class methodsisSextonScholar() returns true if the student’s average mark >= 85.0,false otherwise.updateMarks() stores its 3 arguments into the vector of floats, reads 3 student marks. The updateMarks() method is called duringread() to update the marks vector.write() prints student B00 number along with the 3 marks. The ……Please fill in the .cpp, .h and test files in A1
University of Moncton Solve the C++ Question Computer Coding Task

WU Acquisition of Infections Critical Appraisal of Research Paper

WU Acquisition of Infections Critical Appraisal of Research Paper.

Realtors rely on detailed property appraisals—conducted using appraisal tools—to assign market values to houses and other properties. These values are then presented to buyers and sellers to set prices and initiate offers.Research appraisal is not that different. The critical appraisal process utilizes formal appraisal tools to assess the results of research to determine value to the context at hand. Evidence-based practitioners often present these findings to make the case for specific courses of action.In this Assignment, you will use an appraisal tool to conduct a critical appraisal of published research. You will then present the results of your efforts.To Prepare:Reflect on the four peer-reviewed articles you selected in Module 2 and the four systematic reviews (or other filtered high- level evidence) you selected in Module 3.Reflect on the four peer-reviewed articles you selected in Module 2 and analyzed in Module 3.Review and download the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template provided in the Resources.The Assignment (Evidence-Based Project)Part 4A: Critical Appraisal of ResearchConduct a critical appraisal of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected by completing the Evaluation Table within the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template. Choose a total of four peer- reviewed articles that you selected related to your clinical topic of interest in Module 2 and Module 3.Note: You can choose any combination of articles from Modules 2 and 3 for your Critical Appraisal. For example, you may choose two unfiltered research articles from Module 2 and two filtered research articles (systematic reviews) from Module 3 or one article from Module 2 and three articles from Module 3. You can choose any combination of articles from the prior Module Assignments as long as both modules and types of studies are represented.Part 4B: Critical Appraisal of ResearchBased on your appraisal, in a 1-2-page critical appraisal, suggest a best practice that emerges from the research you reviewed. Briefly explain the best practice, justifying your proposal with APA citations of the research.
WU Acquisition of Infections Critical Appraisal of Research Paper

This is an argument essay and thus requires a thesis. You are required to use only the text you are analyzing (I chose “The Wife’s Lament). Develop a thesis, support that thesis with evidence from t

i need help writing an essay This is an argument essay and thus requires a thesis. You are required to use only the text you are analyzing (I chose “The Wife’s Lament). Develop a thesis, support that thesis with evidence from t.   You are required to use only the text you are analyzing (I chose “The Wife’s Lament).  Develop a thesis, support that thesis with evidence from the text, and make an argument.I developed a thesis but I have no idea how to do a textual analysis (I usually analyze content and context). Due Friday by 5pm (EDT). I am unable to pay for help, This is an argument essay and thus requires a thesis. You are required to use only the text you are analyzing (I chose “The Wife’s Lament). Develop a thesis, support that thesis with evidence from t

Genetic Profile of the BVL Lutra Lutra Population Study

Genetic Profile of the BVL Lutra Lutra Population Study. An attempt to optimize the PCR amplification of nDNA (microsatellites) extracted from otter faeces to develop a genetic profile of the BVL Lutra lutra population Diana Ferreira, Carlos Fonseca, Eduardo Ferreira, Rita Rocha Introduction The determination of wild species distribution and abundance is extremely necessary for conservation biology studies since some species, such as carnivores, are elusive and secretive and mostly difficult to observe in the wild (Riddle, Pilgrim, Mills, Mckelvey,Genetic Profile of the BVL Lutra Lutra Population Study

introduction of writing 39B

introduction of writing 39B.

two assignments:Context: The final portfolio is your chance as a student to write and reflect on what you’ve learned. While the midterm portfolio is a place to pause and reflect, the final submission will mainly illustrate all that you’ve learned and how you have achieved the objectives of the class.Assignment: Your ePortfolio should be organized into the following sections: 1.Portfolio Introduction (1000 words)This introductory essay 1) makes arguments about your progress in WR39B, especially in the RA essay and RIP project; and 2) analyzes all of the writing you’ve selected for the portfolio as evidence for your arguments. The essay should include the following:Specific arguments about the advancement of particular writing skills through class participation and engagement, reading and writing homework, paper drafts and the revision process in all its stages, including peer review. Supportive analysis of specific evidence taken from your own writing and the feedback you have received. Evidence will include quotations, screenshots and other images of your writing, and/or hyperlinks.Your reasons for making the choices you made, and what you may have done differently; what you think you accomplished and what you’re struggling with.Your responses to the class texts and how these sources informed your own work and ideas.Your plans for writing after WR39B–what you want to work on and how you want to develop your skills in WR39C and/or your other classes. Beware: you should follow your instincts as well as your informed belief, not hubris or pathos. Consider what you did, what you could have done, what you believe you wanted to learn, etc. Remember that your arguments must be supported by the evidence of your own work–if these don’t reflect each other, than you’re not assessing your progress effectively.2.Artifacts (according to RIP project + essay)You will also include artifacts of your own choosing that show important elements of your writing process. Be selective—this isn’t about including all of your process work, but drawing attention to a few key moments that indicate significant changes in your habits, reading and writing process, and/or learning moments. Each artifact should be analyzed and connected to your arguments about your writing process and progress in the portfolio introduction itself. Each artifact must also be accompanied by an analytical caption, in which you explain why you’ve selected each artifact, building on the arguments you made in the portfolio introduction. Captions should be positioned at the top of the page, and perhaps distinguished with a different font color. Eligible process work may include in-class writing, critical reading exercises and RIP exercises, essay drafts, and/or other writing or notes relevant to our class. Your selections should offer compelling supporting examples for the points you make in your Portfolio Introduction.For the final portfolio, there is no limit to the number of artifacts you can include. Just remember that you must discuss every artifact you include somehow in your introductory essay and write a caption for it.All artifacts must be consistently formatted, clearly organized and labelled.Suggestions:Read through all of your previous work and look for changes in development.Read through your reflective writing and think about your growth.Consider what improvements you want to make in your writing in WR39C. How has WR39B prepared you to tackle academic research and argument? Think carefully about how you can use concrete evidence to illustrate the claims you’re making about your work.___________________________Additional notes on writing the Portfolio Introduction:Your arguments should relate the development of your writing skills to the larger context of academic writing. Put another way, what do you understand about academic discourse (writing) and its conventions that you didn’t know before taking WR39B? As a college-level writer, how have you adopted (or adapted to) the conventions of academic discourse throughout your writing process in WR39B? You may choose to write about anything related to your learning in WR39B, so long as you make arguable claims about your progress in class so far, logically supported by specific evidence from your work. Your selection of process work functions as supporting evidence for your claims in the essay–quote or integrate your writing directly using screenshots or photos so that you can analyze it properly.Cultivate your personal voice. Feel free to write in the first person; use “we” when referring to your group’s activities. However, a personal tone should not lead to informality or vague ideas; remember to maintain conventions of good writing as you describe your personal experiences and individual learning.The Portfolio Introduction is a formal essay and as such, you should organize your essay carefully: begin with an introductory paragraph and end with a concluding paragraph; in between, craft (more than three!) body paragraphs that each develop a single main idea. Your introductory essay should go through more than one draft; revise carefully and make sure to proofread for any lingering errors or typos.As much as possible, explain the relationships between the different assignments you completed this quarter. For example, how did particular CR or RIP exercises help you to develop and/or revise your essays? Your introductory essay should not be a mere laundry list of things you did over ten weeks—I already know what you were assigned to do. What I want to know from this document is how you made these tasks meaningful for yourself as a developing writer. Don’t be afraid to discuss the negative aspects of your learning process as well as the positive. If you’ve experienced frustration, confusion, or failure, reflect on what caused the trouble and explain how you learned from it. And after only five weeks in this class, you probably still have some things to continue working on—be honest about what skills you need to keep practicing. Be as specific as possible! Quote your own work directly and consider including multi-modal elements—hyperlinks, screenshots, camera pics, and/or paper excerpts to illustrate your writing process. Before-and-after images work particularly well.Below are some guiding questions you might use to jumpstart your self-assessment. I recommend you use these questions for focused freewriting before writing your first draft, so that you can plan what you want to say; the more questions you answer, the better. Keep in mind that simply answering these questions in paragraph form will not make a good essay–you do need a thesis of some kind and your essay as a whole should be coherent and cohesive. A good strategy is to begin with your own learning goals for WR39B and/or the master list of course outcomes. How do your personal goals relate to the goals for the class? Which goals have you met, and which goals do you want to continue working on? Organize your reflective essay according to what you wanted to achieve and how you achieved those goals. Avoid a chronological summary of “things I did” or a simplistic discussion of how “I used to be a bad writer, but now I’m a better writer.”On your rhetorical awareness:How do you understand the significance of rhetorical situation on a writer’s message?How do you meet the expectations of different, specific audiences (your instructor, your peers, yourself, the larger academic community)? How do you craft different personas to achieve different rhetorical goals? How does context dictate your other rhetorical choices? How do different rhetorical strategies influence one another in your writing?On your understanding of genre conventions, and especially fairy tale conventions:How has your understanding of fairy tales evolved since the beginning of the class? How do you understand the rhetorical significance of fairy tale conventions? How have you used your understanding of the fairy tale genre to understand other genres and their conventions?How does your understanding of genre conventions shape your writing process and your rhetorical choices?How have you applied your newly-gained knowledge of fairy tales to your life and experience outside WR39B? On your writing process:How do you understand the importance of writing as a process?How has your drafting process evolved since the beginning of this class? Have you changed the way you take notes on your reading, in order to better prepare for later writing? How?What pre-writing methods do you prefer, and why? What types of drafting techniques and writing habits work well for you, and why?On your revision process:How do you understand the importance of revision?How has your revision process evolved since the beginning of this class? How have you grown more attentive to broad conceptual revisions dealing with argument and analysis–that is, refining your ideas? How have you grown more attentive to organizational issues, like paragraphs and transitions? How do you respond to feedback, both from me and your peers? What kind of advice do you tend to give to other writers during peer review? How does giving feedback shape your own revision process? On your use of outside sources:How do you understand the usefulness of popular and scholarly sources?How do you select appropriate sources to respond to in your writing? Describe your process.How do other people’s ideas shape your own ideas and writing process?On your unique development as an academic writer:Have you experienced moments when the light bulb suddenly illuminated? Can you explain why and how this happened? Have you experienced moments of productive frustration or failure? Can you explain why this happened and how you learned from it?What would you revise further in the RA and RIP, if you had the opportunity? Why aren’t you satisfied with that element of the project and what specific changes would you make?How do you see your writing, at this point in WR39B? How do you view your position as an academic writer and/or as a writer in other contexts? How would you describe your authorial voice and style? What do you want to communicate as an individual and/or as a member of our UCI community?What plans do you for developing your writing skills in WR39C and/or your other classes?
introduction of writing 39B

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