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Teenage gestation is a widely controversial issue in the United States. Teenage female parents account for approximately 11 per centum of all births in the US ( Lowen ) . There are many ways in which acquiring pregnant at a immature age hinders that individual’s likeliness of go toing college or doing a sufficient income in the hereafter. If a adolescent becomes pregnant. so their gestation will hold a important negative impact on their hereafter. A adolescent has a few options as to what to make in the event of gestation. one of them being abortion. In a study I conducted of 20 females between the age of 16 and 25. 70 per centum of them thought that abortion is an acceptable response to teenage gestation. However. in world. about 45 per centum of teenage gestations end in abortion ( Teen Abortions ) . As defined by Dictionary. com. abortion is defined as “the remotion of an embryo or foetus from the womb in order to stop a gestation. ” Although abortion is besides a controversial subject. the pick to digest one can alter an individual’s life. It can undo the negative consequences of gestation. doing it possible one time more for possible teenage parents to acquire back to their normal lives.

Harmonizing to statistics from the Center of Disease Control. “since 1973. approximately 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United States. ” To many churchgoing people though. abortion would be considered an act of aberrance. attaching a certain stigma to that person’s image. Although an abortion may be necessary. it can still change that girl’s mentality and attitude for her whole life. Some adolescents might utilize gestation as a type of rebellion. For those instances. the teenage female parents would most likely want to maintain the kid. and raise it as their ain. About one tierce of the adolescents that get pregnant in the United States really maintain the babe ( Pregnant Teen Help ) . Keeping a kid while a miss is a adolescent can destruct her life. Harmonizing to my study. over half of my selected participants agreed that teenage female parents lose both their opportunity to hold fun while they’re immature and the chance to obtain a quality instruction. Most of these persons are single due to their immature age. and are left to raise a kid without any parts from the male parent. Due to this. they are unable to go to college and must travel directly to work to back up their kid.

One manner teenage parents can socialise without being degraded by others is with other teenage parents. which is one of their in groups. Adhering with others in similar state of affairss is a good manner to socialise with others. and to experience better about rough state of affairss others may non understand. The last option teenage parents have is acceptance. Since a negative stigma is attached to teenage parents. it frequently leads to debasement of that person. Choosing a new place for a neonate is frequently a preferable option for those who are unable to give it a loving place. or unwilling to make otherwise. Adoption is a manner for connexions to organize between those that want childs and are unable to hold their ain and those who have unintended childs which they are unable to supply for. Adoption is an highly admirable thing for those parents who give up their kids. The teenage female parent and her important others will hold the ability to turn closer through her battle. Adolescent gestation can besides hold a serious negative result on the grandparents of the kid.

They had merely gone through raising a kid non long ago. and they are frequently asked for support. whether it is pecuniary aid. twenty-four hours attention services. or other. Having a kid at excessively immature of an age takes a toll on people other than the existent female parent every bit good. It can destroy relationships between the parents. grandparents. and anybody else placed in the state of affairs. From the symbolic interactionist’s position. a adolescent could acquire pregnant for several grounds. One of those grounds might be a call for aid. or an internal desire for more attending from those around her. By making so. she attracts the concern from others. and they might offer to assist her with any battles related to the gestation. Attention will besides come one time the babe is born. everyone around her will desire to see it. Adolescent gestation can do several jobs at place every bit good. “If you are… over the age of 18. you are mentally more equipt to manage this state of affairs than a immature adult female under the age of 18 who is populating at place with her parents” ( Williams-Wheeler ) .

Bing under the age of 18 is a serious disadvantage for those looking to give birth. whether it is intended or unintended. Most occupations require that workers be over the age of 18. When a adolescent has a kid. they will necessitate a manner to non merely back up their demands. but now besides their child’s demands. Bing unable to happen a occupation at the clip most important to their lives leads to fewer chances down the route in the hereafter. These are similar state of affairss to those that enable an person to merely work at low-paying occupations for their full callings. seting them in an even worse state of affairs than they were in earlier. unable to properly back up their kids. ensuing in nonstop strain on the atomic household.

Teenage gestation is a barbarous rhythm. those born as a consequence of it are much more likely to stop up making it themselves. These are frequently the persons who see nil incorrect with it. and do non warn their ain kids of the dangers imposed by acquiring pregnant at a immature age. It is of import for those who went through it to portion their narratives. particularly those of battle. with their ain kids to forestall future instances.

Those who become pregnant in their teenage old ages are the most likely to go boomerang kids. returning place after being unable to last on their ain. This is frequently a consequence of the issue listed above – the inability to obtain a well-paying higher-level occupation or holding a support system.

Teenage gestation is a really serious issue in the United States. Many preventive steps are being taken to take down the Numberss of adolescent births. Birth rates ( for teens ) are much lower than they have been in the past. but still are non considered low plenty. Sexual instruction categories are now compulsory in most high schools to be taken first-year twelvemonth. explicating all the horrors that come with adolescent gestation. Parents are besides encouraged to speak to their kids about doing certain gestation does non happen until it is well-intended and at an appropriate age.

Geting pregnant while being a adolescent will hold many negative impacts on that person’s life. runing from money jobs to household issues to societal position issues. There are small if any positive benefits of acquiring pregnant during one’s teenage old ages as opposed to waiting for a more appropriate clip to come. Adolescents are much more likely to alter their heads about who they would wish a kid with. or even holding a kid at all. Therefore. if a adolescent becomes pregnant. so their gestation will hold a important negative impact on their hereafter. Geting pregnant before one is ready can destroy their life.

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to each question, while using scholarly articles and the required text: Woo, T. M.

Respond to the following case study: Jack is a 54-year-old patient who has difficulty coming in for primary care visits. He sees cardiology, pulmonary clinic, and endocrine clinic for his comorbid conditions of diabetes mellitus, post–coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) 2 years ago, and mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease issues from a 30 year pack history of smoking. His last visit with you was over a year ago. Today, your registered nurse brings you a telephone triage call requesting a refill of his rosuvastatin (Crestor) prescription, which was ordered by cardiology soon after his CABG. Per the electronic links to the cardiology service within your facility, the medication was due to be renewed about 2 months ago. His last lipid labs were a year ago and his last complete metabolic panel (CMP) was done at the same time. He was recently at the pulmonary clinic and his last recorded HgA1C was 9.0 from a visit to endocrine 4 months ago. Review of records include a prescription for his hypertension (Lisinopril 20 mg daily), metformin 1,000 mg twice a day for his diabetes, and no known medications for his pulmonary issues. The Crestor prescription appears to have multiple dosing levels over the past few refills. His last vital signs were blood pressure 170/110 mm Hg, pulse 88, and respirations 22. His body mass index is 30 and he indicates a pain level of 4 out of 10. His pulse oximetry was 92% on room air. 1. What additional information (e.g., clinical findings, laboratory test results) will confirm the diagnosis? (Note: the focus is on pharmacotherapy and the diagnosis is HTN) 2. What are your differential diagnoses for this patient? 3. For infectious diseases: what are the suspected pathogens for this type of infection in this patient? 4. What is(are) the desired treatment outcome(s)? 5. What non-pharmacological therapy would you recommend? 6. How would your pharmacotherapeutic plan differ, based on special population patients (such as children, obstetrics, geriatrics, etc)? 7. What pharmacotherapeutic plan (include prescription and non-prescription drugs) would you design for this patient? Rationale for pharmacotherapy to include mechanism(s) of action list drug(s), dose, route of administration, frequency, duration of treatment and one monitoring parameter. 8. What are the clinically significant adverse effects and drug interactions for the agents discussed? 9. How will you monitor the patient’s response to therapy? 10. How will you counsel your patient about the pharmacotherapeutic plan?

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