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Tecumseh, Nat Turner and Frederick Douglas essay help writer Mathematics coursework help

This paper looks at three non-white individuals of the early 1800’s Tecumseh, Nat Turner, and Frederick Douglas and the impact they had on history by resisting the white establishment.
On the other hand the Indian tribes viewed the American cause as incomprehensible and outrageous. Even as a young boy, Tecumseh was exposed to the fighting and loss of family members due to the American expansion. In the 1780’s, he was already forming the belief that guided his life: the Indians only real and permanent security would come from resisting the white invasion and forcing a recognition of Indian territorial rights (Nash 157). Therefore he had no other choice but to fight for his land. From the Indian point of view, land was a gift from above and not to be bought or sold by anyone. Treaties made with Congress were invalid due to the fact that one tribe had signed away another tribes land. As for siding with the British in the war, the Indians were not guilty of any crime.

Homework 3

Question 1

20 pts

THE WORK MUST BE IN YOUR HANDWRITING (that I see on your homework assignments).
Members of a certain college

statistics class were selected, and asked to indicate how many hours

during the previous month they had spent reading (for pleasure, not

school work). The data are as follows:
25, 25, 24, 26, 23, 23, 22, 25, 24, 22, 23, 24, 26
On a piece of paper, CREATE A FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION (per the instructions you learned in class).
(4 points)
For the data presented in the frequency distribution you just created, CREATE A FREQUENCY POLYGON (per the instructions you learned in class) on a piece of GRAPH PAPER.
(5 points)
A researcher surveyed respondents

regarding pet ownership, determining whether they were a pet owner or

not a pet owner. The results are as follows (“P” represents a pet owner

and “NP” represents someone with no pets):
P, P, NP, P, P, P, NP, NP, NP, NP, P, P, P, P, P, P, NP, P, NP, P, P, NP, NP, P, NP, P, P, P
Create a Frequency Distribution and include a column for relative frequency (%) — (per the instructions you learned in class).
Create the frequency distribution with the relative frequency (%) column on your own paper (you do NOT need to show your calculations, and definitely do NOT show you calculations within your final product).
(5 points)
Calculate the range and the mean for the following set of scores. Also, use the deviation method to calculate the deviation scores, the variance and standard deviation. SHOW all your work, round to two decimal places. State the symbol for each.
Scores: 6, 9, 10, 15
Remember to show all your work (for the deviation method) and remember to show the chart like we learned to do in class!)
After you show the CHART and SHOW ALL YOUR WORK, then state the following:
4a. Range Answer _________ Range Symbol ____
4b. Mean Answer_________
4c. Variance Answer __________ Variance Symbol ____
4d. Standard Deviation Answer ______________ Standard Deviation Symbol ____
(6 points)
After you have worked these four questions, turn all your work into ONE PDF, just as you do for homework assignments, and upload the pdf here.