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Technology Makes Life Less Stressful Do technologies really make life less stressful? Yes, in fact I think that life would be a lot more stressful without them. Think about it, there are so many things that we use every day that without we would have no idea how to manage. The more technology advances the more it helps make our lives easier, further our understandings of who we as humans, and keeps family and friends closer. These are only a few of the numerous ways technology and less stress go hand in hand, without which we would still be beating on our chests and living in caves.

Our technology and the strive to further that technology are what helps our lives become better and more sophisticated. There are critics that claim that God would not want us to mess with his original creations, to which, I say then why would he put the creativity and knowledge in us if he did not intend us to use it to help improve the quality of our lives. First, there is the less stress that comes with being able to get in touch with close family and friends during long absences. The most stressful times come when you have someone close to you, that you love, away from you and unreachable.

Today’s technologies allow us to call and email those people instead of writing a letter or traveling to visit. This always takes time and planning, causing added stress to an already stressful situation. Instead we send an email or call and the stress that was there is relieved in mere minutes. Think of all those families who have loved ones who are overseas in the military. They are always stressed by not knowing if that loved one is safe. That loved one overseas can call their family at their house, on a cell phone, and very soon on a video phone.

Imagine, if you can, how much stress that takes off their loving family just to hear their voice on the other end of the line and know that they are still doing well. Technology keeps finding new and improved ways to keep those loved ones closer than ever, relieving the stress that follows. You also have the many ways to avoid having added stress by the conversations that you don’t want to have, such as caller ID and spam emails. Every person has those few times that they see that certain name pop up on their email inbox or caller ID.

You know the one that “friend” that just the sight of their name tightens your back muscles, and you just know that they have some new drama that is designed to stress everyone. Technology allows you to send that person to voice mail until you are fully prepared to listen, and have ample time to distress. How about those telemarketers that have to call you 25 times in one day, and always seem to know the second that you just sit down to start dinner. Technology can now come to the rescue and help you avoid those stressers, and at the same time help you by allowing you to choose when to stress.

Next, we have the ways that life is made easier with technology and by result less stressful. Think about all the inventions that have made life easier. Electricity, transportation, the oven, and the microwave are a few examples. Think back to when hurricane Ike hit Houston and the electricity and water was out for weeks in some areas. People made all sorts of complaints because they were without. Those people were all kinds of stressed out because they were without and could not manage without the electricity and water. Everyone was running out and buying generators because they didn’t want to go without.

My subdivision was out of water and electricity for three weeks, and within two days of those two weeks, there was so much noise from the generators that not even the birds were around, and no one wanted to eat barbeque for at least a month. No one could figure out a way to cook unless it was on a barbeque, and most only knew how to cook meat on it. Or how about transportation, originally there was only walking and horseback now we have horsepower in our cars. I don’t know anyone who thinks that their car is not needed, and if that car is gone they stress out and don’t know how to function.

My husband had an accident with our second car, and there is a ton of added stress because of it. After the accident, just getting to and from the hospital was an ordeal, plus we still had to figure out way for him to get to and from work. The stress levels were so high already and then with all that added they got even higher. Not to mention the fact that the second was a truck and I drive a Mustang, so now have to borrow a truck, in order for anything big to be moved to or from the house. Technology has helped our lives become so much easier that we don’t even realize it until it is taken from us and then adding extreme levels of stress.

Finally, we have the fact that with technology we have furthered our understanding of mankind. We now know more about where we came from, how our body works, and new ways to help cure us when we are sick. From over the counter drugs to CAT scans, technology has advanced healthcare in ways that ancient doctors could only imagine. We have found effective treatments for such plagues like leprosy, the bubonic, and tuberculosis. We know more about how body system works and we are discovering more about how the human brain works every day, leading us to even more cures.

I think that with put this technology we would stress every time that someone got a head cold, now we can wait to hear what the doctor says and follow a course for treatment. The extension the average lifespan is a true measurement the value of technology and stress, we have more time to spend doing what we as individuals see as necessary. We have more time to try and get things settled before we die and make sure our family is better taken care of. One of the more stressful times is when a loved one dies; with technology today most of the details can be taken care of by the deceased before they die.

In conclusion, although there are people who say that technology is stress, I can’t see how. Whether it be keeping loved ones close, giving us added privileges that are now considered necessary, or medical advances life is bettered and a lot less stressful. If we take these technologies away and tried to live without them, I can’t imagine the stress levels that would escalate. So the next time you hear someone say that technology is making their life more stressful, just ask them where their stress levels would be without technology.

Vietnam & the Anti-War Movement essay

Vietnam & the Anti-War Movement essay.

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