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technology for learning online

What did you like and dislike and why? What do you think the implications for distance learning and training are in general?

Are Labor Unions Good for the Economy

Are Labor Unions Good for the Economy.

This essay is supposed to be 1500 words in APA format with a title page, an abstract and at least 4 cited sources. It needs to also have a paragraph for a counterargument. My position on this topic is Pro Union. I have already had to submit two paragraphs to be graded, so I can show those to you so that you can see the direction I was taking. A 150 word paragraph of reflection is also supposed to be included as the final page.

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Dreams posses symbolic meanin

technology for learning online Dreams posses symbolic meanin.


Review sources from the attached bibliography Summarize psychological theory and research that is pertinent to the topic. Appraise the evidence contained within your articles, supporting and or contradicting the statement you have chose to examine. Distinguish whether or not this commonly held belief accurately represents psychological knowledge of the topic and discuss your conclusion. If the theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is false (I.e. it is bubba or pop psychology) infer an alternate truth based on the literature. If the theory and research in psychology suggest the the statement is true point out how the research supports the statement Must address the topic with critical thought Must end in a conclusion that reaffirms the thesis. Must document all sources in apa style format Must include a reference page

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 1. Describe the difference between pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. 2. What are major contributing factors to adverse drug reactions in the elderly, two page min.

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Zihan – environmental studies

Zihan – environmental studies.

Write an essay on an aspect of the role agriculture plays in our society, including its environmental implications. Please choose a specific topic: Food, food production and loss of biodiversity, animals as not food, Find an example (not in the course readings) where the interests of humans and the environment are in conflict . Explain your decision. Are there possibilities for negotiation or compromise?

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I have a project in social science that i need help with.

Take some time this week to finalize your comparison template. The following documents will help support your work before you submit it at the end of this module:Advertisement Examples PDF
Project 1 Comparison Template Word Document
Project 1 Comparison Template Submission Checklist Word Document
Project 1 Comparison Template Exemplar PDF
Project 1 Comparison Template Guidelines and Rubric PDF

2-4 Project 1: Comparison Template SubmissionAssignmentFinalize and submit Project 1: Your Comparison Template.
To complete this assignment, review the Project 1 Comparison Template Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.

Birth to Womanhood:

Birth to Womanhood:.

Birth to Womanhood: Life in the System Description ****Please read my introduction, then read the instructions below. Also 5 out the 8 sources I’ve already provided for you.***** I will provide the short story and would like for you to edit then the next part of the paper will be in regards to the instructions below researching women and statistics who grew up in the foster care system. Where are they now and the crimes they participate in. Im giving the statement of the problem and the questions that need to be addressed. I would like you to address the questions as well as be creative with the paper. The research paper will take the form of a literature review, which will include a statement of the problem, a review of the major issues covered in previous research, as well as a discussion of the relevant policy/program issues related to the topic. Each of these sections should be clearly identified in your paper.

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To what Extent did Latinos influence the 2012 Presidential Election?

To what Extent did Latinos influence the 2012 Presidential Election?.

On this paper I want to discuss the historical context of latino voters and their participation toward voting, giving way to a clear understanding on how they were able to influence the 2012 election. I have two case studies that I want to use in my paper, the first one being California and the Second being New Mexico, these states will help bolster my argument on how the latino vote influenced the 2012 election. My professor doesn’t want me to copy and poste quotes from the article but rather paraphrase them and list where I got the source from.****

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Professional Development Exercises Presentation

Professional Development Exercises Presentation.

 This is for international student, so it is better to write easy to understand. Compare and contrast at least two of your “role model” leaders while integrating your discussion into the lives of your classmates and yours.

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