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The basic objectives of all managerial functions is to get things done by coordinated efforts of other. Thus, every function leads to coordination. However, following are the specific techniques for achieving coordination. (1) Coordination by Effective Communication. In an organization, the chain of command is the most important method of coordination. Superior because of his organizational position, has the authority to issue orders and instructions to his subordinates. Weber has indicated that in a controlled administration, coordination is achieved. (2) Coordination by Leadership. Leadership brings individual motivation and persuades the group to have identity of interests and outlook in group efforts. Ordway Tead has stated that top management should practise leadership because without it, no coordination can be achieved. (3) Coordination by Effective Communication.

Communication helps to developing understanding between individuals and groups among whom coordination is to be achieved. Through communication, every person understands his scope and limits of functioning, authority and responsi bility recently and relations. Thus effective communication provided horizontal as well as as vertical coordination if there is a free and adequate flow of communications in all directions – horizontal, vertical, upward and downward. Communication to be effective does not require only a communication network but to keep the network free from any barrier, which affects flow of messages adversely. (4) Coordination by committees. Committees are the body of persons entrusted with discharging some functions collectively as a group.

Some committees have the authority to take decisions and other makes recommendations only. The decisions of the committees are group decisions and the persons whose departments are affected by decisions generally constitute the committees. Thus the decisions themselves provide coordination among various functions of the organization. (5) Coordination by General Staff. Generally, in big organizations there is general staff meant for coordination. This staff enjoys a central position in communication network. All the heads of departments and sections send the various information to this center.

This center stores the information and sends to various departments only relevant and related information. This center, because of its specialized knowledge, is able to access the relevance and need of various information for a department. Thus the coordination is achieve by supplying inter-departmental information. (6) Special Coordinators. In some organizations, special coordinators are appointed for coordinating some specified activities (7) Self Coordination.

This principle states that a particular department affects other departments and in turn is affected by them. However this department has no control over others. In such a case, if other deparments modify their actions in such a way that this affects the particular department favorably, self-coordination is achieved. This requires effective communication across the department so that they are able to appreciate the functioning of related department. However this method is not free from limitations and shortcomings and in the organization, favorable climate and environment need to be created for self-control.

Political Phenomenon Analysis/Research

Political Phenomenon Analysis/Research.

Political Phenomenon Analysis/Research Description Research/Analysis Paper: In the final paper assignment, you are to analyze the causes or effects of a political phenomenon, using concepts and statistical methods. It should be a 15-page (double-space) mini research paper. The research paper should contain a brief introduction of the research question, a concise and critical overview of the existing literature, an original data analysis component, and students’ own insights into the topic of interests.

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