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This piece of software allows a user to gain access to a computer whilst on a different computer mainly technicians or administrators so that they can then fix the computer from a different location this makes it easier for the technicians to fix the computer without having to go to the location. It can also be used to gain access to files from work on their home computer. To set up a remote desktop you need to click on the start menu at the bottom left hand corner and then clock on control panel. This will then open a new window here you need to click on “RemoteApp and Desktop Connections” to access the setup window.

Click to open start menu Click on control panel from the start menu Click here to access the remote access set up Once opened a window should appear telling you what computers you are currently connected to. On the left hand side you would see two options, one to go back to the control panel home and another saying to setup a new remote desktop connection. Current connected Desktops Click here to set up a new remote connection To add a new remote desktop connection, simply type in the URL address if the computer you wish to access the current computer.

When a problem occurs on your computer and you call a technician, they would give you their URL address so that they can access your computer from their company. Guide on remote desktop Add URL of the computer here Monitoring Tools & System Diagnostics Monitoring tools is a piece of software/ hardware that allows users to monitor resources and performance on a computer system. This could be useful as it allows a technician to monitor the computer system and to see if there is anything happening that shouldn’t be. It can also be used to see if any programs and applications that have been installed are malfunctioning.

A Technician would be able to use such tools to find out if there are any programs or errors on the system that are affecting the performance of the computer Windows 7 would have a built in performance checker that can be accessed through the control panel in the start menu. Click to open start menu Click on control panel from the start menu Once you have opened the control pannel, a screen like the one below should open. In this window are the settings for the computer system, such as device manager, administrative tools, user accounts, system perfromance and tools,amongst others.

It is from this window that a user or technician would be able to solve most of the faults that occur on a computer system. The list of tools that can monitor and diagnose a computer system Windows 7 allows users to rate and improve their computer systems performance. This can be accessed through the control panel via the start menu. This is a handy feature to have as it easily accessible and gives back a report with ratings about each component and a help guide as to what this means. The rating of each component Third Party Software

There are other means of monitoring and diagnosing the computer system apart from the default tools that are already installed on the operating system such as third party software. Some third party software can be a lot more useful and efficient that the default tools. It can help to maintain, manage and configure a computer system. Click here to change the settings for automatic system maintenance Shows more detail on what has been optimized Tools used to customize the operating system. Tune up offers a lot of tools to enhance the computer system.

It can tell you the details on what has been optimized. It can also show the user which settings should be optimized. Click here to start the maintenance check How long until the automatic maintenance starts Once the user is happy with the changes made to the computer system. They can then go into other things such as a maintenance scan which can be found on the “Maintain system” window. Click on the 1-click maintenance to start the scan this will scan and analyze the computer system in order for it to function and perform at its best.

It does this by cleaning and then defragging the computers registry, freeing up disk space by getting rid of any unwanted items, removing any shortcuts that are broken, optimizing the way the computer starts up and shuts down, before finally defragging the hard disk to create more memory space. Once the results have come back the user would be able to see what has a problem and what’s been optimized. They can view the problem by clicking “Show Details” under the result of the problem Click here to view the problem Results of the maintenance Administrative Tools

Administrative tools are a more advance tool used to configure and apply setting and/or Limitations to a computer system. This can be font in the control panel via the start menu. There are many different tools to be used such as computer management, local security policy, event viewer, memory diagnostic tool, reliability and performance monitor, task scheduler and many more. Click here to open the administrative tools window Administrative tools are mainly used to protect a computer system when it has more than one user. The admin can choose if they want to restrict to user to limited access, such as connection of the internet.

They can also use administrative tools to set passwords to limit access. It can also be useful when there is a virus or data has become corrupt as the administrator can isolate the user to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the computer. They can also use their tools to user event viewer to find out what the data and time of when it happen to find out what they was doing to cause it to happen. They could also check the systems performance to find out if everything else on the system is working ok. Administrative tools window There are many administrative tools that can be used here. Techniques

Direct Questioning Direct questioning is done when a user calls a technical support service hotline when they have a fault with their computer system that they need assistance with before they are able to help the technical support needs to make sure they are covered for technical support. This is done by asking some personal questions and details such as account number and passwords this will then be logged down and the technical support will be able to see if there covered for technical support. If there is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Then the technician will need to meet the expectations of the client E. . fixing there computer. When they have confirmed they are covered the technician will then ask them questions about what the problem is with their computer system. The technician should try and get as much information about the fault as they can as this will be crucial when trying to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. All the information should bed wrote down into a database and logged down on the users profile for any future problems that may occur this would be useful if the same problem arises and the next technician to take the call.

Help Desk Help desk systems something that is used to provide customers with technical support information on a product or service while it can also supply them with a connection to a support representative. The Aim for a help desk system is to increase organization efficiency and their productivity when using technology with timely answers from question asked by workers and clients, many of the help desk systems have the same functions.

Australian States/Territories: How do you become a Private Building Certifier?

Australian States/Territories: How do you become a Private Building Certifier?.

Concerns over the use of non-conforming building products and non-complying products in the construction industry has been a concern for several years. There is a multitude of products that are imported that do not comply with Australian standards and many instances of complying products being used incorrectly. This issue was advanced with findings of combustible cladding on high-rise buildings which has been in the spotlight since the tragic event of the 2017 Grenfell Fire in London which had a significant loss of life.

The building regulators in Australia, are reacting to these products in different ways and moving to change and or implement additional building regulations.You are required to research and then investigate how at least three (3) Australian states are dealing with these non-conforming and non-complying products and what changes have been adopted and/or are proposed to be adopted.You are then required to investigate how at least one

(1) other country is adapting or adopting building regulations and/or their building codes and standards in response the same issue.Part 2 – 25%Private certification of building works (i.e. the giving of building approvals and the enforcement of building regulations by private practitioners or companies) has been adopted in every State/Territory of Australia. In recent times there has been much discussion in the media about private certifiers in New South Wales.The roles and responsibilities are detailed in the relevant State legislation.You are to investigate the building certification schemes in three (3) Australian States/Territories under the following headings:Roles and responsibilities of building certifiers (i.e what do certifiers do)How do you become a Private Building Certifier? (i.e Accreditation, Qualifications and Licencing)Part 3 – 30%The Australian National Construction Code (NCC) is a performance-based code.You are required to research the International development and implementation of performance-based building regulation and then report under the following headings;Historical Development Three (3) international examples of implementationYour opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of performance-based codesYour recommendations on performance-based codes for the futureYour report should be prepared and presented in a professional manner. The body of your report must be not less than 3000 words (excluding title page, table of contents, executive summary, bibliography, appendices etc.It is essential that your final report is properly and completely referenced

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