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Technical Brief on Cyber Security

Technical Brief on Cyber Security. Introduction One of the most challenging components of cybersecurity is the continually evolving world of undertrained staff. The conventional way has been to concentrate resources on essential structure elements and defend against the most significant known threats, which meant giving components undefended and not protecting systems against less harmful risks, such as human error. To deal with the new situation, advisory organizations are encouraging a more effective and adaptive way. The National Association of Standards and Technology (NIST), for instance, recently released updated guidelines in its risk assessment model that suggest The move toward constant monitoring and real-time assessments (Woods, D., Jan. 2018). In the given case scenario, an instructor of a well-established institution has promised to have students’ final test scores stored on the lecture building door for all students who anticipate them. The issue with this scenario is that instead of the instructor taking necessary precautions to protect the student’s data and other information relevant to the course, they have exposed valuable information to the public. This scenario is perilous because the students could lose their privacy and personal information. Also, the teacher may not be able to provide any protection against misuse of the information that was exposed for a brief period of time. Though the professor’s action might’ve seemed harmless in their sight by exposing sensitive PII, the professor generated a vulnerability that could lead to the impact of a sabotage attack or theft on the student’s personal information. Analysis a. One straightforward approach in identifying an actor of this caliber that shows no type of malicious intent is to consider their characteristics. For instance, in recognizing the type of category the professor would fall into, I considered the traits of someone who does not follow policy. They will ideally not have malicious traits (though not necessarily) but can create major security concerns due to their lack of awareness and gaps within the cyber framework which leads to unintentional cognitive human errors. As such, it is important to identify the characteristics of a potential attacker before attempting to exploit them and then to identify the vulnerabilities that are likely to be present in a particular situation. b. Data breaches are becoming an increasing epidemic and taking place almost daily (Silver, C., Jun. 2017). Be though, as it may professionals have an obligation to protect themselves and the clients they serve to the best of their capabilities, or, in this case, the professor had an obligation of due diligence to protect their students (Greenbaum, K., Jun. 2018). Confidentiality, privacy, integrity, data protection and security compliance with the law of the state are a few of the many ethical and legal factors that must be considered when working in the educational domain. Considering universities maintains students personally identifiable information, HIPPA information (this is usually for the medical universities[ex. Phobe]), demographic data, in various cases parental information, grades, disciplinary information, academic performance, and financial information (includes grants, scholarships, Pell) remaining compliant and cohesive to the CIA triad is imperative to the success of the university or any other business that handles the data of the public (KimTechnical Brief on Cyber Security
DePaul University Sweatshops and Respect for Persons Business Ethics Discussion.

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I need a 6 page Business Ethics Paper Written-the following is the directions Thank you!Papers are to be
written double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 with 1-inch margins on each side. Papers should be
structured with the first half of the paper providing a summary of the reading and the second half
providing analysis of the reading. Two or three discussion questions should complete the paper. Page
numbers should be provided for key points from the readings and for quoted material. Late papers will be
lowered by one full grade (ex. B- becomes a C-). The last day to turn in late papers is the final day of
Use your own wording as much as possible. Page numbers must be provided for key points from the
readings and for quoted and paraphrased material. You may place numbers at the end of sentences
like this (author, page #). Papers should be structured with:
1) The first half of the paper providing a summary of the reading
– A summary provides an overview of the key points. You cannot mention everything the
author says within the space you have been provided…don’t try. Provide only the central
points of the reading/readings
– Summaries, like outlines, should be objective. Make no references to yourself. In a
summary your opinion doesn’t matter; later, when you analyze and evaluate an argument,
you can state your opinion and support it.
– A summary is not an abridged copy of the reading…a summary provides some structure
for the reader (ex. The author has three main points; the reading provides various
interpretations on the notion of justice)
2) The second half providing analysis of the reading.
– This will most likely be an exploration of the key points that you have already mentioned.
This can take a variety of forms. You can apply these key points to a case/situation from
another class. You can explain a flaw in the author’s logic. You can explain whether the
religious argument can be made palatable for all without losing anything from the
original teaching. Or, you can argue (with support) why you think the authors point is
helpful or inadequate.
– Writing this part of the paper involves more than simply stating your opinions. You must
support your views by presenting arguments in favor of them. You should also try to
defend your views against potential criticisms. In developing your position on an issue,
keep in mind what an intelligent opponent would say in response.
3) Finally, two or three discussion questions should complete the paper.
From Professor-Some notes on writing

In most cases you should
summarize an author’s argument in the present tense. For
example: She describes
human nature as greedy. NOT: The author described
the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes.

Try to avoid starting
paragraphs with quotes. This allows the quote to direct the
paragraph instead of allowing you to direct the paragraph. Also, do
not use a quote without setting up the quote or
explaining the quote afterwards.

Pay attention to the topic
sentence of your paragraph. Please keep the sentences that follow on
the same theme as the topic sentence. Your arguments and your
summaries will be more convincing and coherent if you do this.

Never write that you “agree
with some things and disagree with others” without specifying
in the sentence what you agree with and disagree with.

If you can change the subject
of the sentence and the sentence would still be valid for most any
topic then it is a vague (bad) sentence. (ex. Adam Smith presents us
with many great ideas which we must consider carefully).

Authors do not “speak”
about things or simply “mention” them. They “write”
about their central themes and “discuss” and “argue”
their claims.

Quotes over 4 lines long
should be single spaced and with a justified alignment indented and
extra 1/2 inch on either side. See below.

Even if you rephrase the
words an author uses, you must cite the author and location of the
original text.

your papers at
least once (preferably
twice) before
turning them in. Alternatively, have a friend, family member, or
literate stranger read through your papers and provide you with some

Enough said.

their, there, they’re
it’s, its
lose, loose
weather, whether

Define technical words an
author uses or those words being used in a new, different, or
inventive way.

Pick up a copy of Strunk and
White’s The
Elements of Style.
This will help you avoid major grammar/style/writing mistakes. Also
get the The Craft
of Research. This
will really help your writing…especially in regards to
supporting your claims and staying focused in your writing.

DePaul University Sweatshops and Respect for Persons Business Ethics Discussion

CO 120 FAU Effective Communication with Reference to Film Angry Men Discussion

CO 120 FAU Effective Communication with Reference to Film Angry Men Discussion.

write about the concepts and ideas listed in the three chapters chosen and then use examples from the film or show to illustrate those terms and concepts. At the minimum cite the textbook and ONE other source. If you have trouble thinking of a film or show to use for your examples of the chapter conceptsSome films to consider: Exam The Social Network Office Space The Office Glengarry Glen Ross 12 Angry Men School Ties Apollo 13 The Thing Cube Stand and Deliver Lord of the FliesThese are just a few examples.Chapters and Concepts:Chapter Six: Listening and Nonverbal Communication Barriers to Effective Listening Nonverbal Communication Components Barriers to Effective Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal Communication StrategiesChapter Nine: Negotiation Integrative and Distributive Bargaining Strategies Five Stages of Negotiating Strategies for Negotiating Effectively Emotions and Defensiveness in Negotiation Integrity and Ethics in NegotiationChapter 11: Managing Conflict Sources of Interpersonal Conflict Conflict Management Strategies Organizational and Interpersonal Techniques for Preventing Conflict
CO 120 FAU Effective Communication with Reference to Film Angry Men Discussion

Schizophrenia Patients Biochemical and Behavioral Changes Essay

assignment writing services The neurological damage or changes to the brain as a result of the illness Schizophrenia is a brain disease, which disables its victim in a severe and chronic way. It is estimated that about 1% of the world’s population develops this disease in their lifetime. It occurs in both men and women without notable disparity although it appears earlier in men than in women. Affected people tend to experience sever and chronic damage to brain. They tend to hear internal voices speaking to them; however, those near them cannot hear these voices. It also affects their speech, which appears incomprehensible as well as frightening to listeners. A number of treatments have been recommended but this has done little to eradicate the disease. In fact, it is only estimated that just one out of five patients suffering from schizophrenia recovers fully (Brunet-Gouet

journal reflection

journal reflection. I need an explanation for this Computer Science question to help me study.

January 29, 2015: Microsoft has released Office for Tablets, which can have powerful implications on infrastructure decisions. Have students read the article at and ask them to think of a situation in which a firm would provide Android tablets to managers who travel quite a bit. Ask them the following:
(1) Would the absence or presence of Office on tablet platform affect the decision?
(2) Given the roll-out, how would a tablet now be more attractive than a thin laptop for the travelers?
(3) Would the pricing model have an impact on the screen size that you would choose to provide to the travelers?
(4) What infrastructure decision would you make in the area of soft keyboards versus keyboard cases with real keys? Would keyboard size enter into your decision-making?
1.350 words
2.No plagarism
journal reflection

DU Telecommunication and Etihad Airlines Companies Analysis Report

Introduction In business, innovation is a crucial factor that develops entrepreneurial spirit and purports financial prosperity. In a competitive business environment, companies invest, conduct research, and struggle to manufacture new products that satisfy the customers’ needs. In UAE, DU telecommunication and Etihad Airways are some of the most successful companies that have been identified. This report will describe the two companies, touch upon their innovative strategies, and discuss some of the factors that should be considered when conducting a feasibility analysis. DU Telecommunication This is a company that was introduced to provide technological services, including data, voice, and content services. Although it was founded eight years ago, its innovativeness has enabled it to challenge bigger service providers (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, n.d.). In fact, this uniqueness formed the basis of selecting the company for this report. Besides the fact that the company provides a wide range of services, it also targets different segments of customers, including individual consumers, businesses, and carriers. The businesses include both the small and large corporations while the carriers comprise entities that provide data networks as well as telecom services. For consumers, the company provides such services as fixed calling and data provision to both individuals and households that have subscribed with the company. The company has about two thousand employees drawn from sixty different countries to serve the customers in a variety of languages and encourage globalization (Aboutus, 2012). The company works to promote, develop, and use talents in order to increase the level of innovation and provide employment opportunities. The application of these strategies has led to a gradual rise of the company, and it was named the best mobile broadband network provider in 2013. This rating was taken from the recent research that was conducted by ARC Chart Company. The rating strongly based on the premises that the company had about 6.5 million subscribers in the UAE and registered the annual revenue of 10 billion in 2013. Etihad Airlines Etihad Airline is a national company that has been extremely innovative in regards to its services, processes, and organizational management. Although it was established ten years ago, it has been capable of competing with other multinational companies and attaining a strategic global position. In essence, it has been recognized as one of the fast growing airlines due to the innovative capability envisaged by the employees and managers (Elmorchid et al., 2013). Having considered these aspects, the company was regarded as an appropriate choice for this report. One crucial development that has taken place in the company is the creation of partnerships with other airlines. In this regard, Etihad has partnered with other companies such as Aegean, Aer Lingus, and Air Astana Airlines. The alliances enable Etihad to provide their services to about 325 destinations worldwide (Balakrishnan, Jayashree

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