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Tech sale case study

Tech sale case study.

In your first case paper, you selected a dataset from the three data sets (which can be accessed in Blackboard- Case Study 1), which you will use the same dataset for this final paper. You can find the description of the variables and data dictionary in Appendix A of your textbook.Below are the handouts that guide you through the data mining process. final paper submission must include the following sections:1. Introduction2. MethodologyYou will use one supervised and one unsupervised data mining methods. Refer to the specific Final Paper handout for your dataset (available in Blackboard) to learn how to apply data mining methods in a step-by-step guide for completing this subsection. Specifically, be sure to address the following:i. Explain the motivation for using supervised and unsupervised methods.ii. Explain what you want to predict using data mining methods. 3. Analysis and Results: The overall objective of this section is to summarize your data analysis and include a detailed explanation of the performed analysis along with tables and figures of the analysis results. You will present a summary of your results and evaluate the performance of each model used to analyze the data. Be sure to interpret the performance evaluation measures.Refer to the specific Final Paper handout for your dataset (available above) for a step-by-step guide for completing this subsection. Specifically, be sure to address the following:i.For supervised data mining, include the confusion matrix and the table that reports the accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity rates for the test data set and interpret your results. Comment on the model you have chosen using the performance charts. Include the ROC curve in your paper. ii. For unsupervised data mining include appropriate performance measures and explain the performance measures in a paragraph. 4. Discussion and ApplicationThe goal of this section is to discuss the possible application of the results for the firm or the organization that uses this dataset. You will recommend to the firm or the organization possible ways to implement the expected findings and explain how the results may impact the business or decision process.To complete this section on your report, you must include the following critical elements:i. Compare your results between the two subsets of the data.ii. Include your suggestions and recommendations for the organization using this data to make decisionsRequirements of Submission:Your final paper report must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, 2-3 pages length, double spacing,12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and no appendices.
Tech sale case study

WU Job Attitudes Individual Performance & Organizational Effectiveness Discussion.

Recognizing the Connection Between Job Attitudes, Individual Performance, and Organizational EffectivenessEvery day, employees bring to work their attitudes about the organization, the job, and coworkers. Some of the attitudes may interfere with their performance, but others may actually contribute to work and organizational effectiveness. It is often easy to spot the negative attitudes. Less often, positive attitudes are the topic of conversation. Be that as it may, recognizing attitudes that contribute to personal and organizational success is an important skill that I/O consultants acquire and develop.In this Discussion, you will explore how job attitudes can affect performance, organizational citizenship, and organizational effectiveness using an example from your own experience.To prepare for this Discussion:Reflect back on your own job experiences and/or those of past or current coworkers. Consider all that you have learned from this week as well as all of the previous course readings, discussions, and assignments. Read the article “Attitudes and Attitude Change.” Consider how attitude, job related or not, can be fixed and change in a moment due to personal values as well as social and sociohistorical events.Read the article “Improving Firm Performance Through Inter-Organizational Collaborative Innovations: The Key Mediating Role of the Employee’s Job-Related Attitudes.” Think about the mediating role HR can play in employee job attitudes.Read the article “An Extended Model of the Interaction Between Work-Related Attitudes and Job Performance.” Reflect on the analysis of organizational support (POS), job satisfaction, and organizational commitment on job attitudes.Read the article “Attitude, Job Satisfaction, and Task Performance of Thai Millennial Employees Toward Workplace Fun.” Think about the role of workplace fun in increasing job satisfaction and job performance. Read the article “The Impact of Job Satisfaction, Organization Commitment, Organization Citizenship Behavior (OCB) on Employees’ Performance.” Consider how OCB can mediate performance of employees. Read the article “The Antecedents and Consequences of Psychological Capital: A Meta-Analytic Approach.” Think about leader and member psychological capital and OCB and the effects on job performance.By Day 3Post a response to the following: Provide an example of how job attitudes can affect performance, organizational citizenship, and organizational effectiveness. Base your comments from personal observation, as well as drawing from the relevant empirical literature.
WU Job Attitudes Individual Performance & Organizational Effectiveness Discussion

COPS W0605 KFSC Shawnee PD Assault & Battery Reports Data Analysis Paper

COPS W0605 KFSC Shawnee PD Assault & Battery Reports Data Analysis Paper.

I’m working on a case studies case study and need a sample draft to help me study.

I’m working on a case studies case study and need support to help me learn.IntroductionBy now, you have had a chance to study the situation in Shawnee, Kansas. Today, you will write your analysis of the data presented in the case study. The Rusty’s Tavern case study begins on page 29 of the attached PDF file.TaskYour task is to analyze the data presented in the case study. DIscuss the different types of data, the quality, and whether you need more. What frameworks can be applied ti manipulate and understand the data?Prompt: Write a data analysis that:Describes and evaluates the sources of information [CILO 1.2},Describes how the problem analysis triangle, GIS, cause-effect diagrams, charts and graphs, and other tools discussed in the course can be used to analyze the data [CILO 1.2],Includes new representations of the data [CILO 1.2], andDescribes patterns and correlations in the data [CILO 1.2].Source Reference:In-text citation: (Smith, 2011, p. 29) where p. 29 means page 29. Include page numbers in your citations for this assignment.Full reference: Smith, S.C. (2011), Rusty’s Last Chance. In G. Jones & M. Malina (Ed.), Crime Analysis Case Studies. Retrieved from…ProcessStep 1: PreparationReview the CILO 2 rubric below that will be used to assess your answer. Be sure that you can achieve all performance levels.Compose your response in any text editor (e.g. MS Word, or Google Docs) and spell check and grammar check it.Use APA citation and reference format to refer to your sources.Step 2: SubmissionClick on the title of this assignment to open it.Either paste your text into the text editor box by clicking WRITE SUBMISSION or attach a PDF version of your essay file by clicking BROWSE MY COMPUTER.[Optional] Add Comments and/or excuses in the text box for your professor.
COPS W0605 KFSC Shawnee PD Assault & Battery Reports Data Analysis Paper

Regeneration By Pat Barker Analysis English Literature Essay

essay help online The story takes in the past. The entire story is in 1917. You can know that because it is during the First World War. In the beginning Rivers is reading a poem of Sassoon from July 1917 and in the end he wrote a date on a file of Sassoon which said: Nov. 26, 1917. In total I think the story takes a couple of months. In the beginning of the story Rivers reads a poem of Sassoon what is written in July 1917. So it will be in July or later. The story ends at November 1917 because that is what Rivers writes down on Sassoon’s files. So in total it will probably take a couple of months “S. Sassoon July 1917” “He drew the final page towards him and wrote: Nov. 26, 1917. Discharged to duty.” The story takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland. Nearly always at Craiglockhart. Craiglockhart is a mental hospital. It’s a standard, boring hospital with long hallways. On every room there sleep two patients and there is door of a patients room that has a lock except the one of Sassoon. Not even the shower. The town itself is hardly described. The only things they talk about are the restaurants and pubs in a street. “This is you room. You’re lucky; it’s the only one which has a lock.” Plot Sassoon is against the war and is being send to Rivers ‘to cure’ him. They talk about the war and why Sassoon doesn’t want the war to continue. Sassoon wants to go back to the war to help his friends when he is ‘cured’. At the end he is inspected and declared fit and goes back to the front. Characters Siegfried Sassoon, Dr. W.H.R. Rivers, Billy Prior As reader, you follow Sassoon the most. Sassoon’s father left him when he was a child. He is against the continual of the war and writes poems about it. He was a very good soldier and he’s being loved by his men. He’s been diagnosed as ‘Shell-shocked’. River is his doctor at Craiglockhart. Although he is against the war, he still wants to fight because he does not want to leave his friend behind. River is a doctor at Craiglockhart. His patients never have any physical problems, but always mental problems. By talking with his patients he’s trying to find out why they are ill and he tries to help them recovering from it. Sassoon is a special case because he is not really ill. He’s just against the war, but they thought he was shell-shocked. Prior is a lieutenant in the military. He’s been send to Craiglockhart because he ‘couldn’t’ speak. He also suffers from asthma. Prior is difficult patient for Rivers because he doesn’t want to talk about his memories of the war. He falls in love with Sarah, a girl who works in a munitions factory. They are main characters because these are the people who you constantly follow during the book. Sassoon: ” ‘Sassoon’s the best platoon commander I’ve ever known. The men worship him – if he wanted German heads on a platter they’d get them. And he loves them. Being separated from them would kill him.’ “ Rivers: ” One of the nice things about serving afternoon tea to newly arrived patients was that it made so many neurological tests redundant. “ Prior: ” Prior reached for the notepad and pencil he kept beside his bed and scrawled in block capitals, ‘I DON’T REMEMBER.’ ‘Nothing at all?’ Prior hesitated, then wrote, ‘NO.’ “ Wilfred Owen, Anderson, Sarah Lumb, Dr. Lewis Yealland, Callan, Robert Graves Message As reader of the book you can learn what the effect of a war can haven on people. That it doesn’t only gives a lot of casualties and wounded people, but also lots of men who get a nervous breakdown because of the things they’ve seen and experienced. I think the writer wrote this story to let the people see and know what a tremendous impact war can have on people. Because war is not only about brave men fighting, but also about young men who die and get crazy because of what they’ve seen. The message is conveyed to you through the patients. Every patient has a different ‘disease’, but all of them are caused by the war. Throughout the book you discover the reasons why they are ill and those reasons are arguments of why the war should not continue. “After being thrown into the air and landing head first in the ruptured stomach of a rotting dead soldier by a shell, which causes him to vomit whenever he eats anything.” B: YOUR OPINION I think Rivers and Sassoon are sympathetic. Rivers is sympathetic because he helps all the patients. He could also say: bye, I’m not going to help you. Especially mental patients, because they require a lot of attention and time to cure them. Sassoon is sympathetic because he loved him man at the front and they loved him. He was a good leader and bomber. ” I want to help you, I really do. But in order to do so, you’ve got to corporate. “ “‘Sassoon’s the best platoon commander I’ve ever known. The men worship him – if he wanted German heads on a platter they’d get them. And he loves them. Being separated from them would kill him.’ “ I disliked Dr. Yealland. I disliked him because he uses shock therapy to his patients and he even pushes lighted cigarettes to their tongues. ” The patient had been strapped to a chair for periods of twenty minutes at a time, and very strong electric current applied to his neck and throat. Hot plates had been applied repeatedly to his neck and throat, and lighted cigarettes to the tongue. “ Sadness and anger. I felt sad when I read about Burns who landed into the stomach of a dead soldier and the stories of the other patients. I was angry when I read about the methods Dr. Yealland used to ‘cure’ his patients. “After being thrown into the air and landing head first in the ruptured stomach of a rotting dead soldier by a shell, which causes him to vomit whenever he eats anything.” ” The patient had been strapped to a chair for periods of twenty minutes at a time, and very strong electric current applied to his neck and throat. Hot plates had been applied repeatedly to his neck and throat, and lighted cigarettes to the tongue. “ ” Then the electrode was applied to the back of his throat. He was thrown back with such force that the leads were ripped out of the battery. Yealland removed the electrode. ‘Remember you must behave as becomes the hero I expect you to be,’ Yealland said. ‘A man who has been through so many battles should have a better control of himself.’ He fastened the straps rounds Callan’s wrists and feet. ‘Remember you must talk before you leave me.’ “ Dr. Yealland is trying to ‘cure’ Callan. Callan is similar to Prior. He ‘can’t’ speak anymore. Through electro-shock therapy he’s trying to let him talk again. He’s willing to go on as long as needed. At the end Dr. Yealland manages to let Callan speak again. I think this is the best part of the book because it’s nearly the only part in the book where something really happens. Nearly everything that happens in the book is people talking with each other. This part has the most action of the entire book. I do not really to read about people talking with each other, I want action. Yes. The write succeeded to convey a message to me. I now realize how bad wars can be for those who fight in it and what the effects can be. The writer makes the message clear by showing all the patients who suffer from the war, which got traumas because of it. It shows you what the effects are. Yes. The message is very important. People must realize how horrible wars are so that we do anything to prevent them. A war will not only kill people physically, but also mentally. Have you ever had any mental problems because of the war? Have you been a doctor who worked with patients who have had mental problems? Why did you wrote the book? I would like to know the answers to these questions because I’m curious why he wrote the book and how he got his inspiration, his stories of the patients. C: THE SUMMARY Part I 2 hours Sassoon is against the war. He wants it to stop. Because of that, the military authority has labeled him as “shell-shocked”. Rivers is a doctor at Craiglockhart. It is a mental institute. Rivers has his doubts about Sassoon coming to Craiglockhart, because he thinks Sassoon is not shell-shocked. Robert Graves is a friend of Sassoon. He thinks Sassoon should stop protesting against the continual of the war, because he can’t stop it. Even though he has the same opinion as Sassoon about it. Sassoon wanted to get a court-martial, because then his opinions would in the publicity. But Graves manages to get Sassoon to Craiglockhart instead. When Sassoon meets Rivers they start talking. Rivers finds out that religion is not the reason why Sassoon isn’t fighting. He has nothing against fighting. Sassoon has problems with the idea that while others are dying at the front, he is safe at Craiglockhart. At Craiglockhart there is also another patient, Prior. He’s not able to speak, but not physically. He communicates with Rivers via a notepad. After a while he manages to get River talking again, but he still doesn’t want to talk about what happened in France. Part II 2.5 hours At Craiglockhart Sassoon meets Owen. Just like Sassoon he also writes poetry. He asks if Sassoon could sign some of his poems. When Sassoon finds out he’s also writing poetry he asks to read his poems. Prior, another patient at Craiglockhart goes to Edinburg. There he meets a girl called Sarah. They start walking and at a graveyard they nearly have sex, but at the last minute she pushes him away. Because Prior wasn’t at Craiglockhart during the night he was “grounded” for two weeks. Rivers wants to try hypnosis on Prior to retrieve some memories. It works a little bit, because he remembered how two soldiers in his platoon died. There arrives a new patient at Craiglockhart. Willard. He was injured to the spine while he was under heavy fire at a graveyard. He keeps telling that he can’t walk because of pain in the spine, while there is nothing that causes it anymore. Sassoon and Owen start talking in Sassoon’s room. Sassoon gives Owen some poems to publish into the hospital’s magazine. In exchange for that, Sassoon will mentor Owen on his poetry. Prior meets Sarah again in Edinburg. They take the train to the sea. They talk with each other about the war and what his function was in it. Suddenly a storm comes up and they have to take shelter into a bush. There they also have sex. Rivers is ordered to take a three week holiday because he is so exhausted from work. Part III 2 hours At Craiglockhart Sassoon helps Owen with his poem: “Anthem for doomed Youth” Sarah and her friend Madge got to a hospital to look up Madge’s fiancé, who is wounded. Sarah decides to walk around alone in the hospital and find a tent where are soldiers who are missing limbs. She is angry, because they hide these people away. Prior is being examined by a doctor. He is afraid that they will think he is faking his illness, so that he will be sent back to war. River is meeting some old friends. They are discussing about Sassoon. Rivers realize that Sassoon is free to think about the war he wants, but that it is his job to get Sassoon back to war. At the end, Rivers got offered a top job in London. Although it’s good for his career, he is not sure if he wants to take it. Burns is an ex-patient of Craiglockhart. He invites rivers to come to his house at the sea for a couple of days. Rivers expected that burns wanted to talk about the war, but Burns hadn’t said a thing about it. At a night, there is a heavy storm. Burns walks outside and goes into a cave that floods a high tide. Rivers finds him there suffering from flashbacks of the war in France. When they’re safe home, Burns tells everything to Rivers about the war. Once back at Craiglockhart Rivers meets Bryce and tells him that he is going to take the job in London. Rivers has an appointment with Sassoon. Sassoon tells him that he sees hallucinations of dead friends. Sassoon feels guilty that he is not helping his friends at the front, so he decides that he should return to the front. Part IV 2.5 hours Sarah has told her mother about Prior. She is angry at her because she had sex so soon. She also doesn’t believe in true love. Sassoon talks with his friend Graves. Graves thinks that Sassoon should not go back to war and that he must maintain his word. He also tells Sassoon that a friend called Peter has been arrested for prostitution. The military now sends Peter to Rivers to cure him because they think he is homosexual. Sarah works at a munitions factory. They talk about the war and Sarah asks why a girl called Betty is not at work. Lizzie tells her that she is in the hospital because she tried a home abortion using a coat-hanger. Rivers talks with Sassoon. In a while, Sassoon will be send back to France. They discuss about homosexuality and that especially during war the authority is hard against homosexuality because it does not benefit the soldiers. The medical board is reviewing a couple of patients at Craiglockhart to decide whether or not they are able to go back to war. Prior is send home and gets permanent home service because he has asthma. He doesn’t like it because he thinks that the people will see him a coward and that he cannot find out what type of soldier he would be. Sassoon is tired of all the waiting before it’s his turn to meet the board, so he decides to leave and have some dinner with a friend. River is angry at Sassoon. Sassoon apologizes and tells River that he still wants to go to France. When Rivers is at his new job in London he meets his colleague Dr. Yealland. Dr. Yealland works very differently than Rivers does. He uses electro-shock therapy to cure his patients. When Rivers joins one of Dr. Yealland’s treatments he is shocked by his methods and doubts whether he can work with him. Sassoon is send back to war and River is thinking about the effect Sassoon and last few months have had on him. I did not really had any expectations while reading. There was also not much to expect I think. They talk and that’s it. There’s nothing that’s going to happen of that someone is going to do something. The end ended as I expected it. Sassoon got back to war. But that is also what he always wanted and said he was going to do. I don’t think there should be a different ending. I did not really liked the book. I prefer books with action in it. This book has nearly no action at all. Lots of dialogues and sometimes difficult language. In my opinion there were also no reasons to keep on reading. I can understand why there would be reasons for other people, but not for me. For me there were no things that I really wanted to know, so that I had to keep on reading. In overall I think it wasn’t a bad book, but I also did not enjoyed reading it. I prefer different types of books.

California National University Patient Symptoms and Signs and Test Results Questions

California National University Patient Symptoms and Signs and Test Results Questions.

A patient presented to the emergency room with a dog bite on the side of her face. The dog was up to date with all its shots.No fever, normal blood pressure, and cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous, and gastrointestinal systems were observed to be normal.A culture was performed on the laceration on the left cheek.Results:Aerobic culture on blood agar medium of the dog bite wound on the face showed two types of colonies of organisms. A second culture of both the colonies was performedCulture from the smaller colony done on blood agar showed 1-2 mm smooth gray non-hemolytic mucoid colonies. The organism did not grow on Mac-Conkey agar or EMB agarSubculture from the larger colony done on EMB showed large pale cream mucoid colonies. The organism grew well on MacConkey agar with no color change..Biochemical tests:TESTS PERFORMEDREACTION TESTEDRESULTSNO3Reduction of nitrates to nitritesPOSITIVETRPIndole productionPOSITIVEGLUCOSEAcid production from GlucosePOSITIVEADHArginine hydrolysisNEGATIVEUREAUreaseNEGATIVEESCULINHydrolysis (b-glucosidase)NEGATIVEGELATINHydrolysis (protease)NEGATIVEPNPGb-galactosidaseNEGATIVEthe oxidase test, catalase test, ornithine decarboxylase test and the indole test were all positive.Smaller colony:Based on the results on blood agar and MacConkey and EMB agar, describe the organism. (There are only two characteristics you can describe, you do not have to name an organism.)Larger colony:Based on the results on MacConkey and EMB, what do you expect to see when you Gram stain the organism.What other biochemical characteristic is demonstrated by the results on MacConkey and EMBDescribe what each of the positive biochemical tests
California National University Patient Symptoms and Signs and Test Results Questions

International Development homework help

International Development homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the identify the types of policies to promote economic growth. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper.,Identify the types of policies to promote economic growth,Identify the types of policy available to Fiji government to promote economic growth. For each policy you identify, describe how the policy is expected to work and list its costs. Use appropriate graph and economic growth theory to explain your answer. (Hint: You must read Harrod-Domar model, Solow model and new approach to growth before you attempt to answer the question. Your essay should clearly discuss these three-growth model, its policy prescription and limitations. Then you should apply the knowledge of these growth models to your country context.),Note:  You should use data to describe the background of your country. What is the current growth trend and gdp per capita? What is the current status of ,key determinants of economic growth, in your country?, Do not discuss anything about monetary and fiscal policy, Introduction is clear, thorough, focused and engaging,Evidence and data gathered are relevant, academically robust and Secondary comprehensive,All sources are critically assess. Gaps in the data and literature are clearly identify,Report in well structure, with effective and engaging narrative,All charts/tables are appropriate, correctly draw and format,Full and accurate interpretation of data,Effective synthesis of the findings in relation to the relevant literature,Effective and articulated writing style,Discussion of policy implications effectively builds on the findings,Remember, ensure  that the paper is at least three pages exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and also styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,International Development homework help