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Team Sports for a Bettter Future my assignment essay help custom essays in Australia

Team Sports For A Better Future Every Friday night, George participates in a recreational hockey game at his local arena. He developed a love for the sport as a child and continued playing throughout high school, university, and even as a father. Children are taught many lessons in team sports which become very important as an adult. Team sports benefit children by teaching them skills useful for when they are older. Team sports teach the value of responsibility. Punctuality must be maintained for practices and games. Team members are required to arrive at specific times before a game or practice.

Punctuality requires time management in order to arrive prepared and on time. This is an extremely important component children will need when they get a job. Likewise, good judgement is required in team sports. A basketball player may need to make quick decisions, such as whether to go for the basket or pass the ball to another player. In many jobs, quick decisions like this also need to be made. The sense of responsibility children develop through team sports benefits them as adults. Furthermore, team sports develop interpersonal skills. They teach children how to communicate with others.

In sports such as football, players have to discuss plays or plans with other team mates. As adults, instead of communicating with other players and coaches, they have to communicate their opinions and ideas with other employees or employers. Team sports also teach conflict resolution skills. Two players may disagree on a play or plan, causing an argument. Eventually, they have to work together to come to an agreement that satisfies each player. In the workplace, two employees may not agree with each other and have to collaborate their ideas in order to resolve the conflict.

Social skills that children develop while participating in team sports are useful for when they enter the workforce. Moreover, team sports promote a healthy lifestyle. The aspect of physical activity helps keep one physically fit. Soccer is an aerobic activity, involving a fair amount of running. Physical activity helps keep children healthy and fit. They may even decide to continue it into adulthood, therefore keeping them healthy and fit as they grow older. Mental fitness is also maintained through team sports. After work, school, or a stressful day, one may go for a jog or walk.

Physical activity is known to reduce stress. Many adults stay involved with team sports they participated in as a child. When stress arises, a team sport be used to relieve the pressure. The physical activity involved in team sports help keep adults both mentally and physically healthy. In essence, children benefit in the future by taking part in team sports. Responsibility, interpersonal skills and a healthy lifestyle develop through participation in team sports during childhood. With a way so simple to develop these skills, why hold back? For a better future, all children should be involved in a team sport.

Procedural/Process essay

Procedural/Process essay.

 Description A “procedural/process” essay (2-page) describing a step-by-step process (how to do something) —INSTRUCTIONAL/DIRECTIONS or INFORMATIONAL . List all necessary articles, ingredients, items, tools… needed to complete the task, in tandem with a narrative explaining the process. Although you may describe how to prepare a particular culinary delight this is NOT simply a recipe. Use a variety of transition words (NOT JUST one, two, three…or first, second, third…). To be justified, you need to think of a task or skill with at least 5-7 steps.

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