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Task 4- COVID 19 Burnout with Health Care Workers

The Diagram should include all elements of your research framework (all concepts, theories, actors, and constructs) and depict the relationship in terms of flow of information or interaction. You may want to consider a simple graph so you can include all of those required elements and still depict them clearly. The graphical depiction should match your explanations thorough the task including especially the relationships described beginning on the attached paper page 10. (Which should be reworked along with the diagram.  To the reader, they should be able to place the diagram and later description side-by -side and understand how all of the elements interact within your research. Please use information from the attached paper. You can disregard  the diagram on page 2 of the attached paper.

Emerald Trade in Colombia: Sourcing Material and Services

Emerald Trade in Colombia: Sourcing Material and Services.

 CASE STUDY: On the emerald trade in Colombia. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a discussion focused on exploring the topic through the supply chain distribution lens. Note – this is not an essay and should not be written as such but rather a case study

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Why Do We Garden?

Task 4- COVID 19 Burnout with Health Care Workers Why Do We Garden?.

Please complete this part (B) The illusionary and nostalgic effect of the Japanese maple and the conclusion. Please just complete it on paragraph.

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Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Chemical Reactions Lab Report, Making Hot Ice.

Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Chemical Reactions Lab Report, Making Hot Ice..

The order description is: write my lab report paper about the elements, compounds, mixtures, and chemical reactions about my making hot ice lab experiment and follow the format that i have posted below in attachment files and also answer the post lab questions that is required for my lab report. And Put 5 cited sources and cite them in APA Formatting.

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Prevention Program

Prevention Program.

 Create a small prevention program that could be implemented at a health fair, at a workplace, or in a school. The goal of this assignment is to articulate the social, biological, and psychological consequences of addictive behaviors to an at-risk population and contextualize issues of addiction in historical and social frameworks. For this presentation, you will present your complete prevention program. The presentation should include 7–10 slides (not counting title slide and references slide) with speaker notes to address the following topics: •Population that is at risk •Addiction and the effects that this addiction has on the individual, family, workplace, and community •A look at the history and social frameworks of this addiction and the at-risk population •Where is the best place to implement this program? •How will you measure success for this prevention program? •Could you apply this prevention program within your real life and community? If so, will you, and if not, why not?

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Frederick Douglass: The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.

Description DO NOT USE QUOTES FROM THE BOOK. . Answer the question completely in an essay format. Write in paragraphs. Do not number your paragraphs. The length of the paper should have a minimum of 7 complete pages. Maximum 9 pages. Double-space it; 10 or 12 font size. Organize your paper in your own style. Answer the questions in any order you like. The details and examples you write about should cover details from all the assigned chapters. Book under review: Frederick Douglass The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass. Chapters to read and use: First Part—Chapters 1—21 and Second Part—Chapters 1—12. (Total of 33 chapters). Look for First Part and Second Part in the Table of Contents Part 1 (5 pages minimum): You would have read that Frederick Douglass was born a slave in an isolated Maryland plantation and then escaped. He traveled extensively in the North and abroad and became a prominent abolitionist. He counseled President Lincoln during the Civil War and influenced some of his decisions. What enabled Frederick Douglass to escape from slavery? In answering this, you should include all the significant people, experiences, incidents and books that created a desire in him to escape and gave him the ability to do so. You should also explain HOW these factors influenced him. Once Douglass escaped he joined up with abolitionists in the North and became a prominent abolitionist. What role did he play in the abolitionist movement in the U.S. and abroad? You should also discuss his introduction to the world of abolitionists, his extensive work as an abolitionist at home and abroad, and his views on the purchase of his freedom. You should discuss his views on the Constitution. You should further include in your answer his views on the Civil War, on Abraham Lincoln, and his work in the Civil War. Part 2: (2 pages minimum) Listen or read the transcript of historian Eric Foner’s interview in the NPR program. What similarities do you see between Douglass’ experiences and the experiences that Professor Foner discussed. According to Foner what reasons did slaves give for wanting to escape? What estimate did Foner give for the number of slaves who escaped through New York city? What is Foner’s opinion on the importance of the Fugitive Slave Act? What is the source of the information in Foner’s book “Gateway to Freedom” and who found it?

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Investment Management: to critically evaluate both the positive and negative impacts, from a range of perspectives, for investing in Fixed-income market

Investment Management: to critically evaluate both the positive and negative impacts, from a range of perspectives, for investing in Fixed-income market.

The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on 30th March 2019. Conduct relevant research and write an essay to critically evaluate both the positive and negative impacts, from a range of perspectives, for investing in ONE of the following:

·         Fixed-income market

·         Equity market


You are required to use recent academic literature and relevant data to support your writing e.g. Bloomberg, Mintel, Statista, News, Financial Times and etc.




1)    Introduction

       Background, history of the chosen financial market;

       Discussion of the operation/key features of chosen financial market in particular context, for example:

       Corporate/government bonds (in different currencies)

       Country variations

       Equities listing (different stock exchanges / countries / international diversification etc.

       Bond/stock investors (e.g. local vs. international)

       Currencies (in local & foreign currencies)

       Regulations & local and government policies

       Bond issuers – corporation/government capital structure, in surplus or deficit?

       Coupon rate and various bond features

       Bond price, maturity, bond yield (current yield & YTM)

       Credit rating and credit agencies

       A range of perspectives; country, political, currencies, interest rate & inflation or Business, financial, benchmark, market expectation

       Bond investors (strategies, expectations, diversification)

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Consider the value of a culture of excellence and leadership strategies that support a culture of excellence within the student’s selected MSN track.

Consider the value of a culture of excellence and leadership strategies that support a culture of excellence within the student’s selected MSN track..

The purpose of this assignment is to consider the value of a culture of excellence and leadership strategies that support a culture of excellence within the student’s selected MSN track. Students will identify a healthcare organizational characteristics that support a culture of excellence. In addition, students will identify an existing healthcare organizational mission, vision, and values and create an original concept map to portray the interrelationships among the elements.

Part I will include a concept map which is the student’s own original work. And Part II will include a scholarly written paper. The concept map may be hand drawn and scanned as a PDF document. Or you may create a concept map using tools in the Word format. The concept map must illustrate the interrelationships between mission, vision, and values of an existing organization or your choosing. The last section of the paper is the conclusion. In this section, you will include a summary which addresses the following. The importance of a culture of excellence and leadership strategies to promote a culture of excellence. You will also include a brief synopsis of the selected mission, vision and values that you portrayed and how they do or do not support a culture of excellence. Self-reflection of your learning regarding new insights gained by completing this assignment should be included. In addition, a self-reflection regarding implications for your future advanced nursing practice role in the selected MSN specialty track should be included. For this section, the two self-reflections may be written in first person. Because this is a scholarly paper, all other areas of the paper should not include first person, but the two self-reflective components may be written in first person. Criteria for Format and Special Instructions: Part I: Create and submit a concept map as a pdf or Word document. Concept map may be neatly drawn by hand or created using software. Concept map must be clear and legible. Concept map must be the student’s original work.

Part II: Using Microsoft Word 2013, create the written paper for this assignment. Include a title page with your name, date, and course information, as well as a reference page. The paper (excluding title and reference pages) should be three to four pages in length. A minimum of four peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within 5 years, are required. Sources older than 5 years may not be used without the permission of the class professor. Only one short quote (15 words or less) may be used within the body of your writing. Title page, running head, pagination, subheadings, body of paper, citation of sources, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual. First person may only be used in the self-reflection portion of the assignment (see Conclusion section for criteria). Requirements and Criteria for Content Part I : Concept Map Identify the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization. Create a concept map that portrays the relationships among the organizational mission, vision, and core values, depicting how they do or do not support a culture of excellence. The concept map must be your own, original work. Part II: Written Paper In a three- to four- page paper, address the elements below. Use a minimum of four peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. See the rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper. Provide an introduction to the paper. Discuss the characteristics of a culture of excellence. Present the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization, and explain the interrelationships between each element in the concept map. Describe how the mission, vision, and values do or do not support a culture of excellence. Discuss application of three specific leadership strategies that promote a culture of excellence, and how they support the Chamberlain Care Model®. Provide a conclusion to the paper.

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Education in a non-western culture

Education in a non-western culture.

Look in depth at education in a non-western culture. You could explore one culture deeply (Chinese, Arabic, Hindu, African, etc.), or explore education in the cultures of the Western Hemisphere. Part of your paper should compare this education with that in Oregon or the USA

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Culture Wars

Culture Wars.

 “The Culture Wars” Disputes and debates over what shape American culture should take were not new by the 1992 Presidential election. The counterculture movement of the 1960s as well as third-wave feminism and the rise of a new social and political conservative movement in the 1970s represented a war between “modern” and “tradition” cultural forces. Steve Kornacki, however, suggests that the promotion of a “culture war” between different politicians looking to capitalize on disagreements among Americans over morals and identity shaped a growing political divide between the Democratic and Republican parties during the early-to-mid 1990s. Do you agree with this statement? Or were more immediate issues such as economics more important in shaping politics? Kornacki’s book offers evidence to support both sides of the argument. Consider first briefly explaining what the “culture wars” were in context to this time period. You must use both the Kornacki book and at least three additional primary and/or secondary sources from your weekly readings (under the appropriate folders on Blackboard) to support your argument. Note: Some professors discourage using quotes as evidence. In this class, I see both quotes as well as brief summaries of material as important examples of evidence and would like to see both. However, your quotes should never be longer than three lines; use ellipses (…) to shorten quotes and pull out the most important material. 1. The paper will be 1500 words in length. In order to receive a passing grade, the paper MUST BE 1500 words. This is not a magic number: this is the appropriate length for a paper that requires both secondary and primary source analysis. If you do not have 1500 words, you will automatically receive a D as your starting grade. 2. The paper MUST HAVE A THESIS. 3. YOU MUST CITE KORNACKI AND OTHER SOURCES. If you do not provide citations, you will automatically fail. You also must provide specific pieces of evidence (quotes and summaries) from the book. Avoid block quotes—or large sections of quoted text. 4. Your paper meet the following specifics: a. 1” margins b. Times New Roman/12 font c. YOU MUST PROVIDE CITATIONS IN YOUR PAPER. d. Include a works cited page for this assignment. **The book The Red And The Blue by Steve Kornacki must be cited and referenced in paper. ** You do not need a title page for your paper and you do not need to include your name, section, date, etc. at the top of the paper. Footnotes do not count toward meeting the word goal for the paper. The word count is a minimum; you may go over the word count if you feel it is necessary.

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