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Once an employee is hired, a lot of money is invested to ensure proper training of each and every employee. Target does their best to try and ensure they hire not only good team members, but great managers to lead the team members. After an employee is hired, they instill their motto of “Fast, Fun, and Friendly” into each employee. Target wants each employee to follow this motto. Even lingo at Target has made a positive impact. For example, Target does not call people who come and in shop customers, instead they call them guests.

They want to ensure their guests feel at home. My research is about Target being the best in customer service compared to other retail chains. I am going to find studies, articles, and do an experiment with the class. I plan on showing evidence that because Target has implemented different techniques, which is what makes them successful. I used to never shop at Target because other retail stores are closer to my home. After working at Target and seeing how the store was put together and the type of training employees go through, I will always be a Target customer.

While working at Target, I always thought to myself, “If only Wal-Mart would implement the technologies and training that Target employees receive, they would be unbeatable. ” I have no idea why Wal-Mart won’t get walkies for every sales floor employee. When I walk into a Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, etc. , I know I will have a really hard time finding an employee who knows where the items are that I need. When I go into a Target, I have confidence that any sales floor person can help me. My research is from personal knowledge and from a journal article I found through the UC library website.

In July 2010, Consumer Reports did a rating of 11 stores and in best to worst the stores ranked were: Costco, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny, Target, Sam’s Club, Sears, Macy’s, Meijer, Wal-Mart, and Kmart. I’m not at all surprised that Wal-Mart was second to last and also not surprised that Target is right up there with department stores. Wal-Mart had the worst possible rating in: returns, checkout, store problems, and product quality of clothing items. In conclusion, if Wal-Mart would focus just as much attention on customer service as they do low prices, they would be unstoppable.

Walkies may be a large expense, however, I believe they will pay for themselves. They will be able to find items quicker for customers, check out will run smoother, and because of the better customer service, they will see an increase in repeat customers. I worked at Target from _________________ I got to personally experience what great team work really is. In that time, I gained valuable skills that I’ll have for the rest of my life. Each Target store is a manager-led store. For the most part, Target does a really good job hiring excellent people who can lead teams.

However, in my case, sometimes Target lets bad apples slip through the cracks. Target has a store leader, Executive Team Leaders for each department, team leaders for each department, two brand team members in softlines (clothing, shoes, and accessories) and one brand team in hardlines. From what I personally witnessed, if you have great managers team members will work together more effectively and be happy. In softlines, the ETL and team lead were very bias and cruel. Softlines constantly had people switching out of the department, were constantly complaining, and softlines had a higher turn-over rate. How Stores Stack Up! ” Consumer Reports Vol. 75, Issue 7, p. 20-21 (July 2010) For my presentation to the class, I’m going to do an experiment. If the library allows me, I am going to borrow two walkies. If walkies are unavailable, I can use cell phones as a backup. I’m going to ask for 4 volunteers. There will be Team Target and Team Wal-Mart. I will give one person on each team an item that a customer is going to ask for (I will be the customer). I will then give Team Target the walkies. I will ask the people with the items to go anywhere they want to inside or outside of

Flory, out of sight. I will then pretend I’m a customer and ask both people for the item that I sent with their team mates. I will have both teams use the current communication method that the stores they represent use. Team Target will get on the walkie and say, “Team, where can I find (whatever item it is I will give them)? ” The other Target team member will say, “It’s in (and give their location). ” Team Wal-Mart will use the guessing method and have to look for where their team member is. I will time them both and see who can help the customer faster.

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1. Please review posted reading material and describe key concepts in Cyber Harm model.
2. Apply Cyber Harm Exercise to the situation presented in the Britain Blackout movie by describing with examples:
WHO and WHAT can be harmed such as individuals, groups, entities.TAXONOMY OF HARM categorizing it into psychological, physical, or economic.STAKEHOLDERS and their different priorities and perceptions of harmMEASURING harm and categorizing into categories such as severe, medium, low, direct, indirect, etcMANDATES or who acts upon different types of harm.
part 2.
Write a reaction paper on the book Love and Profit. You can be postive or negative but including a personal story is also a good thing. When I did my Doctoral work we only had one management class and our Prof was outstanding. He had us read this book and I continue to go back to it again and again. One of the advantages of being the Prof is that you can build activities around stuff that really makes educational and real world sense!2-4 pages a title page
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