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There are thirteen strategic staffing decisions that should be identified and examined when developing a staffing plan. A change to any of these decisions can completely alter the entire staffing plan. Tanglewood department stores are a unique brand based upon how operations are handled, especially in relation to human resources and staffing. With the rate of Tanglewood’s expansion it is critically important to align all human resources policies and practices, especially those on staffing.

Acquire and Develop Talent-Most operations use a “pure staffing strategy” which basically means focusing on quality and not quantity. Tanglewood should not adopt this strategy at this time. With the acquisition of stores, the focus should be on training and development to have a uniformed style of employee. This means that when staffing plans are developed they should look for candidates who are willing to learn about the company, the customers and develop skills to meet the requirements of the company.

This does not mean we won’t be diverse in the hiring process but it does mean that meeting the minimum qualifications is not enough. Lag or Lead System -Tanglewood should implement and operate with the lead system. Tanglewood has no option here as people have already been acquired from the previous mergers. External or Internal Hiring-For corporate and management positions it is recommend that Tanglewood use internal hiring. This allows new managers to use their tanglewood experience to their advantage in their new role.

This also works well due to our acquisitions because there may be operating procedures by the individual stores that would be beneficial to the entire company. For entry level positions, it will be necessary to hire externally. Core of flexible workforce-With the industry being retail, there will be a need to have both core and flexible workers. Core workers provided stability and help keep training costs down while for seasonal purposes flexible workers allow Tanglewood to operate effectively.

Hire or Retain- Retaining employees allows Tanglewood to expand and grow because there will be experienced personnel more readily available. There must also be an effort on external recruitment to recruit talent and new personnel who may have exceptional experience with another retail outlet. National or Global- National staffing plan should be in plan; globalization leads to increased recruiting costs and has no benefit to the company. Attract or Relocate- The effort to relocate should be made, if this is unable to occur due to lack of internal candidates whom are eligible, then attracting new candidates would be necessary.

Understaff or Overstaff- Tanglewood should overstaff employees with the current expansion in place. In a retail environment there will be call offs, early outs and no shows. Having staff allows tanglewood to move associates to other departments and call associates in with short notice. Hire or Acquire- There is no option as Tanglewood has recently acquired many employees. Person/Job or Person/Organization match- This should be implemented to assure new hires are able to blend into company culture and ensure customer satisfaction.

Capstone power point

InstructionsSubmit your Capstone Assignment
The case study:
As the recently appointed administrator of a local health clinic, Community Hills Care Clinic, your clinic is facing several challenges. Your clinic is being investigated for poor billing practices which include false billing of Medicare amongst other misconduct. This has caused quite a bit of attention to be focused on your clinic, which is well known in the area, by the local media. In turn, your staff is becoming anxious and worried about the future of the clinic, causing staffing turnover and shortages at times. Additionally, patients are becoming wary of the clinic in hearing the bad press. As the clinic’s administrator, the board wants to know how you intend to address the problems that you are facing.
Your Task:
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the Board, which includes the following:
What issues you want to address in the clinic
What strategies you intend to use to ensure that patients receive quality care, while addressing the clinic issues
What policies will you need to examine and implement?
What process improvement tools could you use to help you?
Address the need for ethical decision-making. What is it? Why is it important? How will you enforce it in the clinic?
Going forward, what technology will you use or implement to help ensure the clinic’s success?
How will you market yourself to the public in an attempt to regain trust and portray a better image?
*Please use APA formatting
*Remember, presentations are the take-aways, the Speaker’s note box is where you write what you would actually say.