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TallyPrime: accounting application: apply the data in TallyPrime then submit screenshots

Kindly note that all transactions are done manually, I just need you to apply them in TallyPrime and get screenshots like the one in the attached file (which Requires Tallyprime subscription or free trailer) ( make sure that you have it before assigning the assignment to you) ______
1,. Record the following transactions in Tally Prime
Date Amount (in RO)
Jan 1 Cash A/C 11,000
Machinery A/C 50,000
Bank A/C 32,500
Areej Products Company 12,500 (Cr)
National Packaging Factory A/C 15,000 (Dr)
Capital A/C ?
Jan 2 Purchased goods and paid by cheque 7,500
Jan 31 Purchased goods from Oman Chemical Industries 12,500
Feb 1 Cash Sales 20,000
Feb 2 Sold goods to Taageer Services and offered 10% trade
Mar 1 Purchased goods from Raysut Industries Company and
received 5% trade discount
Mar 2 Cash withdrawn from bank by proprietor for personal
Mar 31 Sold Machinery worth of RO 3500 for RO 3,250
Apr 1 Goods returned to Oman Chemical Industries 1,500
Apr 2 Paid to Areej Products Company in full settlement 12,000
May 1 Goods returned by Taageer Services 1,000
May 2 Paid carriage on purchases 200
May 31 Withdrew from bank for office use 1,500
June 1 Brought additional capital into business 40,000
June 2 Received cash from National Packaging Factory 6,000
July 1 Purchased Equipment from Oman International LLC 11,500
July 2 Paid Insurance on Office Building 1,350
July 31 Paid for fuel and Power 850
Aug 1 Cash taken by proprietor for personal use 2,000
Aug 2 Sold goods to L