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For some people. coming out of their comfort zone is difficult thing to make. It is a hazard that feared particularly populating far off from your hometown. As for me. it is the biggest hazard that I had taken five old ages ago. It is a quandary at first. I could hold stayed in my hometown. life in my comfort zone far off from my parents but I have chosen to take the hazard ; populating in a topographic point that I am non familiar of. Populating with the community with different values. civilization and the similar. Besides I have to go forth my friends and everyone that I knew for a long clip. something that was non easy to make.

Leaving the topographic point where I grew up was truly difficult at first. I have no friends to turn to and I even knew no 1 except for my parents. But in the long tally I can state that the set-up had been good on my portion. The hazard of losing things which I am basking before and friends which I’m accompanied for brings me to a more broad universe and helps me to recognize that I can be better if merely I let myself to come out on my ain zone of comfort. I believe that this hazard taking determination that I made has paid-off researching something new. Though I left my old friends but I had able to happen new 1s. I besides got acquainted with many others and most of all I can state that I have developed my personality. I became more flexible in seting in many things and state of affairss. Besides. because of the new civilization and environment that I am in I learn batch of new things. Different civilizations besides have different manner. signifier and gustatory sensation for an art piece. Thus it helps me developed my involvement in art. I believe that that my background on civilization will besides assist me in this field by uniting and accommodating what I learned from my hometown with the signifier. manner and other facets of art that is given importance in my new environment.

Although different civilizations have and appreciate art in different ways. every individual piece of art is truly interesting and truly absorbing. Traveling in the United States truly helped me to appreciate different signifiers of art more.

symptoms of Anorexia

symptoms of Anorexia.

Week 4 – Eating Disorder Review the video “Natasha: Anorexia” (located in MyPsychLab, Video Series link). In a three- to four-page paper, discuss the symptoms of anorexia as described by Natasha as well as possible factors in the etiology of the disorder. Support your discussion of etiology with a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles from the Keiser University library.

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