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A newcomer to the world of pop music, Ryan Cabrera is in line to become the next big thing. In his debut album “Take It All Away,” he adds a guitar-driven spin to familiar teenage topics. He is a hunky, blond singer/songwriter/guitarist who is sure to sweep girls off their feet with his sweet lyrics and even sweeter voice. Beside his songwriting skills and attractive appearance, Cabrera actually has a lot of talent. He really has a great voice. His randomly placed key changes and some good old-fashioned guitar plucking combine to produce a fresh sound. Cabrera’s single “True” combines romantic lyrics with a gorgeous melody to create a hit. Unlike most pop artists, this CD is packed with multiple potential hits. “Take It All Away” is a fabulous album created by a gifted artist. Compared with other artists in his genre, Cabrera’s acoustic melodies rise far above the competitors’. For those who like fresh, innovative music, this is a brilliant album.

Scientific Communication

Scientific Communication.

 Use the following six figures to compose an Informative Abstract following the guidelines presented in class. Maximum number of words allowed in the abstract is 200. DO NOT EXCEED 200 words. Rubric and Figures will be included

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