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Here’s a link to a bio: 11. Discuss the way different characters are named. Are some names more valid than others? Why or why not?Show the conflict of nature vs. society in the characters Pilate and Macon. How do their homes, possessions, and behavior reflect this conflict?Chapter 21. Discuss “food and animal imagery” in Pilate’s house. Consider the five senses, especially sight and smell, to describe the atmosphere of the household.Why is Milkman drawn to Pilate’s house? What do he and Guitar observe? What does Milkman say and do differently than when he is in his own house?Chapter 31. Describe Dr. Foster. Consider the evidence and use it to indict him as a snob and a racist.Discuss the difficulties Milkman has growing up. Explain the symbolism of his “limp.” Describe what he sees in the mirror, and how family “truths” skew Milkman’s whole sense of identity. Discuss his relationship with the members of his family. How do these relationships impact his sense of self?Chapter 41. Discuss why Milkman is no longer interested in Hagar. Explain what attracted him to her in the first place and what has changed. Why does Hagar’s accessibility make her less attractive?List the different crimes mentioned in the chapter. Determine if all of them are real or if some are fictitious. What is the impact of interweaving history with fiction?Chapter 51. Discuss the things in Ruth’s cloistered world that makes her life bearable. Why do these things comfort Ruth?Discuss Pilate’s association with magic in the chapter. Cite all the magical aids she uses to achieve her ends. Is her magic always benevolent magic?Chapter 61. Discuss Guitar’s criticism of white people. Why do you think his views are so extreme? Does the novel or your own experience suggest that any of his views are justified? Give reasons why or why not.Discuss Milkman’s condemnation of Guitar’s organization, the Seven Days. What important points does Milkman make? Is he able to influence Guitar’s thinking? What additional arguments could Milkman have brought up to oppose Guitar’s views?Chapter 71. Discuss the role of nature in Macon and Pilate’s lives as children. Management essay help Refer to specific descriptions of nature in the chapter. Show how nature is perceived as benevolent and as sinister by the children. Explain the discrepancy.Discuss how Macon changes in the presence of the gold. Give specific examples.Chapter 81. Compare and contrast Guitar’s and Milkman’s attitudes as they discuss stealing the gold. How are their words, thoughts, and actions different? Why does Guitar say Milkman is “defeatist” about the gold? Why does Milkman call it “common sense”?Discuss why milkman’s adolescent adventures, when he and Guitar “terrorized” the neighborhood and instilled fear in everyone, remain so important to Milkman. Give examples of some of their adventures and their symbolic meaning for Milkman.Chapter 91. Discuss the narrator’s opinion of a “liberal education.” Consider the advantages to this type of education and make an argument in its favor. Then contrast these to the disadvantages. Explain the differences between different types of education. For example, compare a liberal arts’ education to a vocational education or to the type of “real-life” experience education Pilate has had.Consider the conflict between appearance and reality in the character Corinthians. Describe it by her physical appearance and her actions. Does Corinthians ultimately make a choice between appearance and reality? What are her reasons for her choice and how does this choice change her life?Chapter 101. Discuss images of aging and decay in Chapter 10. Cite examples of both plant life, human life, and inanimate life in your essay. Discuss the relationship between the three forms of life.Discuss why the death of Macon Dead I was “the beginning of (the Danville men’s) own dying.” What did he symbolize for the men? What were his accomplishments? How did these accomplishments affect his moral nature?Chapter 111. Discuss why Milkman offends the men of Shalimar. List all the things that Milkman does to alienate the men. Compare and contrast Milkman’s Northern behavior to the acceptable behavior expected in the South.Discuss Milkman’s uneasiness with nature. Give examples of the difficulties Milkman has while hunting and how this gradually changes. Discuss the relationship between Milkman’s search for self and his understanding of nature. Be specific.Chapter 121. Management essay help Discuss the encounter between Milkman and Guitar in the chapter. What is the reason for Guitar’s lack of faith in Milkman after they have been best friends for so many years? Is this loss of faith believable to you as a reader? Why or why not? Discuss how the Seven Days and Guitar’s childhood have influenced the person Guitar has become.Discuss the meaning of Milkman’s dream about flying. Compare it to other references to flying in the text. If the significance of flying has changed for Milkman, explain how. Consider flying symbols throughout the novel, and analyze them.Chapter 131. Consider Guitar’s advice to Hagar. Is he a sympathetic character in this chapter? If you believe he is, consider what character traits make him sympathetic. How do these character traits compare with your other impressions of Guitar throughout the novel? Compare and contrast them.Discuss how society’s standards influence how we think about ourselves. How is Hagar a victim of these standards? How are both black and white women victims of standards of beauty? Is there one “true” model of beauty for white women? Discuss standards of beauty in different cultures. Consider whether men are also victims of standards of beauty.Chapter 141. Discuss the reasons Susan Byrd didn’t tell Milkman the truth about his family when Grace Long was present. Is Susan’s concern with the gossip based on racism or not? Discuss the narrator’s point of view on intermarriage between Indians and blacks.Reconstruct a brief genealogical history of the Dead family. Explain how oral history has kept the Dead past alive. Consider all the characters that have contributed stories to this history.Chapter 151. Discuss the theme of flying with regard to those who are left behind. Is it always the men who “fly off” and the women and children who are left behind? Consider male responsibility to family in your discussion. Draw on your own experiences. Do you think the narrator, in Song of Solomon, takes a stand on this issue? Cite examples in the text.Consider Pilate’s behavior in the final chapter. What makes her a simple and what makes her a Management essay help complex character. Discuss her belief system and how it influences her behavior. Do you think she is a believable character? Does it matter whether she is believable? Why or why not? Why does Milkman say, at the end of the book, that “without ever leaving the ground, (Pilate) could fly?” Explain what Milkman means. Management essay help

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The case study below takes place at the Sir Charles Wilberforce Hospital’s cafeteria, which is experiencing problems with the change management. Due to the new management undertaken by Keith Davis, there was a major issue of inadequate communication channels, as Keith told his employees what to do rather than consult them, especially with the decision-making. …

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“It’s more than just an album to me,” “Glee” star Lea Michele recently told Billboard about her debut album “Louder.” “It’s a piece of my life that I’m so glad is here for me to have for the rest of my life. Now that it’s coming out, it’s unbelievable.” Louder is the debut album Lea …

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Family law, The Protection of the Child  Submitted by Connie Rozarto June 13, 2009 The Protection of the Child. Introduction Family law is breaking the children by allowing the constant fighting to go on between parents, not protecting the children, and encouraging divorce. Family law has lost sight of its foundations not because it is …

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In the United States the development of a new drug, for human consumption is a long and difficult process requiring many levels of testing. Mandated by the food and drug administration (FDA) the rigorous process of new drug development can consists of at least four phases. If the FDA approves the new drug to be …

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Detroit has always been the quintessential industrial city; it has an extremely volatile economic timeline that has shown highs and lows at an astronomical level over the past century. This literature review is researching Detroit’s broad economic spectrum and the industrial drivers which resulted in its instability. ‘Detroit turned out to be heaven, but it …

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