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system support application

system support application. I need an explanation for this Software Development question to help me study.

Using the Microsoft Word document you created in W4 Assignment 2, add 3- to 4-pages to it by completing the following tasks:

Describe the type of system support and maintenance that you should provide, either through live help or with built-in features such as auto-updaters and self-diagnosing systems.
Discuss a conversion strategy you would set in place for the time you decide to issue a new version of the application.
Discuss a business contingency plan you would set in place for the time you decide to issue a new version of the application.

Submission Details:

Support your responses with appropriate research and examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.

system support application

Rhythmic Language Dr Seuss Literary Criticism Research Paper

Rhythmic Language Dr Seuss Literary Criticism Research Paper.

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

This is a research paperYou must add at least 2-3 works of literary criticism to help support your thesis and claim.This paper should be 5-7 pages in MLA Format. Note: The fifth page should not be your Works Cited page and your first page should not be a title page. 5-7 pages refers to the body of the paper, not the bookends that hold it together.In my research paper I will be writing about Dr.Seuss.Some of the works that I will be examining are;Dr. Seuss – And I Think that I saw it on Mulberry StreetDr. Seuss – If I ran the ZooDr. Seuss – Scrambled Eggs, Super!And a couple more that I will be referencing throughout the paper. There are some concerns by the readers who claim that Dr. Seuss might influence young readers in a bad way. Some of the works he has are very very offensive to some readers and are somewhat considered racist. On this paper I will try to dig deep into this controversial topic and examine his works alongside with the criticism articles that I will link below.undefinedThe literary criticism articles that I will use are;undefined
Rhythmic Language Dr Seuss Literary Criticism Research Paper

North Carolina Central University Evolutionary Personality Psychology Discussion

online assignment help North Carolina Central University Evolutionary Personality Psychology Discussion.

State the basic tenets of evolutionary personality psychology by describing the role of natural selection and the psychological mechanisms that are thought to determine personality. Explain how unpleasant and problematic human characteristics like anxiety could have evolved.Discuss the rationale behind the twin-study method and adoption studies of genetic influence. Give the general findings regarding the contribution of genetic influences on personality. Discuss any problems associated with each of these methods of research.Please use APA style for in-text citations and references. You need a minimum of 500 words in order to properly address this prompt. Your response should be in your own words. USE QUOTES BUT NOT WORD FOR WORD.
North Carolina Central University Evolutionary Personality Psychology Discussion

In pea plants (which Gregor Mendel studied), tall pea plants are dominant

In pea plants (which Gregor Mendel studied), tall pea plants are dominant. Question In pea plants (which Gregor Mendel studied), tall pea plants are dominant (T) over short pea plants (t). Using a punnett square, what proportion of the genotypes and phenotypes do you expect among the offspring of a cross between a heterozygous Tt pea plant and a heterozygous Tt pea plant? Create a punnett square below and fill in the spaces for it. In other words show your work. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DRAW THE OUTLINE OF THE SQUARE, BUT JUST FILL IN YOUR PUNNETT SQUARE WITH LETTERS FOR THE PROBLEM ABOVE HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A PUNNETT SQUARE WITH JUST LETTERS FOR TWO HOMOZYGOUS RECESSIVE PEA PLANTS t t t tt tt t tt tt Write your punnett square below. Then give the percentage of phenotypes and genotypes for the offspring below: ____ % Tall ____ % Short; ____ % TT ____ % Tt ____ % tt View keyboard shortcuts Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt Paragraph In pea plants (which Gregor Mendel studied), tall pea plants are dominant

Factors Affecting Employee Job Satisfaction

Factors Affecting Employee Job Satisfaction. This research was undertaken to measure the level of work satisfaction among the executives of Oster Knit private Ltd. This study mainly reviews around the view of workers regarding the job satisfaction. What employees think about the job satisfaction? This study is mainly concerning the level of job satisfaction and organisational commitment of the staff of the Oster knit Company .Employee’s attitudes on factor of job satisfaction (work and contents, salary, management and evaluation, expansion and advancement opportunities, organisational environment) and on factors of organisational promises (affective commitment and continuation commitment) in terms of sex, possession, age and educational level were examined whether there is a significant difference. The main aim of this research is to enlighten the causes and results of attitudes towards work satisfaction and organisational edication which causes the turnover, deficiency in performance and absenteeism of workers. Research Methodology shows the type of samples, design used, sample size and the procedure used for handling special problems during the course of study. It includes the explanation of the research plan, data collection, research instruments and sample. In this study, Questionnaire methods have been used for getting primary data and information from various websites and magazines has been used. The sample involved consisted of 40 individuals. It was set before hand and every attempt was made to cover up the given numeral of individuals with available time for the gathering of data for this project the basis of study. Few Major findings of the research are, Most of the employees fall in less than 1-5 years of service. Half of the employees leave the organisation after 5 years of service due to better work opportunities. The attitude of seniors towards the employees is co-operative. Percentage of employees who want to leave a firm is less. Incentives and reward are less satisfactory. Introduction Job satisfaction as a concept describes how satisfied a person is with his or her present job. Job satisfaction is not similar to inspiration, although it is clearly connected. This Job plan aims to improve job satisfaction and performance methods contain job rotation, job improvement and work enrichment. Other factors for satisfaction include the administration style and culture, worker participation, empowerment and sovereign work groups. Job satisfaction is a most important characteristic which is normally measured by organisations. Very common way of measurement is the utilization of rating scales where staff reports their reactions to their jobs. The questions relate to scale of pay, work obligations, diversity in everyday jobs, promotional opportunities the occupation itself and co-workers. Job satisfaction is the mental sentiments which favorableness a person has about his job .DA Brinn has defined job satisfaction in terms of enjoyment and contentment when he says that “job satisfaction is the quantity of pleasure or contentment connected with job if you like your job passion. You will experience high job satisfaction .It dislikes your job concentration, you will feel job disappointment.” Job satisfaction (Meaning and concept) Job satisfaction is a general pleasurable or positive emotional state of an individual which can be said to result from a self appraisal of various dimensions of his or her job. As a matter of fact, by working on a job, most people qualify many of their needs. So in this regard to want is a potent source of necessitate, gratification of all types such as physical, security, social and ego need etc., Job satisfaction can be described as a process in which the employees feel themselves contended or satisfied with their work which they do informally organized sectors to accomplish the purpose of the organisation. This is the end feeling of an individual after performing a job. The feeling would be positive or negative depending on whether the need is satisfied or not. If a person’s job fulfills his/her basic needs and is consistent with his or her expectation and morals, the job will be satisfying. Job satisfaction also relates to working conditions like good infrastructure and working conditions, proper working hours, lighting, ventilation, drinking water and urinal facilities, healthy relationship with seniors, subordinates and peer group and salary packages. All these facilities motivate the employees to do better work for his association. As if the employee is satisfied it develops a right type of attitude, high morale and enthusiasm for work. Background The actual formal study of job satisfaction did not materialize until the 1930,but the study of workers attitude began much earlier. In 1912,Mayo started a series of studies known as the Hawthorne studies. Focus of these studies was employee production and efficiency, it laid an important foundation for future studies. The Hawthorne studies were the first research project to attempt to quantify employee attitudes and correlate attitude with overall work the mid-1930, just two years after the Hawthorne studies were completed,Hoppock (1935) published the first intensive study about job satisfaction.This watershed study addressed job satisfaction from a much more complex.Hoppock saw job satisfaction as being impacted by the following independent variables:a)fatigue b)monotony c)working conditions d)supervision, and e)achievement. The last variable, achievemrent is the most important of these new factors because of its professional relevance to research in modern day job satisfaction research achievement impact a person’s drive to succeed.Achievement as a dependent variable is somewhat how difficult to completely codify,but Hoppock attempted to construct question that could measure a person’s motivation to achieve prescribed goals. Following the Hawthorne studies of the late 1920s to the Hoppock (1935) intensive study of job satisfaction other 20th century researchers discovered the complexity of human nature.Work production should be tied to the complexity of human nature.Work production should be tied to the complex inter-correlation of many different variable and not merely physical factors such as work pauses. The Hawthorne Studies, in large part, shaped the trend for the “human relations”movement in industrial sociology that would spawn the work of Likert (1961), whyte (1995), and Homans (1950) to early 1960 because research bagan to move towards exploring other aspects of motivation rather than human elememt.The classic example of this shift was seen in Herzberg, Mausner andSnyderman’s(1959). Monograph that refocused the attention of research on the job itself.During this period Herzberg developed his Motivation Hygiene Theory. Herzberg et al.(1959) proposed this two factor theory while studying a sample of 200 engineers and accountants asked to describe a time in which they felt especially dissatisfied with their jobs.The answer obtained through his qualitative study seemed to group together in a way that established pattern .According to the study recognition and responsibilities were frequently mentioned as satisfiers. The researchers labelled these variable as “motivators”. Incidents classified as involving supervisors, interpersonal relation ,working conditions,company polices and salary were frequently mentioned as dissatisfiers . Herzberg etal.(1995) labelled this group “Hygieenes”.the Herzberg Theory hinges upon the principal that job satisfaction and dissatisfaction result from very different cause, satisfaction depends on “motivators” and dissatisfaction depends on “Hygiene ” factors. The Hoppock and Herzberg theories served as a conceptual frame work for many future job satisfaction surveys. These studies , coupled with prior research, assisted Locke(1976) in distinguishing the following key factors as most important when studying job satisfaction: a) work b) pay c) promotion d) verbal recognition, and e) working conditions. Resource:Job Satisfaction of International Educators- By DeWayne P. Frazier-google books Measuring job satisfaction Most studies of job satisfaction have been concerned with operational sing it rather than defining it. According to Locke (1969) such as approach describe that a certain relationship works but nothing as to buy it works. This seems to be case with job satisfaction. Researchers have been found to be more interested in choosing the unit of measurement from the several available but little ways to definition of a job satisfaction as a precursor for the choice of the unit of the measurement. However, despite these numerous attempted in the past, various others will be made in future to measure job satisfaction. Perhaps, the earliest of the known scale of measuring work fulfillment is that by Hoppock (1935). He developed essentially four items, each one with seven alternative response. If a person chooses the’ least satisfied’ of the seven alternatives, he gets a score of 100, and 700 if he chooses ‘more satisfied’ alternatives for each thing. Other alternatives stand for a 100 point addition to previous alternative.100, if a person chooses first alternative for all four items his total score is 400 . Similarly, if he chooses second alternative he gets a score of 800 and so on. Maximum total is 2800 provided all four 7th alternatives are chosen. But Hoppack takes average of four items ( range 100-700) for rising the satisfaction guide, although in its original structure job satisfaction index by Hoppack is generally not used now but its variation can be spotted in the literature. Hoppock index is perhaps the only direct assess of job satisfaction. Others have index job contentment in terms of responses to a variety of questions which deals with factors that are straight or indirectly connected to jobs. These responses usually measured on diversity of scales ranging from simple Yes or no to 7 points or 5 points agree – disagree type of scale. Resource: human resource management -Saiyadain-google books Factors Affecting Employee Job Satisfaction

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