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Since syndromes re viewed as diseases or disorders, we might anticipate the development based on other disorders, perhaps Alchemist’s, alcoholism, or drug addiction.

Though the use of such defenses is on the rise, the success rate of said defenses has yet to change. Syndrome-Based Defenses 2 The Exploration of Unique Syndrome-Based Defenses A syndrome Is defined as a “complex of signs and symptoms presenting a clinical picture of a disease or disorder. ” A syndrome-based defense Is a “defense predicated on, or substantially enhanced by, the acceptability of syndrome-related claims. Some hypes of syndrome-based defenses when it comes to parents in particular are parental abuse syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, adopted child syndrome, mother lion syndrome, parental alienation syndrome, Munches-by-proxy syndrome, and distant father syndrome. Parental abuse syndrome was the defense used by brothers Lyle and Erik Maddened, who claimed that the reason they killed their mother and father was because they had both been brutally abused by their parents as children.Fetal alcohol syndrome is used as a defense when a person claims that the reason they committed the crime was because their mother drank alcohol while he was pregnant with the accused. Adopted child syndrome is a defense in which the person claims that they committed the crime while under a “sleeper effect” after finding out that they’re adopted for the first time.

Mother lion syndrome Is a defense used to explain the extreme measures a mother would go to In order to protect her children, just like a mother lion.Parental alienation syndrome is a disorder in which a child grows up with parents who go through a divorce, and claim that the reason they committed the crime was because as a child, one parent plays one against the other; form of “hate training”. This phrase was coined in 1 992 by psychologist Richard Gardner. Distant father syndrome is a defense created by Robert Ably In the book Iron John In 1993. This defense Is mainly used by men who claim that as Syndrome-Based a child, their father never showed up, never paid child support, never showed their son their workplace, etc.The Munches-by-proxy syndrome is caused by parents who crave attention and therefore will cause or falsify their children’s abuse, in an attempt to get back at the system or to take away some of the glory from people who they perceive as professionals. Overall, the more common syndrome-based defenses are usually giving blame to the parents of the person(s) who committed the crime.

There are also many cultural-based syndromes. The current most common cultural defense is internet addiction disorder, which medical specialists are believing to be as real as alcoholism.Other disorders that have been used in court are fan obsession syndrome, American dream syndrome, cultural norms defense, everybody does it defense, gone with the wind syndrome, the television defense, and the rock and roll defense. Fan obsession disorder was used as a defense by Robert Board in 1992 when he killed actress Rebecca Schaeffer. This defense was created by his psychiatrist Park Elliot Dietz. American dream syndrome is a defense in which one claims that cultural influences increase crime because of Americans wanting to get ahead economically.The cultural norms defense is one in which a person from an area with different cultural expectations commits a crime in America that would not usually be considered a crime in the area from which they came.

The everybody does it defense is when a person in a public office claims that other people use public funds or inmates for personal chores. Gone with the wind syndrome is used by rape experts to explain why rapists believe sex has to be spontaneous and must involve some form of minor rejection from the woman beforehand.The television defense is a claim that violence on television creates a Syndrome-Based Defenses 4 viewpoint that the same form of violence is acceptable in real life. This defense was first used in 1977 by fifteen year-old Rooney Somoza, who killed an eighty-two year- old neighbor. In this particular case however, the Jury did not accept this defense. The rock and roll defense, used against Judas Priest, Outpace, and The Battles during he Manson trials, claims that violence is induced because of the subliminal messages in rock music, and in some cases, rap music as well.As our culture diversifies and becomes more technologically advanced, many more defenses will be used against our society.

In addition, there are also many defenses that are sexually based, such as battered women’s syndrome, in which a woman is abused by her spouse so much that she ends up killing him because she finds that there is absolutely no other alternative, and nobody to talk to or get help from. Another defense is sexual abuse yeomen, which can also be linked to rape trauma syndrome, which was discovered in 1974.This defense claims that sexual abuse as a child causes the person to grow up and commit the same or similar crimes, believing that it is acceptable. Other sexually based syndromes are sexually transmitted disease syndrome, Stockholm syndrome, meek-mate syndrome, unhappy gay sailor syndrome, ritual abuse syndrome and patient-therapist sex syndrome. Sexually transmitted disease syndrome is a disorder in which one claims that having a disease or fear of getting a disease causes criminal behavior.Stockholm syndrome, which was first used in Sweden, is a defense in which a hostage ends up taking the side of the person who gay and lesbian soldiers in the military who were angered for having to serve their entire military term “in the closet”. When a gun turret exploded on the US Iowa, the military Syndrome-Based Defenses 5 claimed that it was a case of sabotage due to the anger of the gay sailors.

Ritual abuse syndrome, also known as satanic cult syndrome, or the Patty Hearst defense, is one in which the accused claims that some form of brainwashing or psychological arm took place while under the influence of a cult.Patient-therapist sex syndrome is a defense in which one claims that their behavior was the cause of sexual abuse by a trusted confidant, such as a priest or therapist. Meek-mate syndrome is a defense that was first used by a California man who killed his wife in 1994 because she damaged him psychologically by making him sleep on the floor and calling him names in public. Other strange defenses that have been used in court are chronic fatigue syndrome, computer addiction, Cheerleader-Sandusky syndrome, elderly abuse yeomen, twinkle defense, Vietnam syndrome, tobacco deprivation syndrome, and Super Bowl Sunday syndrome.Chronic fatigue syndrome is a medically identified defense also known as Yuppie Disease, which affects about 100,000 Americans and includes body aches, photographic, and impairs daily activities. This disease creates prolonged and severe tiredness or weariness that is not be relieved by mere rest alone. Computer addiction is a claim that computer games involving point-and-shoot guns can cause violence.

The Cheerleader-Sandusky syndrome, or CSS, is a disorder invented by sexologists at John Hopkins to explain things such as child abduction and extortion.They claim that lovesick parents or ex-spouses fall under a “spell” similar to epilepsy. This defense was first used in a New York courtroom in 1992. Elderly abuse syndrome is a condition in which an elderly person is overly-victimized, and does not want to report the person who is abusing them, generally a family member. The twinkle defense was used in 1978 in the Syndrome-Based Defenses 6 trial of Dan White, who was found guilty of murdering the Mayor of San Francisco, Supervisor Harvey Milk, and George Nosecone.

SOCI 3305

SOCI 3305
1. DP# 5: Think about the cost of research. Why is this important? Give an example of a research project where costs would be minimal? Give an example when a research project would be expensive? Specifically, what would cost money? How are some ways a researcher can get money to fund his or her research? Word Count 250-300 words
2. HW: Go to the following website managed by the U.S. Census Bureau:,US/EDU685218
This site provides data on an array of information collected by the Census Bureau and displays it by nation, state, and county. You will select the state of Texas and analyze how it compares with comparable national data on educational level, poverty indicators, racial and ethnic composition, population growth, and age of the population. Next, you will select a county within the state of Texas and compare it to the Texas state-level data on the same measures mentioned above.
You will put the data, on the measures above, in a word document and submit it.
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1. DP#5: Look at the following:
What are the three reasons cited by Ms. Childress that states are moving away from the death penalty? Which one do you think is the most valid reason to move away from the death penalty? Do the reasons cause you to question your stance on the DP? Word Count 250-300 words