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Symbols Used in ”Noli Me Tangere” by Jose Rizal Essay Sample essay help websites Theatre essay help

The characters of the novel were drawn by Rizal from individuals who really existed during his clip. * Juan Crisostomo Ibarra – the supporter Represented the flush and broad European educated Filipino ( Ilustrado ) and desired the instruction of the people * Elias – represented the Filipino multitudes wanted to emancipate the people from the unfairnesss suffered from the Spaniards and represented Rizal himself * Maria Clara – The object of Ibarra’s love and fondness. * Trained in a convent and immersed in instruction that is spiritual in orientation. * Salome – Elias’ girlfriend

* Same with Maria Clara epitomizes muliebrity in their fidelity. shyness and modestness and represents Leonor Rivera * Padre Damaso – the chief adversary in the novel.
* A typical domineering mendicant during Rizal’s clip.
* Arrogant. immoral and anti-Filipino
* Often mistaken as a Dominican priest.
* Pilosopo Tasyo – perceived to be a sage by the educated and a moonstruck or
Wyrd by those who did non cognize him. * Represents Paciano. Rizal’s older brother
* Capitan Tiago – Don Anastacio de los Santos
* Husband of Pia Alba
* His wealth came from illegal opium trade
* Example of a subservient Filipino to the Spanish governments for protection and security * Capitan Juan Sunico of San Nicolas
* Sisa – the female parent of Basilio and Crispin
* Symbolizes Filipinos deficiency of concern in facing and deciding jobs facing Filipino society. * But illustrates the typical Filipino female parent. Ready to support their kids from all signifiers of unfairness and accusals. * Basilio and Crispin – represents the Crisostomo brothers in Bulacan * Padre Salvi – represents an immoral and coward mendicant

* Was believed to be Father Antonio Piernavieja. the despised Augustinian mendicant who was killed b the nationalists during the revolution. * Dona Victorina – married woman of Don Tiburcio de Espadana.
* A societal climber. An Indio who wanted to be treated as a Spaniard for her hubby was a citizen of Spain. * Dona Agustina Medel
* Dona Consolacion – kept woman of the Alferez
* Symbolized the outlook of the Guardia Civil: Vulgar. cruel and quarrelsome The novel calls for the Filipino to:
* Regain his ego assurance
* Appreciate his dignity
* Return to the heritage of his ascendants
* Assert himself
* To be to the Spaniards
* Insists in the demand for instruction
* Dedication to the state
* Absorbing the facets of Western civilization that could heighten native traditions

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