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Symbolism In The Birthmark Essay, Research Paper

Hawthorne? s Contemporary Mind

There have been many authors who have astonished the literary universe with their constellation of short narratives, but none of them have perfected the art every bit good as Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne wrote in a clip period when Fredrick Douglas was paving the route to racial freedom, Ralph Waldo Emerson wanted to universe to be seen through the transparent orb, and Henry David Thoreau was populating the unchained life. In comparing to the modern Hagiographas of his clip, Hawthorne? s manner was viewed as out-of-date ; however, Hawthorne addressed modern issues in the symbols and subjects of his narratives. Through the usage of symbols and subjects, the short narrative, ? The Birthmark? , is the best illustration of Hawthorne stand foring modern issues. Through his usage of symbolism, Hawthorne addresses the issue of the fatal defect of humanity that nature imposes upon everyone. He addresses the issue of adult male manipulating nature through the subject of the narrative. While some might hold viewed Hawthorne? s composing manner as out-of-date, he focused on issues that are modern and modern-day to his clip.

The modern issue of adult male? s ability to pull strings nature, and the consequences of that use, is seen in a scientist? s compulsion with perfecting nature. Through hubby? s compulsion with honing his married woman, Hawthorne conveys the modern issue of adult male? s ability to command nature. The cardinal characters in Hawthorne? s narrative, ? The Birthmark, ? are Aylmer and Georgiana. Aylmer and Georgina are in love, yet there is a turn to the love that Aylmer possess for his married woman. Georgina is perfect in every manner, except for one bantam defect on her cheek. Nature has imposed upon her a bantam ruddy nevus, which is the obstruction in the love that Aylmer has for Georgiana. As a scientist, Aylmer is obsessed with the act of pull stringsing nature, this compulsion is blossomed with the imperfectness that Georgiana posses.

Sing her otherwise so perfect, he found this one defect turn more and more unbearable with every minute of their united lives ( 2226 ) .

Aylmer can non stand the idea of a animal being virtually perfect that he must happen a manner to free Georgiana of her nevus.

No dearest Georgiana, you came so close perfect signifier the custodies of Nature that this slightest possible defect-which we hesitate whether to term a defect or a beauty-shocks me as being the seeable grade of crude imperfectness ( 2225 ) .

Aylmer? s compulsion with Georgiana? s? earthly imperfectness? leads to the eventual ruin of both of them.

Aylmer finds the remedy for his married woman? s one defect and administers the potion to her. The administering of this potion provides the power and ability to command and alter nature.

The ruby manus, which at number one has been strongly seeable upon the marble lividness of Georgiana? s cheek, now grew more faintly outlined. She remained non less pale so of all time ; but the nevus, with every breath that came and went lost slightly of its former sharpness ( 2235 ) .

With the inhaling and exhaling of every breath that Georgiana took, non merely did the nevus slice, but besides so did the

life within her. Aylmer? s compulsion with manipulating nature was the eventual ruin of his true love. Hawthorne shows the reader the modern issue that nature will ever win in the terminal. Man may hold the ability to pull strings nature, but adult male will ne’er come out as the master.

Hawthorne non merely conveys modern issues through the subject of his narrative, but he besides uses symbols to show modern-day issues. The most of import symbol in, ? The Birthmark? , that shows modern idea is the nevus on Georgiana? s cheek. Georgiana exceeding intimacy to flawlessness is undermined by the grade on her cheek. This grade symbolizes the fatal defect that all of nature? s creatures posses.

It was the fatal defect of humanity which Nature, in one manner or another, stamps ineffaceably on all her production, either to connote that they are impermanent and finite, or that their flawlessness must be wrought by labor and hurting ( 2226 ) .

Nothing and no 1 is perfect. Perfection is a dream that Aylmer tries to do world. The nevus represents Georgiana? s ability to be mortal and wickedness. Aylmer finally rids Georgiana of the ability to be immortal and hence she dies. In typifying the nevus as the fatal defect of humanity, Hawthorne is exemplifying the modern issue that non even nature is perfect, and all the animals from nature can non be faultless. The nevus has mentions to life, decease, beauty, and disgust all of which are fatal defects that nature imposes on her creative activities.

Another symbol that shows modern issues in Hawthorne? s authorship is Georgiana herself. Georgiana? s pure religion symbolizes the modern issue of work forces commanding adult females. Aylmer is non merely seeking to pull strings and rule nature, but he is seeking to command Georgiana.

These inquiries had such a peculiar impetus that Georgiana began to speculate that she was already subjected to certain physical influences, either breathed in with the fragrant air or taken with her nutrient ( 2231 ) .

Without his married woman? s cognition, Aylmer manipulates Georgiana with outside influences, which will finally liberate them of the? ruby manus? that has plagued their lives.

Hawthorne plays with the modern-day issue of adult male? s demand to rule adult females. Riding her of the nevus allows Aylmer to rule his married woman. Hawthorne besides uses this subject in the narrative, ? Rappaccini? s Daughter? . Rappaccini? s male parent and Aylmer use their adult females as experiments. The adult females in their lives are no longer a human being but a specimen to be studied and controlled.

The manner of Hawthorne? s authorship has been deemed as outdated by some literary critics, but if they would look deeper they would happen a head filled with modern-day ideas. These ideas are most significantly conveyed in his short narrative, ? The Birthmark? . Through the usage of symbols, Hawthorne addresses the issues of adult male? s fatal defect from the custodies nature, while he uses the subject of his narrative to do cognizant that nature can non be manipulated. Unlike Thoreau, Hawthorne wanted people to recognize that nature is non perfect and should non be used as a channel for spiritualty. What they could hold on that nature should non be manipulated and controlled.

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Hobbes argument in support of his conception. Philosophy of the human person..

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