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SWOT analysis

For the case study, you will use the SWOT analysis as a brainstorming tool to help you construct basic strategies in areas that have already been discussed. The TOWS will be discussed in a later module.

Make a SWOT analysis for each area with three (3) bullets, addressing the facts below. Make sure you cover the topics from a macro HRM viewpoint, such as what provides the organization you chose in prior modules a competitive advantage over other similar firms in the industry/sector.

SWOT Analysis Topics

Organizational Strategy and Planning Process (Who is participating in the process and who isn’t?)

Personnel (wage earners to executive level)

Benefits and Compensation (perform external research to compare [benchmark] with other firms in the same industry/sector)

Write a 5-8 page paper addressing each of the categories after you’ve identified them as described above. Make sure to mention the organization’s name and provide some background information.

Make sure your writing is thorough. Why did you choose the information you put in the SWOT areas, for example? What are the ramifications for your company? What are the ramifications for a human resource manager? There are many additional questions/reasons why you choose these topics, but make sure you provide enough information for the reader to understand. Furthermore, this activity should be beneficial to you in your current or future workplace.

You can add headings per topic (strengths, weaknesses, etc. ), but be sure to include the actual analysis as a table or figure in APA format somewhere in the article.

Writing Instructions:

Pages for the title and references should be included (not included in the total 5-8 page count)

Format your paper in the APA style. Check for problems in spelling and grammar.

Use at least 5 references from the Touro library, with at least 3 of them being from the Touro library.

Use proper citations in your text.

If you think you’ll have trouble submitting your work on time, please let your instructor know right away.

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