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A SWOT analysis of McDonalds eating house industry reveals that they have a batch of strengths. failings. chances and menaces. To get down 3 strengths would include trade name names. locations and localized bill of fare options. Brand points of McDonalds maintain the competition from copying their merchandises. for illustration. the happy repast. Big Mac. egg McMuffin are all trade name name points of McDonalds. McDonalds maintains 42 % of the United States beefburger concern. Location is ever cardinal. McDonalds has 32. 478 eating houses in 177 states ( McDonalds. com ) . McDonalds’ localized bill of fare options adapt to their location. for illustration. in India and the Middle East they serve lamb Burgers.

Failings would include employee turnover. monetary value of natural stuffs. fluctuating operating disbursals and net net incomes. Employee turnover will be the industry more in developing new employees. McDonalds is a fast nutrient eating house. they attract the employment of adolescents and immature grownups. The monetary value of natural stuffs such as maize and wheat fluctuate with the economic system. Rising cost in stuffs. in bend cost the company more. Fluctuating operating and net net incomes from 2007-2009 ranged from 3. 870. 000 in 2007 and 6. 841. 000 in 2009 for their operating disbursal. A big addition in expense cut net incomes ( McDonalds. com. p. 10 ) . Net income for the same old ages was 2. 395. 000 – 4. 551. 000 in 2009 ( McDonalds. com. p. 10 ) .

Next we look at chances. Many new merchandises are being added to McDonald’s bill of fare every twelvemonth. [ McDonalds continue to put to death our four growing platforms of breakfast. convience. nucleus bill of fare and value. Comparable gross revenues rose 3. 4 % chiefly due to the on-going impulse of our concern in Australia where multiple enterprises environing menu assortment include the launch of the premium Angus Og Burger. greater convience and staying farther strengthened our trade name relevancy ] ( McDonalds. com. p. 10 ) . Bing able to maintain monetary values down for the clients improved McDonald’s net income border to 30. 1 % in 2009 ( McDonalds. com. p. 10 ) . Last the option of allergen free nutrient points such as. gluten free and insignificant free is a great chance for McDonald’s. It open the chance to derive more clients to increase gross.

Last are menaces that McDonald’s have to postulate with. First the consciousness of eating wonts have cut down on people purchasing Burger and french friess. Peoples have become more cognizant of their eating wonts and seek to cut the fats out of their diets. The fleshiness rate in the US grows every twenty-four hours. Second. many new eating houses opening up with low cost. besides offering value menu’s can endanger gross. Third. taint of nutrient such as E Coli would close down concern and as word of oral cavity traveled. people would hold a fright of acquiring ill. They would hold to do certain safety safeguards were followed to forestall this from go oning. Assurance of Learning Exercise 1B

1. Buying competitors’ refuse – E. L
2. Dissecting competitors’ merchandises – U. L
3. Taking competitors’ works tours anonymously – L. U
4. Counting tractor-trailer trucks go forthing competitors’ lading bays – E. L 5. Analyzing aerial exposure of competitors’ installations – E. L 6. Analyzing competitors’ labour contracts – E. L
7. Analyzing competitors’ help-wanted ads – E. L
8. Quizing clients and purchasers about the gross revenues of competitors’ merchandises – E. L 9. Infiltrating customers’ and competitors’ concern operations – U. I 10. Quizing providers about competitors’ degree of fabricating – E. L 11. Using clients to purchase out bogus commands – U. I

12. Promoting cardinal clients to uncover competitory information – U. L 13. Quizing competitors’ former employees – U. L
14. Interviewing advisers who may hold worked with rivals – U. L 15. Hiring cardinal directors off from rivals – U. L
16. Conducting bogus occupation interviews to acquire competitors’ employees to uncover information – U. I 17. Sending applied scientists to merchandise meetings to test competitors’ proficient employees – U. L 18. Quizing possible employees who worked for or with rivals – U. L

Assurance of Learning Exercise 1B. ( Steps 1-2 )
External Opportunities External Threats 1. Internet Coursea 1. Competing Universities
2. Technology in the DLP 2. Other on line classs
3. Expand Students spiritualty 3. Federal Support
4. School Of Law opening 4. Competition for pupils
5. More big pupils come ining college 5. Not plenty degree seeking pupils

Internal StrengthsInternal Failings
1. Faculty 1. Expanding cultural diverseness of pupils 2. Curriculum 2. Necessitate to to the full integrate engineering 3. Convenient Class agendas 3. Affordability
4. Campus Infrastructure 4. Student Recruitment
5. Technology 5. Competitive Faculty Wages

Assurance of Learning Exercise 1D. ( Step 1-2 )

The website ceoexperess. com has many tools and links to supply up to day of the month and past information on concerns. I feel that the subdivision of this web site that would assist me the most for this category would be the company research subdivision. This subdivision has industry specific hunts. Strategic Management besides deals with study. so the one-year studies subdivision would come in ready to hand. There are many more subdivisions to the company research subdivision that gives a battalion of information. All of this information would be good to my category. I could travel tone site and execute my hunts on a dependable web site. The Standard & A ; Poor’s evaluation services is besides in this subdivision. This subdivision would let one to entree corporate services such as recognition evaluations. counter party recognition evaluation and bank loan and recovery evaluation. Research needs to be dependable and this web site is really dependable on company information.

There is besides a tip subdivision that has tips on mentioning beginnings. In this subdivision it gives you entree to APA and MLA manners and plagiarism. Becoming aware of the regulations of authorship will maintain your documents your and give recognition to those who deserve the recognition. The different subdivisions have so much information available. The trade subdivision is besides on this site. This would let one to maintain up to day of the month on the trade market. The company research subdivision in bend would supply one with the information that one needs to compose their documents. Ceoexpress webite is non merely and deep well of information. that information is besides dependable. Strategic Management is a really ambitious category. and reading studies from this site gives you a full scope of what the company you are researching is all approximately. This information is updated as information comes in. So you ever have current informations.


( 2009 ) . McDonalds Annual study. Mcdonalds. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aboutmcdonalds. com/content/dam/AboutMcDonalds/Investors/C- % 5Cfakepath % 5Cinvestors-2009-annual-report. pdf

Logbook about stopwatch

Logbook about stopwatch.

Aims and Objectives Design a digital stopwatch that displays the time to a resolution of 1 sec on two 7 segment displays showing seconds (00 Þ 59). The unit is to be controlled by three push buttons/switches: START, STOP and TIMER RESET. Approach/Guidelines • Generally, digital clock circuits derive pulses (frequency of 32768 Hz) from a crystal oscillator, which produce timing waveforms of very high stability with minimal drift (tolerance) due to temperature change. However, due to the expense of crystal oscillators a function generator is to be used, which can be set to give a square wave output equivalent to a crystal oscillator.

• A list of available and compatible ICs is supplied. Limrose F S Switch 1Hz Square wave Oscillator 32768Hz 15-stage counter Start/Stop Counter 0 to 9 Counter 0 to5 Figure 1 Block Diagram of Digital Stopwatch • There isn’t a 15-stage counter IC available so you need to build it up from 2 or more separate ICs. • Draw the schematic circuit diagram in block form showing all IC connections. • Explain the operation of the overall circuit Issues to Discuss in Your Logbook • How accurate is the circuit and are any inaccuracies introduced, if so, where are they introduced. Assume the function generator frequency is accurate. • How can the resolution of the stopwatch be increased to display either 1/16th and 1/128th OR 1/10th and 1/100th of a second. • Calculate the cost to produce your design, taking account of the IC costs, power supplies and crystal oscillator etc. Deliverable: Logbook • The log of work should be in an appropriate laboratory exercise book and should be hand written.

• It should include o schematic/circuit diagrams of the final design and subsections where appropriate. o explanation of each IC/subsection operation/functions and thus why each is required. o suitable test results for each system block, which demonstrates the operation. o Livewire or MultiSim schematic, plus simulations. o indicate what problems were encountered and how they were overcome or, if not overcome, what attempts were made to solve them. o any suggestions for improvements that could be made. • Although designs that meet all requirements will receive the highest marks, it is not necessary to achieve this to reach a ‘pass’ level. Marks will be awarded for a systematic methodical approach, sensible investigation into design alternatives, the demonstration of an understanding of the behaviour of circuit elements used, clarity of log book records kept for the design work. • You may work in small groups to discuss ideas, designs and build a prototype but detailed copying of logbook reports and background technical information is forbidden and will be penalised in accordance with the University’s regulations on plagiarism. Guidance: Electronics 1 Logbook Structure 1. Aims and Objectives: Set out in full the aims and objectives of the assignment (usually listed in the assignment brief). Expand if possible 2. Experimental Procedure Discuss how each block/section of the circuit was developed and how it functions, detailing all the relevant circuit diagrams and ICs used (pin-outs and appropriate datasheets). 3. Result ▪ Detail the results for each circuit section (this could include typical waveforms) ▪ Detailed costing information ▪ Relevant data sheet information for all the ICs used in the circuit design. 4. Discussion This is a major section of any logbook/report – Discuss your findings – How is the displayed accuracy increased, as specified in the assignment specification? – How accurate is the circuit (if a crystal oscillator was used i.e. accurate signal source were other inaccuracies are present)? – CLUE: look at the gating of the start signal and the clock source before the 15 stage counter. – Possible circuit refinements – PCB, surface mount etc. – Increased device resolution (1/2 sec, 1/10th etc.) – Possible circuit integration. Briefly discuss the process of integrating all the circuitry on to silicon. – Overall cost, in terms of ICs, to produce the circuit (give full cost breakdown). 5. Conclusions In this section you discuss your findings and conclude the report (did the circuit work and were there any possible improvements that could be performed. – Was the final circuit design efficient? – Could it have been improved (refer to the discussion)? – How could it be adapted for a commercial product? – Did you learn anything, if so, what. Note. DO NOT use personal references in a logbook/report, such as ‘I’, ‘we’ etc. The report should also be written in past tense, such as, ‘ result were taken’ etc. Typical Student Logbook/Report: Discussion Section Version 1 We measured the output voltage with an oscilloscope and after a while we managed to measure the voltage at 3 V. The tutor said that this was not correct and that it should have been 3.5 V. We are not sure why this is the case. Version 2 The output voltage Vout was 3 V for and input voltage Vin of 0.5 V, giving a gain of 6 (Vout/Vin). However the expected value of Vout was 3.5 V to give a gain of 7. The approx. 17 % difference between the expected and achieve results is due to several non-idealities, which are …. Version 3 Results Measured Expected Vin (V) Vout(V) Gain Vout(V) Gain Difference (%) 0.5 3 6 3.5 7 17 Discussion of Results A 17 % difference between the achieved and expected Vout ….. Laboratory Work and Logbooks: General Guidance The competent professional engineer records practical work as it is carried out. Occasionally the results of this work must be presented for the benefit of others. These two activities are expressed by two quite different types of document. The first activity involves the use of a laboratory ‘Log-book’. This is a concise record, made in the laboratory, while work is in progress.

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