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As Giant Step has expanded its employee base, this allows for group decision making which can lead to increased creativity and networking. •Through the use of a company website, Giant Step can expand its market significantly and generate an increase in revenue by selling downloads and merchandise. In addition, fans can interact with artists and stay on top of tours/concerts and album release dates. •As an independent record label, Giant Step is not pressured by a board of directors to sign a specific sound.

This allows for Giant Step to sign and promote artists they are truly interested in because they love their music and believe in them. •As a smaller, independent label, Giant Step has to opportunity to form stronger, more personal relationships with their artists. Threats •Online music piracy. As thousands of people obtain music illegally and for free, CD sales plummet and artists/record labels miss out on music profits.

Legal MP3 companies, such as ITunes, allow for customers to purchase individual songs, instead of entire albums, which causes a decrease in record sales. Competition from major record labels can push the smaller independent labels out of the market. •Due to that fact that Giant Step Records is a smaller, more informal music label, there is a possibility for disorganization and mistakes.

If accounting or finances are overlooked, this could lead to incorrect payment for artists. •Although it is smaller in size and can form more personal relationships with artists than larger labels, Giant Step runs the risk of having less influence and power within the music industry. Giant Step may not be able to cater to all of the tour and promotion needs of their artists.

Case study The Tale of Two Cultures

Case study The Tale of Two Cultures.

Write a paper that discuss the questions at the end of the case study The Tale of Two Cultures. The paper must be in APA formatting with a cover page and reference page. Include 3-5 PEER Reviewed Journal articles. You may use the book but that will not be considered part of the PEER Reviewed articles. Do not answer type out the questions and then answer them. The paper should be synthesized, free flowing with the questions used as the basis for driving the content and the topic. What are the challenges that amalgamation poses for creating a positive culture in this case? What changes are taking place in this case? What means exist to bring to bring the two different cultures together? Is it realistic to do that, or should an entirely new culture be created? What challenges do either of these poses? What role do formal and informal leaders play in either facilitating or inhibiting a successful amalgamation? What sort of processes would facilitate change? If you oversaw this change, what change model would you apply if any and discuss why?

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