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Introduction I chose the business plan of Rutabaga Sweets ironically because I live in the area in which the establishment was to be developed. In my SWOT analysis I will point out what I believe to be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this well written business plan. All Eyes On Me The concept of Rutabaga Sweets is one the entire family can look forward to experiencing. It offers something for everyone! With it being a sole propriety, there’s one and only one that anyone can congratulate or condemn for its turnout.

This is a major plus, as it also eliminates the old cliche “too many Indians, not enough chiefs”. Location Is Everything The location of the dessert bar is a prime one! With everything from a sports arena to sports bars, carry outs to fine dining, bowling alleys to game rooms, a dessert bar would certainly add a sense of being complete to this area. The downtown district in Washington DC is one that is flourishing and I can’t think of anything that is missing amongst all the great restaurants, other than someplace such as Rutabaga Sweets to put a close to a perfect meal.

Employee Retention Nothing is better than being employed with a company that cares and this is exactly the impression that Rutabaga Sweets want to convey to its employees. With plans to continue to educate and train employees you can’t help but know that management has your best interest at heart. This along with the employee recognition program should keep employees around for years to come. Strengths This was a very well thought out plan. One of which I found many strengths, the first one being originality.

The idea of having a “dessert bar” that’s family friendly in one of the busiest areas of Washington DC is just something I would have never thought or dreamed of. The fact that it affords the children the opportunity to assist in making their own cookies will be a big hit. This will not be just another store front bakery where you place your order wait for them to package it and leave out the front door. I kind of get the feeling that you will get the complete dining experience that you would get from a five star restaurant. Weaknesses Now this was a tough one!

I was so in awe with the concept, I thought everything about it was great. However, the one weakness that I did come across would be the selling of the cookbook. If the desserts are truly to die for, than that should be like the “Colonel’s Recipe”, top secret. I for one was a big fan of the sweet potato casserole at Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse, as a matter of fact that was the one thing that drove me to patronize the establishment. Well I found the recipe online and I haven’t been back since. Opportunities The biggest opportunity I see in all of this, is the potential to grow. There could be several stores within the area in a few years.

Who knows, if that goes well than there could be franchise opportunities in every major city in the United States. It’s all in how you market the product. Threats My biggest concern with this concept is that while the location is a very busy one, it’s not a place where you see a lot of children. It’s more of area were the nightlife flourishes more than anything else. It’s also very congested, parking is the worst. I believe this idea would be better served in an environment where parents could take their children without having to worry about finding a parking space, or being surrounded by bars and nightclubs.

Conclusion While the idea of Rutabaga Sweets is one that I would actually love to see in my neighborhood, I think the prime location for this type of venue would be on the outskirts of the city. Somewhere near a mall or other family oriented venues might be a better choice for an establishment such as this. I will say this, I live in a city where we love nothing more than to dine out and Rutabaga Sweets would be welcome in all sections of the city!


module2 reflective question discussion

Hi Students,
Below are your Module 2 Part 3 discussion questions. Please remember to respond to the correct question. Also, please refer to my comments from last week for ways you can improve.
If the first letter of your last name begins with:
A-I — Always answer question 1.
J-R — Always answer question 2.
S-Z– Always answer question 3.
1. Describe two positive aspects and two negative aspects of peers in adolescent development. In your answer, reflect on your own personal experiences (or someone you know) with peer relations.
2. Describe how parents and peers are connected. What are some ways that your parents were connected with your own peer group(s)? Provide at least 3 examples.
3. Using the textbook as a reference, describe the different functions of adolescent friendship. Reflect on your own personal friendships during adolescence and discuss how your friendships reflected two or more of these functions.
Bonus Question (If you don’t want to answer your question above, you can answer the one below)
Discuss the differences that exist between friendships in childhood and friendships in adolescence, as discussed in the textbook. Provide at least 2 differences, and you may support it using your own personal examples or someone you know.