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SWOSU Is This Any Way to Run an Airline Discussion

SWOSU Is This Any Way to Run an Airline Discussion.

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The following letters are detailed accounts of an actual service encounter that involved numerous service failures and the company’s response. Read Part I of the letter first, which presents the customer’s letter to World Airlines. Answer the discussion questions listed at the end of Part 1. Next, read Part II, the airline’s response, and address the questions at the end of Part II. Part I: Customer’s Letter to World AirlinesJuly 23, 2015Dear Customer Service Manager:Through the Carolina Motor Club, my wife and I booked round-trip, first-class and clipper-class seats on the following World Airlines flights on the dates indicated:1 July World Airlines 3072 Charlotte to Kennedy1 July World Airlines 86 Kennedy to Munich21 July World Airlines 87 Munich to Kennedy21 July World Airlines 3073 Kennedy to CharlotteWe additionally booked connecting flights to and from Wilmington and Charlotte on Trans Air flights 263 (on 1 July) and 2208 (on 21 July).The outbound flights 3072 and 86 seemed pleasant enough, especially since World Airlines had upgraded our clipper-class seats on flight 86 to first class. However, mid-flight on 86 we discovered that we had been food poisoned on flight 3072, apparently by the seafood salad that was served in first class that day (it seemed warm to us and we hesitated to eat it, but unfortunately did so anyway). My wife was so ill that, trying to get to the restroom to throw up, she passed out cold, hitting her head, and, we discovered over the next few days, apparently damaging her back. The flight attendants were very concerned and immediately tried to help her, but there was nothing they could do except help her clean herself up and get the food off her from the food trays she hit. In addition to the nausea and diarrhea, she had a large knot on her head and headaches for several days. Her lower back has been in constant pain ever since. I, too, was very ill for several days. A nice start for a vacation! But it gets worse.During the long layover between flights at Kennedy, there was a tremendous rainstorm, and our baggage apparently was left out in it; a situation that we discovered when we arrived at our first night’s lodging and discovered ALL of our clothing was literally wringing wet. In addition, four art prints we were bringing as gifts for friends were ruined.The return flights were better only in that we did not get poisoned; instead we did not get fed! Flight 87 out of Munich was apparently shorthanded and, due to our seating location, the flight attendant who had to do double duty always got to us last. We had to ask for drinks; there were no hot towels left for us; the meals ran out and we were given no choice but an overdone piece of gray meat with tomato sauce on it. We tasted it, but it was odd tasting and, given our experience on flight 3072, we were afraid to eat it.Flight 87 was delayed in boarding due to the slowness in cleaning the aircraft (according to an announcement made) and also due to the late arrival of the crew. In addition, the flight was further delayed due to a heavy rainstorm, which backed up traffic for takeoff. However, had the flight boarded on time it would not have lost its takeoff priority and could likely have taken off two hours sooner than it did. We might have been able to make our connection in Charlotte. Onboard the flight, the plane was the dirtiest and in the most disrepair of any aircraft I have ever flown on—peeling wall coverings, litter on the floor, overhead bins taped shut with duct tape, etc. As a first-class passenger I asked for some cold beer while we were waiting for the rest of the passengers to board; it was warm. We were quite hungry, having not eaten much in the past 12 hours, and asked for some peanuts; there were none—the plane had not been stocked. I asked for a pillow and blanket for my wife—there was none. What a great first-class section! There were only three flight attendants for the whole plane, and I felt sorry for the pregnant one who had to do double duty in first class and the rear cabin. She was very sympathetic to the poor conditions. I don’t see how you keep employees when they are treated like that.Due to the excess delay at Kennedy, Flight 87 was very late and we could not make our connection from Charlotte to Wilmington. As it turned out, we would have barely been able to make it if the flight had been on time, because World Airlines had changed not only the flight numbers, but also the flight times on the Kennedy-Charlotte leg of our journey—AND WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED OF THIS CHANGE UNTIL WE ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT! I deplaned in Raleigh to try to alert the people meeting us in Wilmington that we would not be in that night; however, it was too late and they had already gone to the airport. The gate attendant at Raleigh assured me that World Airlines would put us up for the night in Charlotte, so I returned to the plane. However, when we arrived in Charlotte, the World Airlines representative refused to take care of us, stating that, since we had not booked the Wilmington-Charlotte portion of our trip through World Airlines, “it is not our problem.” Furthermore, he tried to wash his hands of it, saying we had an “illegal connection” due to the times between flights, and that he wouldn’t provide lodging and meals. After I pointed out to him at least three times that the connection was not illegal when booked and World Airlines changed its flight times without notifying us, and further made it clear that not only was I not going to go away, but that there was going to be a lot more said about the matter, he finally capitulated and gave us a voucher.After traveling for 24 hours, receiving lousy service, poor food, no amenities, it is a real pleasure to run into an argumentative SOB like your agent in Charlotte. He should be fired!!! As first-class passengers we have been treated like cattle! But, it does not end here.Upon arriving in Wilmington the next morning, only two of our four bags arrived with us. We had to initiate a baggage trace action. Our missing bags were finally delivered to our house around 3 p.m. on July 23rd. And, SURPRISE, they were left out in the rain at Kennedy again and EVERYTHING was so wet that water poured out of the pockets. I poured water out of the hairdryer. All of our paper purchases, maps, guidebooks, photos, souvenir brochures, etc., are ruined. I don’t know yet if the dryer, radio, electric toothbrush, voltage converters, etc., will work—they are drying out as this is being written. In addition, my brand new bag now has a hole in the bottom of a corner where it was obvious that World Airline baggage handlers dragged it on the tarmac (obviously a water-logged duffle bag-size piece of luggage is too heavy to lift).As near as I can figure, we have lost at least a roll of color prints (irreplaceable); approximately $100 in travel guides and tour books, many souvenir booklets, brochures, menus, etc.; $100 in art prints; $50 in damage to luggage; an unknown amount in electronics that may not work; a lot of enjoyment due to pain and suffering resulting from illness and injury (bill for x-rays enclosed); and all sense of humor and patience for such inexcusable treatment by an airline.If there is to be any compensation for what we have suffered, it should be in monetary form. There is no recapturing the lost time and pleasure on the vacation. The art, books, etc. (except for the photos) can be replaced…assuming we should make such a trip again. But if we do, you can be assured we would not choose World Airlines.In closing, I am particularly angry and adamant about this whole fiasco as we wanted this vacation to be special and treated ourselves to the luxury of first-class treatment… which we got everywhere except on World Airlines…it is almost unbelievable how poorly we were treated by your airline, almost a perfect negative case study in customer service. I have purposely tried to mention every little nitpicky thing I can recall because I want you to realize just how totally bad this whole experience has been!In disgust,Q. CustomerSource: Richard A. Engdahl and K. Douglas Hoffman, “World Airlines: A Customer Service Air Disaster,” in Carol A. Anderson, ed., Retailing: Concepts, Strategy, and Information (Minneapolis/St. Paul: West, 1993) pp. 215-218.Part I Discussion Questions1. In general, is the above complaint letter: (1) instrumental or noninstrumental; and (2) ostensive or reflexive? Please explain your answer.2. Identify the service failures that occurred and classify each failure according to the four main failure categories presented in Figure 13.3.3. Select three of the service failures identified above and discuss the possible attributions for these failures in terms of locus, stability, and controllability.4. Discuss the recovery strategy or strategies you would recommend to offset the customer’s complaint.Part 2: World Airline’s ResponseThe following is World Airline’s actual response to the customer’s letter. The first letter was written by the Claims Manager, and the second by the Customer Relations Manager.September 25, 2015Dear Mr. and Mrs. Customer:This letter confirms the settlement agreed upon during our phone conversation just concluded.Accordingly, we have prepared and enclosed (in duplicate) a General Release for $2,000. Both you and your wife should sign in the presence of a Notary Public, have your signatures notarized, and return the Original to this office, keeping the copy for your records. As soon as we receive the notarized Release, we will forward our draft for $2,000.Again, our sincerest apologies to Mrs. Customer. It will be most helpful for our Customer Relations staff if you included with the Release copies of all available travel documents.Very truly yours,Claims ManagerOctober 12, 2015Dear Mr. Customer:Let me begin by apologizing for this delayed response and all of the unfortunate incidents that you described in your letter. Although we try to make our flights as enjoyable as possible, we obviously failed on this occasion.Our claims manager informs me that you have worked out a potential settlement for the matter regarding the food poisoning. We regret you were not able to enjoy the food service on the other flights on your itinerary because of it. I assure you that such incidents are a rare occurrence, and that much time and effort is expended to ensure that our catering is of the finest quality.Fewer things can be more irritating than faulty baggage handling. Only in an ideal world could we say that baggage will never again be damaged. Still, we are striving to ensure baggage is handled in such a way that if damage should occur, it will be minimized.Flight disruptions caused by weather conditions can be particularly frustrating since, despite advanced technology, accurate forecasts for resumption of full operations cannot always be obtained as rapidly as one would wish. These disruptions are, of course, beyond the airlines’ control. Safety is paramount in such situations and we sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.We make every reasonable effort to lessen the inconvenience to passengers who are affected by schedule changes. Our practice is, in fact, to advise passengers of such changes when we have a local contact for them and time permits. We also try to obtain satisfactory alternative reservations. We are reviewing our schedule change requirements with all personnel concerned and will take whatever corrective measures are necessary to ensure that a similar problem does not arise in the future.You made it clear in your letter that the interior of our aircraft was not attractive. We know that aircraft appearance is a reflection of our professionalism. We regret that our airplane did not measure up to our standards, since we place great emphasis on cabin maintenance and cleanliness. Please be assured that this particular matter is being investigated by the responsible management, and corrective action will be taken.As tangible evidence of our concern over your unpleasant trip, I have enclosed two travel vouchers, which may be exchanged for two first-class tickets anywhere that World Airlines flies. Once again, please accept our humble apology. We hope for the opportunity to restore your faith in World Airlines by providing you with completely carefree travel.Sincerely,Customer Relations ManagerPart II Discussion QuestionsDescribe the recovery strategies that were offered by the company to offset the customer’s complaint. Classify the recovery strategies based on the recovery strategy categories provided in this chapter.Discuss the adequacy of the recovery strategies offered in terms of meeting the customer’s distributive, procedural, and interactional justice needs.Explain what the company and its employees can learn from this complaint letter
SWOSU Is This Any Way to Run an Airline Discussion

Difficulties of Communication within Jebel Ali Free Zone Organization Research Paper

Introduction Communication is one of the most important elements in a firm’s operations. Through effective communication, a firm can establish a strong relationship with the various organizational stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, government, and employees amongst others (Griffin, 2011). In the course of executing their duties, business executives experience communication problems, and thus they are concerned on how to understand better the various stakeholders especially the employees. Jackson (2006) is of the opinion that it is paramount for firms’ management teams to overcome internal and external communication barriers. The communication interactions and approaches adopted by organizations directly influence the functioning of their departments and hence their overall business performance. This paper evaluates the case of Jebel Ali Free Zone in a bid to develop a better understanding of the communication difficulties experienced by organizations. The paper also evaluates a number of barriers and difficulties that the firm experiences in its communication processes. They include the existence of cultural barriers, lack of feedback, lack of clarity, system design faults, and lack of honesty and complexity of the organization. Finally, the paper proposes a number of solutions to deal with these problems. General information about Jebel Ali Free Zone Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) was established in 1985. It is a member of the UAE’s Economic Zone World. In its operation, Jafza is committed at delivering optimal customer service. Its commitment to customer service enabled Jafza to attain ISO 9001: 2000 certification (Business Services, 2012, Para. 1). Since its establishment, the organization has undergone a significant transformation. Currently it acts as a hub for over 6,700 companies, which are both domestic and foreign companies. The companies are from 150 different countries across the globe. The organization was founded on the premise of becoming an international business hub. Its establishment was also intended at providing its clients with an opportunity to access a wide range of valuable business features such as optimal location, effective and efficient infrastructure, and logistics. Over the years, the organization has become a key driver within the rapidly growing United Arabs Emirates economy (Business Services, 2012). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The organization is situated at Dubai, which serves as an optimal midway between various continents such as Africa, Europe, and Asia. Consequently, Jafza provides its clients with the opportunity to increase their customer base. As an international business hub, Jafza enables businesses to access a customer base of over 2 million people. Jafza also acts as a gateway to other economies within the United Arabs Emirates, Middle East, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which are less than 24 hours away. The zone is located between Al Maktoum International Airport, the largest container port, and Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, which ranks as the sixth biggest cargo port. Jafza is unique in that there is no other free zone that lies between two major logistic enablers. The organization also prides in a 6-lane highway, which facilitates transportation of custom bound goods between ports within 20 minutes. Establishment of an effective and efficient infrastructure is one of Jafza’s key strengths (Business Services, 2012). In a bid to increase its client base, Jafza has incorporated a number of commercial incentives such as full repatriation of capital and profit earned from the firm’s operations, zero income and corporate taxes for the duration of fifty years, 100 per cent foreign ownership and elimination of local labor restrictions for investors. Additionally, Jafza has also eliminated currency restrictions. The organization also provides diverse state-of-the-art facilities some of which include Light Industrial Unites (LIU), warehouse and showroom facilities, land, and office space. The purpose of establishing the light industrial units was to provide clients with an opportunity to store their light industrial products and undertake light assembling and production. The firm ensures that the LIUs are adequately supplied with sufficient power, which enables them to undertake their business operations smoothly. Other facilities that LIUs have include sufficient parking space and a container loading dock. Jafza has established eight blocks, which compose the 68 showroom-cum-warehouses to meet the needs of its clients. The rooms serve various purposes such as distribution, display, and storage. On the other hand, Jafza owns a sizeable plot of land, which is available for leasing. Management problem – communication difficulties Jafza Jafza is cognizant of the importance of attaining operational efficiency. Consequently, the firm has established a number of departments, which include sales and marketing, property, civil engineering, and administrative services departments (Business Services, 2012, Para. 3). The departments’ operations aim at attaining one objective, which is to appraise the applications made by the various clients who intend to establish their operations in the Free Zone. We will write a custom Research Paper on Difficulties of Communication within Jebel Ali Free Zone Organization specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Upon the client’s approval, the departments provide additional vital services to clients. In spite of existence of goal congruence between the various departments, their responsibilities differ. Successful communication forms the foundation of Jafza’s operations. However, in the course of its operation, Jafza faces a number of communication difficulties as discussed below. Cultural barriers Culture is one of the major issues that organizations have to take into account in the course of their operations (Krizan, 2011). However, companies that are involved in cross-border activities are the most affected by the existence of cross-border cultural differences. In its operation, Jafza has established itself as an international business hub. Consequently, the firm faces a number of cultural challenges. Jafza serves clients who are characterized by diverse language and cultural backgrounds. The cultural differences emanate from the fact that the clients come from different countries. Some of the major cultural differences that Jafza experiences are associated with differences in ethnicity, physical challenge, religion, lifestyle, age, and gender. Consequently, the firm experiences a number of communication barriers. One of the main cultural barriers associates with cultural ethnocentrism and relativism. According to Krizan (2011), cultural relativism emanates from differences in values and behaviors amongst the parties involved. One of the standards of measuring cultural relativism is ethics such as what one culture considers being right or wrong. By developing such an approach, some of the Jafza’s employees experience a challenge in the process of interpreting the intended meaning by the clients. On the other hand, the firm also experiences communication difficulties within its departments due to ethnocentrism. In a bid to develop a strong human resource base, Jafza has sourced its employees from different countries. However, some of the employees consider their culture as more superior compared to other cultures. As a result, this aspect leads to lack of effective collaboration between the firm’s departments. Collaboration between departments in an organization is attainable by ensuring effective communication. Despite the existence of similarities between employee behaviors, their culture may be completely different, which leads to the formation of stereotypes and distrust amongst employees in various departments. In its operation, Jafza experiences a major problem due to the existence of stereotypes within its departments, which fail to appreciate the importance of cultural diversity. Consequently, the firm suffers through reduction in the level of integration between departments. Not sure if you can write a paper on Difficulties of Communication within Jebel Ali Free Zone Organization by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Additionally, some employees in Jafza departments consider their culture as superior to others. Consequently, they prefer working with employees of their cultural background compared to others. This aspect means that there is a substantial level of distrust amongst the firm’s employees. However, the success of Jafza is dependent on the operations of all the departments. Existence of communication difficulties due to cultural barriers is adversely affecting teamwork within the firm. Considering the fact that Jafza deals with a wide range of clients from different countries, the organization has to deal with the issue of cultural diversity. In an effort to deal with this challenge, Jafza has to train its workforce continuously to manage the existing communication gaps effectively. One of the issues, which the firm has to focus on in its training process entails helping the employees to appreciate cultural diversity. Additionally, Jafza has to ensure that its employees in the various departments are bilingual (Hartley, Chatterton,

Course for Adult Learners Online Report (Assessment)

custom essay Today’s online learner does not fit the traditional profile of adult, employed and goal-oriented student, although these attributes still define many online learners. Besides the above characteristics, the online learner now is young, grasps and works with technology quickly, and fits into a dynamic and heterogeneous population in particular localities around the world. Overall, online students take at least one course via the Internet. The statistics show that there was a noticeable increase in online learning students from 2007 to 2008, with a significant characteristic being that students were taking computer science or business-related courses more than other courses. On the other hand, students with mobility issues enrolled into online learning options more than other students did (Radford 3). Data also shows that students were most enrolled in distance education programs in institutions with more than 20,000 students across the United States. At the same time, degree-granting programs were most popular with online students (National Center for Education Statistics 4). The statistics describe me; I am enrolled in an online learning program that offers a certification at the end of the program. The qualification is useful for obtaining a job and advancing my career. My goals motivate me. Besides, I made an independent choice on where to enroll. This shows that I fit the characteristic of other learners. However, I am not taking a computer or business course, which makes me an exception to the popular choice as indicated by the statistics. Additionally, I have taken an online course while being an undergraduate student. A study by Nakayama, Yamamoto, and Santiago revealed no major differences between bachelor and master’s online students or those who were graded highly and those who were in the next grade in a Japanese online university learning program (195). However, the study showed that masters students seemed to understand better the online learning program, and were more motivated compared to the bachelor’s students. The researchers also concluded that bachelor students did not understand learning strategies needed for university work, which extended to their interaction with online courses. The findings of the study support the conclusion that student characteristics determine the suitability of a course design. The performance of adult learners is enhanced by employing customized strategies. Unlike children, adult learners go through a transformation. Their instructor must act as a change agent; therefore, the design and teaching of online courses for adults appears to reflect these needs and the maturity level of adults as being capable of directing their learning experience (Cercone 137-138). The psychology course for adult learners online will use a hypercontent design that allows students to follow their preferences in various aspects of self-directed learning. On the other hand, the instructors and the faculty staff will retain the privilege of deciding units for coverage on the course and criteria for assessment. The rationale behind the design is the need to make the faculty buy into the idea of online courses. In non-computer related courses, faculty exhibit skeptic behavior that has to be handled with an appropriate design and room for faculty input (Allen and Seaman 5). Instruction will be delivered through video, written documents, and social media tools like chat and forums. Students will do oral examinations and participate in various group activities virtually through online forums with text, sound, and video options. The proposed course will target adult learners who are enrolled in undergraduate and master’s programs in universities around the world. The target students are looking for affiliation, but cannot attend traditional programs (Dabbagh para. 23). The content of the course will take students through bachelor level psychology, with a basic introduction that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. Students will cover eight units to complete the course. Apart from the introduction, students may choose to arrange their units as it suits them. Also, students will have the option to stop a unit midway and commence another one. When ready, students will inform instructors and afterward do a written assessment test and any other test administered by the faculty. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As students make choices, progress through units, and do the test, they develop a profile that helps the faculty to assign an additional task and intervene with new forms of instruction to address both faculty and student concerns. The learning outcomes for the course will include the ability to identify career prospects after the course, the relation of individual work, and a career in the field of psychology. Interpretation of psychological knowledge in the design of machines and systems, as well as the differences and characteristic features of groups across the world will be other outcomes. Students will be introduced to theories and experiments to inform and test their knowledge of the subject. The course will also assess instructors based on the performance of students becoming knowledgeable about concepts such as conformity, leadership, and attribution style as they vary across cultures and in terms of gender. The feedback of students taken during lessons and group assignment will also contribute to staff evaluation and course assessment. Overall, the course is using hypercontent design, with inputs from learner-directed design. Works Cited Allen, Elaine I, and Jeff Seaman. Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011. Babson Park, MA: Babson Survey Research Group, 2011. Web. Cercone, Kathleen. “Chatacteristics of Adult Learners with Implications for Online Learning Design.” AACE Journal 16.2 (2008): 137-159. Print. Dabbagh, Nada. “The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications.” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 7.3 (2007). Web. Nakayama, Minoru, Hiroh Yamamoto, and Rowena Santiago. “The Impact of Learner Characteristics on Learning Performance in Hybrid Courses among Japanese Students.” Electronic Journal of e-Learning 5.3 (2007): 195-206. Print. National Center for Education Statistics. “Enrollment in Distance Education Courses, by State: Fall 2012.” 2014. Web. We will write a custom Assessment on Course for Adult Learners Online specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Radford, Alexandria Walton. Learning at a Distance: Undergraduate Enrollement in Distance Education Courses and Degree Programs (NCES 2012-154). National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, 2011. Web.

The Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter-Cultural Exchanges Essay

The Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter-Cultural Exchanges Essay. Introduction Volunteer tourism is called voluntourism or international volunteering. This can be defined as the tourism whereby tourists voluntarily organize themselves and use their holidays in visiting places with positive reasons or objectives. The objectives may include helping the needy groups in the society, bringing polluted environments into restoration or doing research of unique environment or societies around the world (Singh, 2012). For instance, the organized tourists may start projects that might help societies to preserve and conserve their environment or even educate them on community welfare. Good examples of volunteer tourist include the Non Governmental organizations, Agencies for conservation, the sending companies, religious organizations, governments, among many others (Wearing, 2001). The Development of Volunteer Tourism According to the Tourism Research and marketing (TRAM), volunteer tourism started a few years ago and has become a global phenomenon with predictions of expansion or growth in the near future (Mintel, 2008; Benson, 2011). The growth of volunteer tourism product in the market place is as a result of other emerging organizations offering the same services, but indirectly digging from the pockets of the people in the societies. A study to understand volunteer tourism was conducted to define the term volunteer tourism (CarlsenThe Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter-Cultural Exchanges Essay

Battered Woman’s Defense Law Assignment

Battered Woman’s Defense Law Assignment.

InstructionsRefer back to the two reading assignments for this unit. Then, write an essay that answers the questions listed below.Read “Can a Defendant Who Lies About her Role in Spousal Homicide Still Raise a “Battered Woman’s” Defense?”, and answer the questions below.The Illinois Appellate Court, citing a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, says that “Perhaps we could never succeed in intelligibly defining the kinds of matter we understand to be embraced within the shorthand description of battered woman’s syndrome.” Why not?Would you be able to formulate an effective legal description of battered woman’s syndrome? If so, what would it be?Read “Is there a Meaningful Difference Between ‘Insanity’ and ‘Temporary Insanity’?”, and answer the questions below.Miller claimed to be sane before and after the killing but insane during the time the crime was committed. His attorneys asked that, at the end of the trial, the jury be instructed on the issue of temporary insanity and that they be told that “regardless of its duration, legal insanity that existed at the time of the commission of the crime is a defense to the crime.” Why do you think that the trial court refused to give the jury instructions regarding the insanity defense, which the defendant wished to have communicated?In this case, the appellate court reversed the defendant’s conviction and remanded the case for a new trial. On what basis was that decision reached? Do you agree that the appellate court should have reached such a decision? Why, or why not?What does this case have to tell us about the difference between insanity and temporary insanity? Are differences between the two terms significant in cases such as this one? Why, or why not? Your essay will be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Your essay should contain a clear introduction and be well-organized.You are required to use at least two resources to support your essay, one of which may be your textbook. All resources used including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Your essay, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.
Battered Woman’s Defense Law Assignment

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