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Sustainable Hotel Support Operations

Sustainable Hotel Support Operations. Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

In recent years, most businesses have been striving to minimize their environmental footprint driven by increased cost and environmental concern. In a response to this, consumers and regulatory entities are demanding that hotel operators make an effort to minimize the environmental impact of their lodging operation. Doing so correctly will have a positive ecological, environmental and financial consequence. Hotel managers are looking for ways to reduce the use of water, maximizing the efficiency of electrical equipment, as well as minimizing the waste generated by the operation, all this without negatively affecting guest comfort.
Sustainable Hotel Support Operations

Introduction The documentary My Kid Could Paint That looks into the life of a four-year old girl called Marla whose abstract paintings had attracted much media attention. Her paintings had been in high demand going for thousands of dollars. The skills demonstrated in the paintings were unlike what other four year old could paint arousing criticisms on the authenticity of the paintings. Abstract art is highly regarded in the art industry, which celebrates persons gifted in abstract painting. Some of these paintings are displayed in public art galleries for public viewing. Few children prodigies can paint abstractly as Marla did; a fact that raises issues of parental assistance on children’s paintings. The film also raises the questions about abstract painting that is normally associated with experienced and gifted adults. Abstract Art The film shows how art and especially abstract painting is highly appreciated in the art world. Marla becomes a media celebrity, with the display of paintings attributed to her at art galleries. The art world appreciates pieces of art done by talented personalities. The film also shows the fascination that people have regarding art and abstract painting. Talented artists garner international media attention just like Marla, who takes the art world by a storm with her paintings which the film describes as superb and could fetch thousands of dollars. However, in the film Marla is not seen to do painting from the start to the final stages in front of the camera though the paintings were all attributed to her. The film shows dozens of her works that were breathtaking to most abstract art fans with most of them selling quickly and at high prices. However, controversy arises over the authenticity of her works. People admire and appreciate art with the pieces of art fetching thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, art pieces especially abstract paintings are sophisticated and complex. The controversy over the authenticity of the art pieces attributed to Marla shows that most people do not trust child prodigies in the abstract art. The film questions whether the pieces of work attributed to Marla are indeed hers or she had assistance from the parents. The film also raises questions regarding the media’s habit of building up a subject and then tearing it down. Marla’s exceptional abstract painting at such an early age attracts international media attention. However, new questions about child prodigy arise as the media treats her paintings with concern and suspicion over their authenticity. The media seeks to discredit the young artist by claiming that the parents might have doctored her paintings. The parental influence is apparent towards the end of the film when the father demands that the camera operator stop filming the girl while painting. This portrays that the parents might have directed the paintings as they protect her from media publicity. It also shows the media’s intentions of portraying that the paintings were not done by the young girl as purported by the parents. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion Marla’s abstract paintings represent extraordinary work from a four-year-old art prodigy. Her works attract media attention that treats her work with both fascination and suspicion over its authenticity. The film demonstrates the appreciation that people have on art. The film also shows the parental control that people have on their children. Marl’s protracted media attention over her ingenious paintings is overemphasized in the film, as her paintings done in the glare of the media are not as good as those done away from the media are.

Utley Food Markets Essay (Critical Writing)

The new Utley management would like to establish a pay-for-performance system. What does this mean to the Utley management? Pay for performance system will have a possible number of consequences to the Utley management, these effects will be mainly centered on the way that the system is incorporated into the organization, the culture of the organization, the perception of the employees in the organization and how open the system will be as regards to its targets. In any organization, payment issues are considerably sensitive and it thus requires a positive tactical approach to achieve the desired results. As proposed by Blinder (2002) pay for performance system will work differently for different organizations. This is mainly because of the culture of the organization and the perception of the employees regarding the fairness of the system. The Utley management ought to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages of implementing the system. On a positive note, the existing system on the employee’s performance appraisal has received negative perception from the employees; the introduction of the new system may be a major relief to the management and the employees of the organization. This will be the case only if the system meets the fundamental requirements of a pay-for performance system and is also properly integrated into the organization. The major objectives for this system includes but not limited to the following; employees will be motivated to be more productive as the results links direct with the payments of rewards in the organization, the employees will feel fairness in the system as they will be rewarded based on their efforts, and the continuous check and balance system will also guarantee the fairness of the system. To the management, they will require adequate funding of the system, supportive organization culture that can integrate payment for performance system, adequate training for supervisors and the employees, fair and effective supervisors and ongoing system evaluation process that ensures fairness. To the management of the Utley, this system will mean fairness, performance oriented organization and thus increase in the production of the company’s employees. The ongoing check and balance system will ensure that the system runs smoothly and necessary system modification done with regard to the changing time, culture and the size of the organization. What changes will have to be made in the way the system operates now? The system operation at the moment has received negative perception from the employees mainly because of two fundamental reasons; firstly the system is not open to employee’s suggestions and criticism, in essence the employees have less knowledge on how their performance evaluation is carried out. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Secondly, the system is unfair in the eyes of the employees; this is because upon complaining, the management of the organization reacts in a way that shows some signs of unfairness by adding the complainant an amount slightly above the average pay. These provisions in the current system show lack of proper payment and performance evaluation system instituted in the organization to enhance fairness and openness. Podmoroff (2005) suggests that system improvement within the organization especially with regard to employees reward is critical for the organization’s survival. In order to improve the current system, it is necessary to address the fundamental weaknesses of the system. This system should thus be adjusted to be more open on how the employees’ performance is evaluated in order for the employees to have a chance to explain their poor performance whenever necessary. Involving employees in this critical decision making process will not only make the system fair but also motivate employees and thus enhance a performance oriented organization. The system should also form a department that deals with the grievances of employees within a union and those without the union. The adjustment of pay because the employee has complained needs to be removed and proper channels of payment adjustments put in place to deal with the situation. The pay for performance system should thus be borrowed and integrated into the organization in order to increase the fairness, efficiency and the performance of the Utley Food Markets organization. How might these changes be implemented? These changes that seek to address the payment issues in Utley Foods Market organization needs to be addressed with several things in mind. The existing organizations culture needs to be considered, the nature of the organization structure also needs to be considered, and the availability of funding option should also be addressed. Once these factors among others are considered by the management of Utley, the changing process will be easier and with fewer obstacles. The process of changing to the new system should ensure that the employees are involved. This can be achieved by proper communication and training in order for the employees to comprehend the organization’s objectives and their critical role in attaining these objectives and how the payment system will function. We will write a custom Critical Writing on Utley Food Markets specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Assuming that these issues are self-explanatory will derail the objectives of restructuring process (Blinder, 2002). Transparency of the payment system is another critical consideration in adopting the payment method. The company’s employees should be informed on what desired behaviors and accomplishments will be contented by the new payment system. In addition to this, it will be necessary to ensure a consistent and positive feedback regarding the performance of the employees. At this stage, the supervisor or the management of Utley should train employees on the expected accomplishments, how well they should present their efforts and showing them their past ratings as regards to their performance and the rationale for the rating. After the integration of the new system following the mentioned factors, it is imperative for the Utley management to establish a check and balance system that will ensure the effectiveness and the supervisors discretion in evaluating and consequently rewarding the organization’s employees. It is important for the pay system to be fair both in the perceived angle and the actual angle regarding the employee and the organization respectively. When this is the case, credibility and motivating power will be enhanced once the system is in place. Which of the nonmonetary changes will help motivate better performance? Defend your position There are a number of considerations that the Utley management should adopt and integrate into the organization to improve and motivate the company’s employees without necessarily biasing towards rewarding them monetarily. Creating a sound environment is the initial step in enhancing the workers performance. The environment where employees can interact freely with themselves and the management will ensure their personal growth and the feeling of belonging. When the management inquires problems about their personal lives and make positive contributions with advice and show of concern has the greatest impact on the company’s employees, this will translate to performance in the organization. Arranging seminars and training sessions that addresses different careers of the organizational employees is another imperative step in improving the employee’s performance. These seminars will not only promote the employees performance rate but also motivate them to achieve their personal goals in the organization (Bruce, 2008). Giving employees adequate holidays to attend their personal issues is also another important step in motivating them. Employees who are exhausted and have little time for their personal issues will always perform below their expected standards. It is thus necessary to improve on employee’s holidays in order for them to refresh themselves and have a time off their usual work. Not sure if you can write a paper on Utley Food Markets by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The other significant issue that the management of Utley needs to ensure is the smooth flow of communication process, this will enhance a sound environment for the interaction process required in any organization to produce quality work and thus meet the objectives of the organization. In essence, communication is the key to successful motivation process since the management will be in a good position to understand the employee’s demands and grievances; in turn this will increase their performance in the field. References Blinder, A. (2002). Paying for productivity: a look at the evidence. Chicago, IL: Brookings Institution Press. Bruce, A.,

History samsung group

custom essay Brief History Samsung Group Important facts: – Samsung Group was founded in South Korea by Lee Byung-chul in 1 March 1938 – It was initially named as Samsung Store and the first store was opened in Taegu with 30,000 won – In 1951, Samsung Corporation was established – In 1953 Samsung started with production of sugar and later it had evolved into the CJ Corporation – In 1958 Ankuk Fire

topic: With Chick Fil-A being a very known fast-food restaurant, especially for their chicken sandwich having a vegan option

topic: With Chick Fil-A being a very known fast-food restaurant, especially for their chicken sandwich having a vegan option is key. Following to other fast-food restaurants like burger king, McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC all have a plant based burger or chicken option for their customers. It is a great idea for Chick Fil -A to follow along with the trend and provide vegan chicken option to their customers.

Imagine yourself in a 3° world – the stakes are high: the California coastal cities are flooded out…

Imagine yourself in a 3° world – the stakes are high: the California coastal cities are flooded out…. I need support with this Art & Design question so I can learn better.

Imagine yourself in a 3° world – the stakes are high: the California coastal cities are flooded out, and the flood waters meet desertification, fires, and populations searching for food. California agriculture, which fed the world, no longer exists. Or supermarkets or gas stations. We will all be facing hardship and upheaval. What are the values that will sustain you and your family as the economy collapses with the environment? What sacrifices will you make, and how will you explain those sacrifices to your children?

Write about how you will cope with and respond to the changes that 3° of global warming will make in your life in the next 25 years.
Write about the changes in your life that you will CHOOSE to make. How are you deciding to live differently?
Knowing what lies ahead, will you decide to bring children into this world?
How will you decide to raise children in the context of the huge environmental, social, and economic changes that will be underway? What are your strategies? Write about the positive effects of raising children in these difficult times. What will be the high points of their lives? And write about things that will be difficult.
• Conclude your paper with what you will have to say to your children at breakfast 25 years from now, when they are the age that you are now – college seniors.This paper is meant to be helpful to you as you imagine and chart the next 10 to 25 years of your life. When you write, be as specific as possible to your real life and your real life choices so that the act of writing the paper becomes useful, creative, courageous, and informative.Guidelines

1) This paper is for you and is intended to mark an important moment of arrival, departure, or transition in your own life. Please write the paper that you need to write at this time in your life, a paper that can serve you as a guide, a reminder, a moment of vision, a period of reflection, assessment, regrouping, reaffirmation, revitalization, and renewed commitment.
2) Please write this paper for yourself. This paper will be important for you to read in 10, 20 and 30 years from now. You are writing at a formative moment in your life and the act of writing this paper will be a significant contribution to the formation of your future. This paper is an act of self-empowerment. Take the time to write beautifully.
3) Academic language is completely unacceptable, as it tends to falsify, inflate, deflect, routine, or otherwise calcify the nature of your actual experience. You are the only person in the world who has had your experiences. You, therefore, are the expert and the authority, and your search for your own words to understand and describe your experiences, and the aspirations, values, belief systems, and personal standards that are a result of those experiences, is itself an act of courage and care and is a gift to the world.
4) The paper should address issues or situations that you have dealt with in the past or are in the process of dealing with right now in your life. It must also look forward, and become an occasion for you to project yourself into your own future, and create a scenario in the life that you would like to live.
5) It is important to be very clear about motives, their complexities and contradictions, and to deal as accurately as possible with the layered personal, political, social, economic, psychological, or religious contexts of the environment in which you are acting. Those tensions, and their repercussions, create the need and opportunity for leadership, honesty, attentiveness, mutual recognition, divergence, and skill. The more honest you are, the more surprising and helpful your writing will become.
6) All narrative is “multiple” — voices, time frames, and points of view. Experience is both intensely personal and shared. A deeper look into the intensely personal side reveals that you yourself have many voices and conflicting selves. And, an acknowledgment of shared experience leads to the awareness that so does everyone else.
7) Many people spend a lot of time doing things that do not need to be done. This paper, in contrast, should be something that needs to be done. This paper should be something that helps you and the people around you, a moment in your life which you can focus your attentions and intentions unselfishly. As with the creation of any work of art, this paper will require you to deal with what you do not understand as well as with what you imagine you understand. The struggle towards understanding is your own story of complexity, subtlety, skill, tenderness, insight, persistence, and humility.
8) Infinitude. Open-endedness is one of the most important aspects of your life. It is important to be conscious of ongoing processes and continuously transforming experience. In fact, your life has no fixed points; experiences are lived and relived, always with new meanings and new possibilities. Even as you are writing, talking, and acting, things are changing.
9) The paper should be 8 – 10 pages.

Imagine yourself in a 3° world – the stakes are high: the California coastal cities are flooded out…